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My name is Kronre (A lot of people just call me Zach.), I'm the Community Support Team Leader for RuneZone; I'm directly responsible for the Community Support Team, ensuring your tickets, reports and queries are handled promptly and without delay, as well as leading up all moderation and event efforts.

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There comes a moment in everyone's life when you stop wondering and begin to believe.


Some of you may of noticed my in-game name change from Kronre to Baby Shamu and the endless conversations I want to hold about Killer Whales and SeaWorld. Not long ago, I was roaming around Youtube, just watching everything and anything in the 'recommended for you!' section. A few videos in, I came across a video of killer whales and how someone was scuba diving with them, astounded by their incredible beauty... I began to search far and wide for more information about killer whales. Little did I know, that very moment would spark one of the biggest eye openers & motivators I've had to date.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Oh, it's just a phase everyone goes through with certain topics, they're fascinated one day and ignorant the next." I can honestly tell you this is something different, I've never had a passion for something like I do with SeaWorld and Killer Whales. I'm not one who has been totally crazed over animals, however I've grown up with animals my entire life. My father was a dog breeder who would raise dogs purely to hunt them, which involved some training - mainly retrieve & return procedures - regardless, it involved one-on-one time with an animal, admiring extreme patience and passion for what you were doing.

I've never actually been one to speak out publicly for what I love or want to do. If you were to ask me in person what my dream job was, I'd probably tell you, "I don't know" or "Do I look like someone with a plan?" With my recent discovery, it has been difficult for me to keep my mouth shut. In school, I'm always conversing with my teachers (Mainly those I'm close to) about how amazing SeaWorld is. I've even shown them some of my favorite behaviors along with the respective command.

Due to recent tragedies, SeaWorld has received a lot of negative credit and accusations toward its park and the way it operates. A lot of people see SeaWorld as a money-hungry, animal abusing, inhumane, and unethical organization. When in reality, SeaWorld has opened so many doors for observations and studies pertaining to sea wildlife. The number one goal from SeaWorld is to help make our oceans a better place by providing 24/7 professional veterinarian care, animal rescue squads, and educational programs that stimulate positive affects on our marine ecosystem.

Springing to unfortunate life is the film, 'Blackfish'. A film that so inaccurately portrays SeaWorld, a film that is so one-sided, I dare to even think what goes on in the mind of the creator. This particular film outlines all of the possible propaganda you could ever fit into 83 minutes. I can't believe Blackfish would take an event so unfortunate and turn it into a bunch of lies purely so they could create this false atmosphere. Words can't simply express the amount of hate I have toward Blackfish.

I've moved on from my want to be a Spanish teacher to my burning desire to become an animal trainer, specifically killer whales, at SeaWorld. In order to do this, I will have to have a certification in SCUBA diving, preferably have college background in marine biology or psychology - psychology is really catching my interest. I will study animal ecology & behaviors a bit, along with the requirements set by SeaWorld; ie: swim, dive, and public speaking test.

It's going to require a TON of work, however I'm wholeheartedly prepared to embark on this magnificent journey! I believe!

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'There comes a moment in everyone's life when you stop wondering and begin to believe.'
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