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Rendigo: Either I'm lucky or KK is being nice to me and giving me drygore rapiers with darts -
Sep 26 2015, 4:55 AM

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About Me
Hey everyone/RuneZoners :)
I thought I might do my biography so here's one

Spoiler: Click to show...RS Name(s): Rendigo (main), Renadigo (Hardcore Ironman)
Gender: Male
Games I'm currently into: RuneScape, Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends, Path of Exile
Favourite Bands/Music Artists: Blue Man Group, Mike Oldfield, Rammstein
Favourite Colours: Green and Light Blue, I can overuse these colours a lot
Favourite Soft Drink: Lemonade ^_^
Names people call me: Rendigo, Rendingo, Ren, Dingo, Renren, Renny, Rennie, Rendinoob, Rendinub
Other Things Worth Mentioning: Currently making a text-based game in Java, was originally designed to be a normal RTS but after thinking of an even better game idea it's now a mix of RTS and City Building with a bit of Simulation and Adventure (sort-of). I basically need a good game engine that can run RTS/City Building games really well, preferably free and grid-based because it's easier to work with and allows me to make buildings in a modular way.... ish.

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  • Became a Community Warden on 17th of May 2013
  • Became a Content Team Member on 22nd of June 2014 (becoming dual Community and Content)

Status Updates on RuneZone Anniversaries:
July 10, 2013: Spoiler: Click to show...Might mention this: This day but last year I joined RuneZone (July 10, 2012). It's been an awesome year with you awesome guys :) Hope the next 365 days that I'm here will be awesome :D
July 10, 2014: Spoiler: Click to show...Sorry, I missed it! No status was posted for the 2-year. Have to wait for next year for the 3 Year RuneZone Annviersary
July 10, 2015: Spoiler: Click to show...Didn't come yet, I'm not in the future :P
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Special thanks to Zammyskid for the awesome signature :D
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