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Rendigo: Either I'm lucky or KK is being nice to me and giving me drygore rapiers with darts -
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Hey everyone/RuneZoners :)
I thought I might do my biography so here's one

Spoiler: Click to show...RS Name(s): Rendigo (main), Rendigo1 (Unofficial Ironman - well, basically a normal account but played like an Ironman, who can sell on the GE), Renadigo (Hardcore Ironman, may replace Rendigo1 if downgraded to Ironman)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hobbies: RuneScape, Anno 2070, drums, stage lighting, listening to music (mainly Blue Man Group), programming in Java (working on my game, more info in Other Things Worth Mentioning)
Games I like playing: RuneScape, Anno 2070 (expansion owned), SimCity 5 (also known as SimCity or SimCity 2013) (expansion owned - Limited Edition), League of Legends (quit, again), Star Wars: The Old Republic (basically some MMORPGs and mostly RTS and City Building games)
MMOs I play: RuneScape, Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends (I have three LoL accounts, one on the Oceania server, one on the NA server and one on the EUW server), Path of Exile, Star Trek: Online
Games I'm currently into: RuneScape, Star Wars: The Old Republic, League of Legends (quit until Oceania gets much less toxic or until I can play on a different server with much less ping than ~200ms), Path of Exile
Favourite Bands/Music Artists: Blue Man Group (I listen to BMG like everyday on YouTube lately), Mike Oldfield, Rammstein :P Rammstein used to be my top favourite band until Mike Oldfield took over, just... and then BMG took over
Favourite Colours: Green and Light Blue, I can overuse these colours a lot
Favourite Movies: Avatar, Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol), Spaceballs, Star Trek (various), most Marvel movies :P , more to add here :P
Favourite Soft Drink: Lemonade ^_^
RS Friends Chats I Can Be Found In: Mod Neena
Names people call me: Rendigo, Rendingo, Ren, Dingo, Renren, Renny, Rennie, Rendinoob, Rendinub
Twitter: @Rendigo38
Other Things Worth Mentioning: Currently making a text-based game in Java, was originally designed to be a normal RTS but after thinking of an even better game idea it's now a mix of RTS and City Building with a bit of Simulation and Adventure (sort-of). I basically need a good game engine that can run RTS/City Building games really well, preferably free and grid-based because it's easier to work with and allows me to make buildings in a modular way.... ish.

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  • Became a Community Warden on 17th of May 2013
  • Became a Content Team Member on 22nd of June 2014 (becoming dual Community and Content)

Status Updates on RuneZone Anniversaries:
July 10, 2013: Spoiler: Click to show...Might mention this: This day but last year I joined RuneZone (July 10, 2012). It's been an awesome year with you awesome guys :) Hope the next 365 days that I'm here will be awesome :D
July 10, 2014: Spoiler: Click to show...Sorry, I missed it! No status was posted for the 2-year. Have to wait for next year for the 3 Year RuneZone Annviersary
July 10, 2015: Spoiler: Click to show...Didn't come yet, I'm not in the future :P
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Special thanks to Zammyskid for the awesome signature :D
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