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Mr Ketchup: It's weird to think that the battle of lumbridge happened in 2013, time has flew by.
Feb 4 2015, 9:58 AM

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So today, I made the decision to go for Max. Personally, I've never saw the point in going for max cape, however, it seems that my view on this has changed and i've set myself a personal goal of going for the max cape.

This is by no means an easy challenge, but I've gotten through 99 agility, what harm can mining and runecraft be?

I'm always complaining that i have nothing to do on Runescape, however, today my mate said to me about going for max, I considered it and I'm going for it! (I'll give it a week, hah!)

Below are my stats at the time of posting this blog:

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83 / 99 Wooductting
76 / 99 Fishing
88 / 99 Smithing
84 / 99 Mining - Best way to train this?
74 / 99 Thieving - Best way to train this?
90 / 99 Slayer
75 / 99 Runecrafting
75 / 99 Hunter - Best way to train this?
92 / 99 Summoning

My current goal is to go for 99 fishing (i need 90 for ports anyway) I'm training it at the barbarian outpost and averaging about 55k exp per hour, I'm intending on training woodcutting after this, I mean, who hasn't got 99 woodcutting?

Anyone have any tips on the stats i've got left would be a great help!



I'll be posting my updates in this thread:

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