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NameCombat LevelExamineMembers OnlyQuest Monster
'Rum'-pumped crab120'Rum' burns deep inside its veins.YesYes
A Doubt110You can't escape your inadequacy!YesYes
A face only his mum loves140He smell like Marm's socks. But worse!YesNo
Aberrant spectre72A very smelly ghost.YesNo
Aberrant Spectre Champion71Champion of the aberrant spectres.YesNo
Abyssal demon98A denizen of the Abyss!YesNo
Abyssal guardian79It seems to have eyes in the back of its head...YesNo
Abyssal leech72A blood-drinking denizen of the abyss.YesNo
Abyssal walker77Apparently walks the abyss.YesNo
Adolescent White Wolf8A young and inexperienced, but still vicious, mountain wolf.YesNo
Afflicted86, 88, 90, 92A local villager of Mort'ton.YesYes
Agrith Naar84A summoned demon.YesYes
Agrith-Na-Na89Big, scary, angry and good source of energy.YesYes
Ahrim the Blighted150A vengeful spirit corrupted by dark magic.YesNo
Air elemental64An air elemental.YesYes
Air Wizard16At least he looks solid enough to fight.NoNo
Airut122An aggressive beast that comes from another world.YesNo
Akrisae the Doomed115A vengeful spirit, corrupted by dark magic.YesYes
Al-Kharid warrior18Part of Al-KharidNoNo
Albino bat43It's all white by me.YesNo
Alomone9Leader of the Hazeel cult.YesYes
Alrik5A subject of Miscellania.YesNo
Ancient mage103A mage well practised in the art of ancient spellcasting.YesNo
Ancient monkey1It's a monkey.YesNo
Ancient ranger103A dangerous ranger... Dare to attack?YesNo
Ancient warrior103He looks angry and dangerous!YesNo
Angry barbarian spirit152He looks a tad upset.YesNo
Angry bear35He looks a little on the cross side!YesYes
Angry giant rat35He looks a little on the cross side!YesYes
Angry goblin50He looks a little on the cross side!YesYes
Angry Juvinate150An initiate juvenile vampyre; he looks really angry!YesNo
Angry Turkey7Looks pretty angry!NoNo
Angry unicorn35Looks a bit on the cross side!YesYes
Angry vampyre58An enraged vampyre!YesNo
Animated Adamant Armour67Animated adamant armour.YesNo
Animated Black Armour46Animated black armour.YesNo
Animated book4+ (varies)The book appears to be alive.YesNo
Animated Bronze Armour16Animated bronze armour.YesNo
Animated Iron Armour36Animated iron armour.YesNo
Animated Mithril Armour76Animated mithril armour.YesNo
Animated pickaxe8+ (varies)How can it move of its own accord?NoNo
Animated Rune Armour116Animated rune armour.YesNo
Animated spade104How does it move of its own accord?YesYes
Animated Steel Armour54Animated steel armour.YesNo
Anja6A citizen of Rimmington.NoNo
Ankou75, 82, 86, 90A boney ghost.NoNo
Anvil26A huge and powerful troll, named after its first meal.YesNo
Apep5Will need to keep an eye on this snake.NoYes
Apmeken75Body of a woman, face of a monkey.YesYes
Aquanite95It has a light on its forehead. What a pretty light...So shiny!YesNo
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