Monster Database
Al-Kharid warrior
Combat Level: 18
Life Points: 650
Max Hit: 50
Race: Human
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Retreats: No
Members Only: No
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: Unassignable
Location:Al kharid palace
100% Drops:Bones
Examine:Part of Al-Kharid
Other Drops:Coins (3-10), Bronze bolts, Grimy herbs, Fire rune (6), Mind rune (9), Cabbage, Chaos runes (2), Bronze med helm, Bronze arrows, Clue Scroll (level-1), Earth talisman, Copper ore, Iron dagger, Earth rune (4), Fishing bait
Notes:This NPC is weak to water spells.
Submitted by: Blood