Monster Database
Combat Level: 95
Life Points: 3400
Max Hit: 134
Race: Slayer Beast
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Retreats: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: 103
Location:Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
100% Drops:Big bones
Examine:It has a light on its forehead. What a pretty light...So shiny!
Other Drops:Raw lobster (1-3), Raw swordfish (1-2), Raw shark, grimy guam, grimy marrentill, grimy harralander, grimy ranarr, grimy irit, grimy avantoe, grimy kwuarm, grimy cadantine, grimy lantadyme, grimy dwarf weed, poison ivy seed, cactus seed, belladonna seed, avantoe seed, toadflax seed, cadantine seed, irit seed, kwuarm seed, fellstalk seed, ranarr seed, snapdragon seed, lantadyme seed, dwarf weed seed, torstol seed, amulet of ranging, adamant bolts (10), runite bolts (5), rune darts (10), air battlestaff, water battlestaff, water runes (20-50), air runes (40), nature rune (4), death rune (3), blood rune (3), soul rune (3), , hard clue scroll, snape grass (3), seaweed (4), starved ancient effigy, blue charm, crimson charm, green charm, gold charm, Sirenic scales.
Notes:If you pray mage against an aquanite it might use a special attack that will put down your protection prayer and hit for 250+ damage. The best strategy is to wear dragon hide and use a stab weapon or range (specifically arrow weaponry). A useful familiar to bring with you is a bunyip along with swallow whole scrolls to use the raw food the aquanites drop to your advantage. The Ring of Wealth increases your chances of receiving Amulets of Ranging.
Submitted by: Jtborth