Monster Database
Aberrant Spectre Champion
Combat Level: 71
Life Points: 2550
Max Hit: 130
Race: Slayer Beast
Aggressive: Yes
Poisonous: No
Retreats: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: 307
Location:Champion's Guild
100% Drops:
Examine:Champion of the aberrant spectres.
Other Drops:None.
Notes:When fighting the champion you must use a two-handed weapon, such as a two-handed sword or a shortbow. Like a normal spectre, you must also wear a nosepeg or slayer helmet or the champion will kill you extremely quickly. When the champion is defeated, you will be rewarded with 6000 Constitution and 6000 Slayer XPs. Once you have defeated the champion you will not be invited to fight them again. This NPC is weak to arrows.
Submitted by: CS1