Monster Database
Ancient mage
Combat Level: 103
Life Points: 3700
Max Hit: 207
Race: Human
Aggressive: Yes
Poisonous: Yes
Retreats: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: Unassignable
Location:Ancient Prison.
100% Drops:
Examine:A mage well practised in the art of ancient spellcasting.
Other Drops:Air rune (150,250), Mud rune 15, Mind rune 20, Chaos rune 30, Astral rune 25, Soul rune 25, Mithril longsword, Ancient ceremonial boots, Ancient ceremonial gloves, Ancient ceremonial mask, Ancient ceremonial legs, Ancient ceremonial top, Super magic potion (3), Super defence (1), Super restore (2), Grimy guam, Grimy tarromin, Grimy ranarr, Grimy torstol (noted), Coins (1500,1337), Pure essence 23, 46, Coal 3-10, Adamant bar 1-4
Notes:Exp 536.7 Weakness Arrow
Submitted by: CS1