Monster Database
Air elemental
Combat Level: 64
Life Points: 1600
Max Hit: 192
Race: Elemental
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Retreats: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: Yes
Slayer Exp: Unassignable
Location:Elemental Workshop, Seers
100% Drops:
Examine:An air elemental.
Other Drops:Coins (10-42), Rune javelin (5), Air staff, Air runes (15-20), Nature runes (2-4), Chaos runes (2), Blood rune, Law rune, Death rune, Grimy herbs, Uncut gems, Chaos talisman, Half of a key, Shield left half
Notes:You need a battered key to enter the workshop. Weak to slash attacks.
Submitted by: DaDa