Monster Database
Abyssal demon
Combat Level: 98
Life Points: 8500
Max Hit: 292
Race: Demon
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Retreats: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Monster: No
Slayer Exp: 291
Location:The Slayer Tower, Kuradal's Dungeon, Abyssal Area (fairy ring code A-L-R)
100% Drops:Infernal Ashes
Examine:A denizen of the Abyss!
Other Drops:Abyssal whip, Adamant battleaxe, Rune chainbody, Rune med helm, Dragonstone, Shield left half, Half of a key, Runite bar, Clue scroll (level-3), Abyssal head, Coins (3k), Adamant bar, Uncut gems, Grimy herbs, Blackaxe, Adamant javelin (20), Black sword, Rune javelin (5), Steel battle, Mithril kiteshield, Air runes (50), Blood runes (7), Death runes (45), Law runes (3, 45), Nature runes (67), Rune arrows (42), Steel arrows (150), Nature talisman, Chaos talisman, Cosmic talisman, Law talisman, Defence potion (3), Lobster, Pure essence (60), Silver ore (100), Chaos runes (10), Green charm (1), Gold charm (1), Crimson charm (1), Blue charm (1), Ancient Effigy, Spin Ticket, Court Case, Abyssal orb, Abyssal wand, Abyssal head, Spirit ruby, Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire,
Notes:Needs 85 Slayer. This NPC is weak to slash. The Ring of Wealth increases your chances of receiving Crystal Triskelion pieces, Abyssal Wands, Orbs and Whips. Super Rare Table is effected with this monster. Can be found in the abyss by using the fairy ring.
Submitted by: DaDa