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NameCombat LevelExamineMembers OnlyQuest Monster
Araxxi3000Believe it or not, she's still hungry.YesNo
Araxxor2500I don't think a newspaper is going to cut it.YesNo
Archaemastyx9A big, slow creature with a tough leathery hide. (Tier 4)NoNo
Archer70Good with arrows.YesNo
Archer (2)42A Burthorpe Castle Archer.YesNo
Arctic bear120Crikey! Look at the size of those teeth!NoNo
Armadylean archon140The fierce leader of an Armadylean warband.YesNo
Armadylean caravanN/AAn Armadylean storage unit for divine energy.NoNo
Armadylean myrmidon120This melee fighter loots and pillages in Armadyl's name.YesNo
Armadylean shaman120Fights with fierce, primal magic.YesNo
Armadylean skirmisher120Harries enemies with pinpoint ranged attacks.YesNo
Armoured cow thing62It hides in stone, cowardly beast. Thok hit through armour.NoNo
Armoured zombie Varies 104, 124, 130Melee: "It hasn't quite got round to dying." Range: "This is a rotten one."YesNo
Arrav180, 145He has seen better, happier days.NoYes
Arrg110A massive scary-looking troll.YesYes
Arzinian Avatar125It is the avatar of the Arzinian Being of Bordanzan, representing magic.YesYes
Assassin38An assassin, failing to be disguised as a druid.YesYes
Astea FrostwebVaries (3, 5, 8, 16, 26, 43, 7A summoner using a form of ancient magic.NoNo
Asyn shade94, 100The shadowy remains of a long departed soul.YesNo
Automaton Generator115Generates magical energy for use in battle.YesYes
Automaton Guardian115A tough melee fighter.YesYes
Automaton Tracer115Fires lethal projectiles.YesYes
Avatar of Creation100A being of unsurpassed vitality.YesNo
Avatar of Destruction100The essence of ruination.YesNo
Aviansie69, 71, 73, 79, 83, 84, 89, 92Graceful, bird-like creature.YesNo
Ayuni170A mysterious, godlike creature whose deep eyes bore into your soul.YesYes
Baby black dragon70Young but still dangerous.YesNo
Baby blue dragon44Young but still dangerous.YesNo
Baby Blue Dragons64Young but still dangerous.YesNo
Baby red dragon68Young but still dangerous.YesNo
Baby Roc80A mountain-dwelling bird. Cute but vicious.YesYes
Baby tanglefoot82An animated shrub.YesYes
BalVaries (91, 108, 127, 150, 174A soldier of a demon army.NoNo
Balance Elemental146Elementally balanced. YesYes
Balfrug Kreeyath151Despoiler of Ullek.YesNo
Bandit22, 41, 56, 57, 60, 74A tough-looking criminal.YesNo
Bandit Champion78A very tough-looking bandit.YesNo
Bandit looter60Calls himself an archaeologist.YesNo
Bandos avatar110The High Priest has been transformed into an avatar of Bandos.YesYes
Bandosian Ambusher (Melee)VariesA member of Bandos's army.YesNo
Bandosian Ambusher (Ranged)VariesA member of Bandos's army.NoNo
Bandosian battle-mageVariesA member of Bandos's army.YesNo
Bandosian bodyguardVariesA member of Bandos's army.YesNo
Bandosian brawler6A footsoldier for Bandos.YesNo
Bandosian hunter120Likes hunting bears best, but you'll do.YesNo
Bandosian ogre64Ugly and bad-tempered.YesNo
Bandosian ork98Ugly, fierce and with a bad attitude.YesNo
Bandosian reaver120A fierce melee warrior with scant regard for personal safety (or hygiene).YesNo
Bandosian shaman134He is expounding the word of the Big High War God.YesNo
Bandosian warlord140Extolling the tenets of Bandos, one bashed skull at a time.YesNo
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