Monster Database
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NameCombat LevelExamineMembers OnlyQuest Monster
Yk'Lagor the ThunderousVaries (141, 176, 200, 225, 25A demon used to barking orders to its warriors.YesNo
Young grotworm28A disgusting worm.YesNo
Yt-HurKot108Mini menace.YesNo
Yt-MejKot128Made from fire and rock. The Yt-MejKot is a fearsome foe, its claws are pure obsidian.YesNo
Yuri40He's staring at the moon.YesNo
Zakl'n Gritch146Scourge of the Light.YesNo
Zamorak crafter38A Z.M.I. runecrafter.YesNo
Zamorak mage68A Mage of Zamorak.YesNo
Zamorak ranger64A ranger of Zamorak.YesNo
Zamorak Sliver80A dangerous-looking Zamorakian.YesYes
Zamorak warrior65A warrior of Zamorak.YesNo
Zamorak wizard200A servant of Zamorak.YesNo
Zamorakian bandit120YesNo
Zamorakian blackguard120YesNo
Zamorakian Butcher DemonVariesAn embodiment of terror.NoNo
Zamorakian championVariesA divine champion of chaos.NoNo
Zamorakian demon lord140Spreads chaos in Zamorak's name. NoNo
Zamorakian fanatic6YesNo
Zamorakian field medicVariesA powerful healer.NoNo
Zamorakian FootsoldierA close-range brute.NoNo
Zamorakian gathererVariesGathering resources in the name of Zamorak.NoNo
Zamorakian marauder64YesNo
Zamorakian minelayerVariesShowing the glory of Zamorak, with explosives.NoNo
Zamorakian occultist120YesNo
Zamorakian rogueVariesStop him before he steals all the resources from your allies.NoNo
Zamorakian sharpshooter VariesHas righteous aim.NoNo
Zamorakian siege beastVariesBred for destructionNoNo
Zamorakian SniperDeadly at range.NoNo
Zamorakian warlock134YesNo
Zamorakian WarlockMistress/Master of dark magic.NoNo
Zamorakian werewolf98Down, fang!YesNo
Zemouregal98The infamous enemy of Varrock.YesYes
Zenevivia246Apparently she's the love interest.YesYes
Zogre80A partially decomposing zombie ogre.YesNo
Zoja40A healthy villager.YesNo
Zombie14, 22Dead man walking.NoNo
Zombie Champion52Champion of the zombies.YesNo
Zombie Hand108A giant zombified hand-I don't think I should offer to shake hands.YesNo
Zombie Monkey120ItYesYes
Zombie Monkey (2)82A recently deceased monkey. Its flesh seems to be worse for wear.YesYes
Zombie Monkey (3)129A large and lumbering undead monkey, blocking the way.YesYes
Zombie pirate70, 72An undead sea scoundrel.YesNo
Zombie Rat2Overgrown undead vermin.YesYes
Zombie swab68He talks a good fight.YesNo
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