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NameCombat LevelExamineMembers OnlyQuest Monster
Bandosian wild mage120Wields barely controlled magical energy.YesNo
Banshee37A tortured screaming soul.YesNo
Banshee champion74Champion of the Banshees.YesNo
Banshee Mistress134A howling banshee.YesYes
Barbarian28, 30Scary in an argument!NoNo
Barbarian28Don't let her arm-wrestle you for money.NoNo
Barbarian10Not very civilised looking.NoNo
Bark Blamish Snail14A branch bark coloured blamish snail, these types are said to spit acid.YesNo
Barrelchest104It's trying to squash you flat! Less examine, more fight!YesYes
Barrelchest Mk II120It's trying to smash your house! Less examine, more fight!YesYes
Basilisk77The eyes of evil.YesNo
Basilisk boss138It radiates an unhealthy aura.YesNo
Bat14Annoying flappy thing.NoNo
Battle mage110Kills in the name of Saradomin/Zamorak/Guthix.YesNo
Bear cub16Cute. But deadly.YesNo
Bearded Pollnivnian bandit41Tough-looking.YesNo
Bedabin Nomad Fighter60A bedabin nomad fighter - a sandy swordsman.YesNo
Berry100He is guarding the cells.YesYes
Berserk barbarian spirit106He looks a tad upset.YesNo
Big frog52It didn't get this big eating flies.YesNo
Big snake92A big snake.YesYes
Big Wolf43Must be the pack leader.YesNo
Billy Goat22They'll eat anything!YesNo
Bird10A tropical bird.YesYes
Black bear23Eek! A bear!NoNo
Black Demon98A big, scary, jet-black demon.YesNo
Black dragon100A fierce dragon with black scales!YesNo
Black Golem110An animated clay statue.YesYes
Black Guard60, 68A member of the Black Guard, a special division of the dwarven army.YesNo
Black Guard Berserker76An elite member of the black guard.YesNo
Black Guard Crossbowdwarf100A member of the Black Guard with a crossbow.YesNo
Black Heather56Has a fearsome scowl.NoNo
Black Knight30A dark-hearted knight.NoNo
Black knight guardian110A Black Knight with lots of combat experience.YesYes
Black Knight Titan28He looks mean and powerful.YesYes
Black Unicorn33A unicorn with a blackened heart.YesNo
Black Unicorn Foal16Cute but evil.YesNo
Bladed muspah150A nightmarish divine creation that uses melee attacks.YesYes
Bladed Spider96Ooh, it's mad. Fights up close in melee.YesNo
Blessed Giant Rat24It's one of Iban's pet vermin.YesNo
Blessed spider60It's one of Iban's pets.YesYes
BlinkVaries (120, 145, 152, 185, 18All work and no portal magic makes Blink a dull boy.YesNo
Blissful shadow112An average shadow creature. YesNo
Blood Blamish Snail14A blood coloured blamish snail, these types are said to spit acid.YesNo
Blood nihil160A vampyric abomination.YesYes
Blood reaver154A strange and twisted creature.YesNo
Bloodveld61, 68, 92The tounge of evil.YesNo
Bloodveld guardian612It's so cute!YesYes
Bloodveld leecher50A bloodveld summoned by Vanstrom to heal him in battle.YesYes
Bloodworm63I think I should keep my distance...YesNo
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