Jul 9 2014, 08:28 PM
Inside the Zone: Content - July 2014
The Content Management Team here at RuneZone plays a vital part in our success story. It is our responsibility to maintain the various guides & databases we proudly display for our community to use, while keeping up with the frequent updates to RuneScape itself, releasing new content as needed.

Often, the work performed by our team gets overlooked or goes unnoticed to the community. Inside the Zone: Content, which aims to address this issue, is a monthly newsletter put together by our Content Team, providing you with an overview of the updates to our guides throughout the previous month. It also conveys our team's aims for the future. As the community is often responsible for guide & database updates as well, we take this opportunity to share our thanks and appreciation for all you do to help make our job easier.

In this edition for July 2014, we take a look back at the updates & community submissions seen throughout both May & June, then look ahead to our ambitions for the future, ensuring that at every level, we provide our community with the top-notch, professional content you've come to expect from RuneZone.

Freeman, Scion of Viggora