Jul 17 2014, 07:23 AM
SummerBeat 2014 - Cybersmile Charity Event
SummerBeat is an award-winning, annual RuneScape Summer event hosted by the staff of RuneZone - it's the biggest and most exciting summer event out there...with Jagex Mods, special guests, in game madness, live radio & massive surprises in store. This is an event you won't forget!

SummerBeat 2014 just got BIGGER & BETTER!

This year for SummerBeat, we want to raise awareness on a subject that has touched all of our lives in some way; Cyber-bullying. Through-out the 24hr period we will be hosting events geared towards promoting positivity, confidence, self-esteem and love. Look inwards, come together and donate towards a brilliant cause, the Cybersmile Foundation.

SummerBeat will start on Friday 25th of July at 6PM (BST) leading straight through till Saturday 26th of July 6PM (BST). For full event times, details and more, be sure to check out SummerBeat 2014!

See you there!

Freeman, Scion of Viggora