Mar 15 2015, 10:43 PM
Important: Status Update 2015
Status Updates aim to keep you informed with what we're doing, when we're doing them and why too. They'll be published by the Head of RuneZone on a monthly basis and will cover the wider, more general website updates, as opposed to our Inside the Zone team specific updates. In this first edition, we stick straight to what makes us unique - being as candid, transparent and open as possible.

At RuneZone we take & make smart decisions, those which are most sensible at the time and those which feel right going forward, for both the staff and the community. As the landscape of the wider RuneScape community changes throughout time, we must adapt and change our strategy as needed. We are a community of not only RuneScape lovers and gamers, but teenagers, adults, friends who share ambition, goals, achievements and our lives with one another. No matter what happens, this will never change.

For full details, head over to the dedicated forum thread, have a read and offer your thoughts. Thank you to all those past & present for such an exciting 5 years on RuneZone. Here's to another 5 on Project Next.

Assistant Head of RuneZone