Feb 2 2016, 08:51 PM
We've recently released a brand new community & news website. Here's how we're welcoming people:

Sign up to TheNowZone forums & continue chatting with those you already know by clicking here!

"Welcome to TheNowZone!

We're committed to being great. We aim to bring you the latest & hottest news from around the world. We want to be your go to virtual social hub. We want to host awesome competitions. We want to build a genuine community. We want to do a lot more too and we hope you'll be apart of what exactly 'more' means.

We're not quite ready yet but we wanted you to join us on our journey from 'it's getting there' to 'done'. We want your feedback, comments and thoughts. Expect things to change and improve. We'll let you know our progress and how far we are from our big 'official' launch date, but for now feel free to settle into our community and say hello to the awesome team working behind the scenes.

Oh, and we'll be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages with progress updates so make sure you're following and liking us to be in the know.

Thanks for checking us out - there's loads more to come and we're excited to have you on board so early in our journey."

Leadership Adviser