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As a member of the RuneZone community you have access to our "Community" features which include but are not limited to, the Forums, Chatbox, Status Updates and Blogs, via which you can talk with other members of the community, be that discussing the latest update or talking about something completely unrelated to RuneScape. We wish to encourage and inspire conversation on a range of topics, and to do this we have certain guidelines that we expect you to adhere to whilst using the Community features.

Offensive behaviour

As a community focused fansite, we will not accept any harassment (which may include racism, discrimination or intimidation), "flaming" or "trolling" of another user. Everyone is welcome to use our forums, however those that wish to cause disruption and or arguments may find their posting ability restricted. We welcome opinions and your feedback, however please give it in a constructive manner, through the appropriate methods.

Here at RuneZone we like to boast a mature and responsible member base, and you may find that we do not have a word censor. Swearing is absolutely fine in context, but please be aware that there may be more sensitive members than yourself, so please try and keep that in mind whilst posting. Also be aware that swearing directed at another user is a form of harassment, and can be even more serious if the user in question is sensitive to swearing.

Anti-social behaviour

When posting on our forums please ensure that you are adding a positive contribution. Spam posts (messages that have no real purpose or discussional contribution) can be disruptive and may even halt discussion from taking place, so we ask that you try to make your posts constructive. It is also against the rules to post using just one letter; posts should be well constructed and shouldn't rely heavily on abbreviations. Deliberate disruption is easy to detect and will not be dealt with lightly.

Another thing to be aware of when posting is the date that the topic was originally created, and the date of the last post. If there has been no activity on the topic for at least three weeks, then that topic will be declared 'dead' and by posting on it you are 'gravedigging' and therefore bumping a topic with no further discussion above more recent topics. We ask that you refrain from posting on dead topics unless you are certain that your post is appropriate to the topic and will provide room for conversation, and the topic is still relevant.

Signature size

We impose a limit of 600 x 350 pixels (width by height) on the total size of users' signatures. This is to prevent the majority of a post being the signature itself, and in extreme cases (being the size of a page or larger), this goes hand-in-hand with the rule above.

Multiple accounts

We ask that you only use one account when on RuneZone. This makes it easier to keep track of those attending our events, those we hand rewards to, and gives an accurate representation of our registered users. Please do not create new accounts to evade any offences or restrictions that you may have been given. This will not be treated lightly and may affect your chances of remaining at RuneZone. If you wish to change your account name, please send in a support ticket rather than creating a new account. We also ask that you do not use any obscenities or offensive terms in your account name.


When using RuneZone, please have respect for the other members of the community. This also includes the staff team, please respect their authority as their ultimate goal is improve everyones experience of RuneZone, and that is only possible with your co-operation. Should you come across a bug or fault, please report it as soon as possible using the support system. You should not complain about a member of staffs action or decision publicly, but instead use the Support system to raise any concerns with us.

Deceiving usernames

Please do not employ prefixes such as "Mod", "Admin", "DJ", or include anything in your username which may insinuate that you represent any Jagex or RuneZone staff.

Personal Details

It will be at your own discretion to disclose your details such as facebook and instant messaging etc. In the interest of everyones safety, we ask that you do not post any personal details that could potentially become dangerous (such as postal addresses, telephone numbers etc) and we will take our utmost care to ensure that RuneZone is safe for everyone.

External websites

While we allow users to link to any site they wish, please do not link to sites that include:
  • Adult/Inappropriate images
  • Material designed to belittle or harass another user
  • Content breaching, or advocating the breaching of laws. This includes:
    • RuneScape Private Servers
    • Real-World-Trade/Botting Sites
    • Advertising stolen goods/software
    • The breaching of Privacy Policies or Copyright infringement
  • Websites which are a direct competitor with RuneZone or any of the services we offer
  • Malicious software or viruses
Any links to such sites may be removed upon the discretion of any member of staff.


In order to facilitate interaction between community members, we offer multiple direct communication methods between users. These include, but are not limited to, Global Personal Messaging, Chatbox Personal Messaging, Reporting and Radio Requesting. All these methods of communication fall under the same guidelines as the Community features where applicable, with a few differences.

Personal communication

As the Communication features provide one-on-one communication with other users, and aren't public, the contents of these communication methods may vary as much as desired, so long as the recipient deems it appropriate. The communication features are designed for a user to be able to talk personally to another user, not as a method of irritating or abusing them, or planning the irritation or abuse of others.

Message contents

Please remember that for the sake of ensuring the safety and security of our users, we reserve the right to read the personal messages between one user and another. This will only ever occur in circumstances of extreme rule-breaking, as we respect the privacy of our users. Please also note that if a PM is reported by the recipient, it will be visible to the member of staff managing the report.

While we ensure that a users PMs won't be read unless they break, or are highly suspected of breaking the rules, if you are still concerned by this policy, then simply don't sent personal information via the Communication systems, or don't use the systems at all.

The contents of any messages sent from staff should be considered confidential, and not be publically released unless stated otherwise. For this reason also, harassing users to reveal the contents of such messages isn't accepted


As an information site as well as a community site, we offer multiple features via which content can be submitted to the site by our users. These features include, but are not limited to, Guides, Database Entries, and Costume Designs.

By submitting content to RuneZone, you acknowledge that it may be used by the site for any intent or purpose, and that you may not withdraw usage rights. Credit will always be attempted to be given to the author wherever the content is used.

All content submitted will first be approved by a member of staff before appearing on the site; please do not submit multiple entries of the same work. Similarly, please do not submit spam submissions, as they will be discarded during the approval process, and you will have breached the Spamming guideline detailed under the Community section.


Copyright is a serious real-world law, that can result in heavy fines upon those who breach it. Therefore, we ask that any content you submit to the site either as a guide, image, or anything else, is either your own work, or you provide the appropriate references to its origins if queried, to avoid such measures being taken. The claiming of other people's work as your own is plagiarism, which is a serious offence. If you are found to have plagiarised any content, you will be punished heavily.

If you do wish to use someone elses work in your own, please provide the respective references to their origins in the post you make with it. The submitting of someone elses content, either as your own, or with references, in a guide or database entry is not permitted, as copyright charges may still be held. If you persist in submitting such content, you will only succeed in bringing further punishment upon yourself.


In order to allow transferral of data from one user to another, we have multiple features on the site that allow you to upload files. These features include, but are not limited to, the Image Host, and uploading images when providing data for a database submission.

By uploading data to RuneZone, you acknowledge that said data may be used where wished by the site. Credit will be attempted to be given where possible.

Image Contents

When using our image uploader, please make sure that no images contain:
  • Explicit, or adult content
  • Offensive or abusive material
  • Generally inappropriate content
  • Content designed to belittle or offend users or members of staff
We also ask that you respect Jagex's rules when uploading images, so please do not upload any confidential images or messages. Likewise, please keep confidential messages sent by members of staff to yourself. Any images found to breach this criteria may be removed.

Our primary concern is the good of the community and we want to make it clear that these rules are not exhaustive. It may be necessary for us to take action against accounts in order to remove disruptive behaviour, even if it is not specifically mentioned in the rules.

Moderators may sometimes use their personal judgement, with the overall interest of the wider community at heart, in order to curtail or remove disruptive behaviour that is not clearly covered by the rules, on a case by case basis.