Aug 16 2014, 06:59 PM
Inside the Zone: Community - August 2014
The Community Support Team here at RuneZone plays a vital part in our community. It is the Community Support Team's responsibility to ensure that the user tickets, reports and queries are dealt with in a timely manner. The team also proactively moderates our forums, chatbox, and other various elements of RuneZone. Often, the team's work is performed behind the scenes and goes unnoticed to the community.

In this special Community Support Team edition for August 2014, we take a look at the community, how it's evolving, and the amount of support the team provides.

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Jul 17 2014, 07:23 AM
SummerBeat 2014 - Cybersmile Charity Event
SummerBeat is an award-winning, annual RuneScape Summer event hosted by the staff of RuneZone - it's the biggest and most exciting summer event out there...with Jagex Mods, special guests, in game madness, live radio & massive surprises in store. This is an event you won't forget!

SummerBeat 2014 just got BIGGER & BETTER!

This year for SummerBeat, we want to raise awareness on a subject that has touched all of our lives in some way; Cyber-bullying. Through-out the 24hr period we will be hosting events geared towards promoting positivity, confidence, self-esteem and love. Look inwards, come together and donate towards a brilliant cause, the Cybersmile Foundation.

SummerBeat will start on Friday 25th of July at 6PM (BST) leading straight through till Saturday 26th of July 6PM (BST). For full event times, details and more, be sure to check out SummerBeat 2014!

See you there!

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Jul 9 2014, 08:28 PM
Inside the Zone: Content - July 2014
The Content Management Team here at RuneZone plays a vital part in our success story. It is our responsibility to maintain the various guides & databases we proudly display for our community to use, while keeping up with the frequent updates to RuneScape itself, releasing new content as needed.

Often, the work performed by our team gets overlooked or goes unnoticed to the community. Inside the Zone: Content, which aims to address this issue, is a monthly newsletter put together by our Content Team, providing you with an overview of the updates to our guides throughout the previous month. It also conveys our team's aims for the future. As the community is often responsible for guide & database updates as well, we take this opportunity to share our thanks and appreciation for all you do to help make our job easier.

In this edition for July 2014, we take a look back at the updates & community submissions seen throughout both May & June, then look ahead to our ambitions for the future, ensuring that at every level, we provide our community with the top-notch, professional content you've come to expect from RuneZone.

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Jul 9 2014, 01:47 AM
Media Team Event: Media's Microphone Madness
The Giant Mole has emerged from his lair in Falador Park, and was seen sneaking into the Media Team household. Witnesses state that they saw the Giant Mole running back to his lair wearing all of the Media Team's Microphones! This treachery must be met with violence. We can no longer assume that the Giant Mole is allied with the team, and must be eliminated by any means. The Media team has requested that anyone who wishes to bring justice to the Giant Mole in the name of RuneZone, arm themselves to the tee with the best armor and weapons available to them, and redeem the Media Team's Microphones at any cost.

This will all be taking place on Sunday the 13th of July, starting at 8PM BST (3PM EST | 12PM PST). We will all be meeting up at the Falador East Bank on World 83!

For full event details, including what you'll need to bring and ways to sign up, check out the event on our Events Calendar. If you have any questions about the event or wish to sign up, feel free to post on our dedicated event thread. We hope to see you there!

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Jul 8 2014, 06:14 AM
RuneFest 2014
It's back! The biggest, most spectacular, real-life RuneScape event to ever be created - RuneFest 2014!

RuneFest - for those who aren't aware - is an annual real life RuneScape event, hosted officially by Jagex. It provides our most passionate players with an opportunity to meet, chat to and party with their favourite Jagex Mods. With RuneFest 2014 looking to be the most explosive, revealing, and action-packed event yet, Zoners all around the world are getting ready for the event!

All the information for RuneFest 2014 can be found on our dedicated discussion thread! Be sure to join in the discussion and even let us know if you'll be attending this year! We'll also be letting you know RuneZone's plans for RuneFest at a later date.

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