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May 28 2015, 5:52 PM
Just A Little Update..
Hi 'Zoners! :)

It has been a long time. How have you been? Good? I am also good! So if you are wondering what I have been up to, you came to the right place. You probably do not see me as much as you use to, and that it because I am extremely busy with my A-Levels and also concentrating on my future plans (for which I still do not really have a lot of ideas about). I have upcoming A-Level exams soon, actually my next exam is on Monday so I better get revising, and they do not finish until the end of June (pretty late, huh?). After that, my plans are to enjoy the summer, attend prom and class dinners, pass my driving test, get a job and sort out higher education/career options afterwards.

I've also sorted UCAS and Student Finance applications as I recently accepted my firm offer at Swansea University to do BSc (Hons) Computer Science. Swansea is a lovely coastal city in Wales and its university feels that it fulfills my needs for CompSci, so hopefully that will go well. However I am looking at other alternatives because of the drawbacks of going to university such as the debt and commitment, but I'm sure I'll do just fine for wherever I go and for whatever I do. I've also applied to become a Royal Navy Officer, as I feel that a career in the Royal Navy would fulfill my needs to pursue a life of challenge, responsibility and adventure. Once I get my results from the tests and interviews, I'll see whether which option is best.

Last Monday, I turned 18 ( and I had a great celebration with my friends and family just so if you're wondering). Since then I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve in life and that is to simply experience life in its raw and beautiful state through the means of travelling and expanding on my passions. This is because you discover yourself to see what you're made of to identify your true strength and weaknesses and develop as a person through that. I want to sail seas, cross deserts, climb mountains, learn languages, try new foods, explore cultures, speak to people and experience the raw beauty of the world. It's about taking that first step and that is what I'm willing to do, now that I'm actually an adult.

Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to pop by in forums and chatbox from time to time to keep you updated on what I'm up to.

Toy Soldiers :)

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Aug 22 2014, 5:47 PM
Vietnam & Cambodia 2014

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May 10 2014, 3:33 PM
Boxed In
Here's a quick poem I made. Can you guess the place I am describing? Enjoy.

I'm held tight in a deep-heated place
as the light from my right hand hide is shining bright.
Behind me comes the clear-less fumes of the desert.
In front is the glass doorway to out of space.
The hourglass stood right by me,
determining how much time I got left.
The sound of the hourglass is trickling down
as the heat is slowly pulling towards my chest.
The walls are patched with wooden boards
while I sat on a bench of a hearty bosk,
as I came to here to find what has been lost
is progressively getting found.
Time has shrunk like a penny
whilst the hourglass is telling me to go
out of the glass doorway into chilly space,
now held loose in a deep-heartend place.

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Jan 13 2014, 8:58 PM
With a Roll of a Dice
Down in the depths of the darkest hell
High in the heavens of the blue sky, well
There you will find them playing games for their fun
And killing us all, one by one.

With a roll of the dice,
We live or we die.
Their games control the fate of our lives.
We cannot stop them
We cannot hurt them
But we can try.
But we can try.

Watching them all, I will fight for my rights,
Fight for my freedom 'till the last one dies.
Lose your beliefs and lose your chains.
We're never gonna stop ‘til we're free again.

With a roll of the dice,
We live or we die.
Their games control the fate of our lives.
We cannot stop them
We cannot hurt them
But we can try.
But we can try.

Remember when
Belief began.
They started.
Our fate decided.
We cannot stop them.
We cannot hurt them.
We can try.
We can try.

With a roll of the dice,
We live or we die.
Their games control the fate of our lives.
We cannot stop them
We cannot hurt them
But we can try.
But we can try.

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Dec 22 2013, 11:56 AM
Year in Review 2013
Hello 'Zoners, I would like to share what my year of 2013 has been like.

On RuneZone

RuneZone, this year has been fantastic! It has improved so much since I joined. It's such a lovely community who I love talking to every single day. :) I managed to become more active on the forums too, because when I joined in November, I was here for the radio and chatting in the chatbox but now I have been so engaged into topics. It's really fun to hear people's opinions and joining in even more discussions as well as in the chatbox :) RuneZone has also brought me back on RuneScape because of seeing so many G&A 's that many 'Zoners have accomplished. I really want to achieve my goals when I started playing RuneScape so the forums has really inspired me to become more contributive, active and to help the community whenever I possibly can! :)

Here are a few messages of thanks to the staff teams here at RuneZone:
Spoiler: Click to show...

The Community Team has done an amazing job on managing healthy discussions on the forums and chatbox, as well as managing support tickets and reports to the highest-quality possible! Thank you guys, you truly made the community a better place! ^_^

The Content Team this year has been so amazing, bringing to RuneZone so many re-vamped guides because of the changes in RS3! It has been a hard job you've been doing, but I bet it has been very rewarding! The content you guys are putting in the site really does help a lot of people and with latest updates you guys put, your work will never go out of date <3 Thank you so much!

The Media Team has been great! So many DJ's here to entertain us, and with the new DJ Support Assistants, there's even more! I really appreciate the commitment to keep the radio free of Auto-DJ as much as possible and I appreciate all the work done to make RuneZone a much more entertaining place to be! :) <3

The Senior Leadership Team has done an amazing job this year! Your organisation and skills has made what this site is today - the best. It is truly everyone's number one source for everything 'scape! :D I know you guys do all the behind-the-scenes work so I do thank you for bringing the best out of this fansite! :)

The Ambassador's here on RuneZone has been fantastic! I love seeing all of the events you host and the presence in the chatbox does really lighten up the mood! You are ambassadors for a reason - you guys are awesome! I do really look forward to more of your upcoming events in 2014! :)

So, I thank you all for being so amazing, friendly and just being good people, because I wouldn't be here if if wasn't for you guys. ^_^ I hope my contribution, friendliness and helpfulness has made this community as good as it can be. It's such a pleasure seeing you all everyday as I love the conversations and fun you guys bring! <3

Now, if you want to check out what my year has been IRL, then feel free to do so by clicking the spoiler. ^_^

Spoiler: Click to show...
So, this time last year, I've thought long and hard what my New Years resolution would be like for 2013. It was to study hard and pass all upcoming GCSE Exams with a C or above; I wasn't so ambitious at the time. In the start of the year, I flew through my GCSE exams in January. I managed to get a C in Applications and Methods in Mathematics and I had an opportunity to re-sit them in June to get above a C grade. Science was fairly good, I passed my Physics and Biology exams for Additional Science, giving me a secure A, ready to take my Chemistry and ISA in the Summer. English was good too, giving me a secure C.

As for my options, Chinese, Business Studies, and PE were great! My Computing exam was even greater, giving me a secure B in the theory. I had computing coursework which was Website Validation using the language JavaScript to validate the users option etc. It wasn't too hard and so the coursework gave me an A*. My grade B in theory and A* in coursework secured an A, but when my teacher calculated my overall grade, I got 269/300 UMS and 270 was an A*, so I was a little annoyed at that but I'm still pleased with an A. So, I finished Computing in April and used the remaining lessons to revise other subjects for the summer.

Chinese was fairly difficult for the Speaking and Listening exams because the words go so fast so it was difficult to understand for me. I had no problem doing the reading and writing exams as I can work at my own pace. :) I managed to get a B overall, which I am really happy about.

Business Studies was had a bit of issues. I passed my coursework with flying colors, with a score of 39/40, and I had a B and A in my other exams. However on results day, my A dropped down to a B because of the coursework marked from the examiners so I was annoyed about that. Still, happy that I achieved my goal.

PE was interesting. I was excellent in theory, scraping those A*s but in my mocks, I managed to get a C which motivated me to work harder. In April, I got my Boxing practical assessment done which I got full marks in, but Kayaking was different: I had to record various techniques in the water, and I had to do a capsize and swim (which is the simplest thing in the assessment), and I managed to dislocate my shoulder. This affected 2 other practical assessments (Fitness and Personal Survival) so my mock grades covered that. Kayaking was covered from a competency note from my coach and my BCU 2* Certificate in Canoing and Kayaking so I managed to get a A* and C in PE Theory, which gave me an A* in it.

Moving on to when I dislocated my shoulder, I had a 30 mile competitive hike in a week, so my team were panicking whether I can join them or not. We were a fast bunch that managed to come 3rd in the 15mile and 25mile hikes in the previous years. With a dislocated shoulder, I managed to bluff my way to do the hike, but it was hard and painful. Happily, me and my team managed to come 5th with a time of under 8 hours :P The slowest team was like 15 hours so yeah, we were pretty chuffed.

This event may have been before or after the hike, but I volunteered to help out at a 125 mile canoe race from Devizes to Westminster. It has inspired me to do that race in 2015 with a friend of mine. :) It requires a lot of commitment and training so wish me the best of luck for that. ^_^

During the Summer, I went to Aberystwyth for a fishing holiday, it's a really exciting place with the scenery, sea and sand dunes! We went fishing in various places by the pier, on the mouth of the river and so on. Afterwards, it was results day so I collected my GCSE results and was really surprised so me and my family celebrated this exciting day and had a meal out afterwards.

Next thing you know, was the first day of Sixth Form - I was really happy because I was accepted in. Sixth form is tough. I am currently taking Business Studies, Computing, Psychology and Maths. Business Studies is really easy; it's just going to more detail from GCSE. Computing theory is okay as it is going into more detail but it gets complicated for topics like The Internet, Boolean Algebra and Machine Architecture. The programming is hard though as we're working on ciphercode for our mocks in January. I better get practising on that code soon. Psychology is really interesting, I like the biological and cognitive side in Psychology, there's a lot of studies to remember and a lot of essays to do, but other than that it's a great subject to learn! :) And now there's maths, maths is horrible. It is difficult as there's loads of methods that expand to other subjects and methods. I generally don't like it, but it's something that is really useful, right?

Well, there's my Year in Review! Thanks for reading this, you're all awesome so have a :cookie:

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :hohoho:

Toy out! <3

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May 19 2013, 11:53 AM
Bucket List
Toy Soldiers' Bucket List
My rules: Never edit/delete tasks; I can only add more.

• Complete a first aid course and obtain a first aid qualification •
• Complete the Devizes to Westminster canoe and kayak race with a friend (125miles) •
• Paddle grade 5 rapids •
• Paddle outside of the UK •
• Complete a BCU level 2 coach course •
• Do 5 half marathons, each under 1 hour 45 mins •
• Do a running marathon •
• Fundraise at least 50% of payment for my Vietnam expedition •
• Complete all exams (GCSE and A Level) with a B or higher •
• Obtain a Computer Science or Computer Business degree •
• Volunteer in a community for a cause for at least 5 years (Includes Cubs and DW) •
• Do a bungee jump or a sky dive, or both! •
• Go on a Skiing trip with friends •
• Obtain a DofE gold award •
• Do a 100km hike •
• Join the 1000 mile club (Kayaking/Canoeing) •
• Join the 100 mile club (Running/hiking) •
• Write 1000 poems and get 50% published •
• Create a song which needs to be sung •
• Win a bout in boxing •
• Create a piece of work that can help a cause •
• Create a personal or work-related website •
• Learn how to play either a piano or a guitar •
• Meditate in a Buddhist temple •
• Go scuba diving somewhere nice •
• Go scuba skydiving •
• Visit a canyon •
• Use my Mandarin Chinese for something useful •
• Juggle coconuts •
• Film a 360 timelapse for 24 hours in a beautiful location •
• Climb the top of the world! •
• Experience awe and wonderment •

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Just A Little Update..
Vietnam & Cambodia 2014
Boxed In
With a Roll of a Dice
Year in Review 2013
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