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Aug 3 2015, 1:20 AM
So. 3 Years eh?
Hey there!

I see you've stumbled here. If I'm perfectly honest. I should use this site a lot more often. Oh well, another thing to do :P

So. It's been over 3 years Since I made this account. It feels like much longer. Though then again it doesn't feel that long since I made it at the same time. May 26 2012 was the date I first joined RuneZone. It made a massive difference to my lifestyle at that time. And saw me join the Media team as a RuneRadio DJ (Remember when that was a thing?)

Unfortunately due to circumstances that were completely my fault. I ended up being removed from the team. Which then in turn led to my slow decline of usage.

But yeah. Over 3 years? Crikey. Props to the team for keeping this place in good shape over the course of this site. And It's nice seeing new faces around here at the same time alongside old friends. I welcome messages and such. I'd gladly talk to any of you who show interest.

But yeah, as for now. I'm signing off.
See you around!

~Euan | Sprite

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Sep 28 2012, 7:05 PM
1st Blog (ever)

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So. 3 Years eh?
1st Blog (ever)