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Dec 31 2014, 12:22 PM
2014 Year in Review: Lore
For us Lorehounds, 2014 has been an incredible year when you think about just how much we were given in quests and related updates.

We got Zaros. We got Prif. We got Dragonriders. We got Elder Gods, all five of them! We killed Bandos and saw what happened to his supporters. Mahmem exists and is awesome. We got yet more info on other worlds. We got Demon Lore, and news on Infernus. Last but not least, Loarnab is canon.

Where to begin really.
Fate of the Gods is as good a place as any.
We knew it was coming, we were expecting it, and we were hopeful. Personally, the quest didn't meet my expectations. It smashed them, melted them down and turned them into what I rate as the best quest this year, outright. Zaros, Freneskae, the World Gate... and suddenly Mah. Our first direct interaction with an Elder God this year; complete blindside of oh shit. Finally the story begun all the way back in Desert Treasure (!) has been concluded. Boron Bizarre Swell. Except it's now Present tense. Zaros has been reborn.

Prif? Well, what can I say that's not already been said of it. We got an entire city full of Lore, the 3rd best quest of the year in front of it, and yet another hole in the map has been filled. Want to know anything Elf? Prif. Want references to all the awesome devs of the Lore? Prif. Want Sere- Prif. It's all there in the high level hub of crystal and pointy ears; shame it came in the same year as Fate of the Gods really, since that's the only thing that rival it in significance.

I can't do it, gotta move on to Mahmem now, I can't put it off longer. Mahjarrat Memories answered *so* many Questions. Massive amounts of the backstory are suddenly clear; we gained insight into the Empire, Senntisten, the ranks of the Mahjarrat and exactly how each one was percieved. And we discovered that Icthlarin was not alone in travelling to Freneskae; Amascut went with him. The significance of Mahmem cannot be understated; there's a lot of intertwined stories, and evidence debunking our most reliable Mahjarrat source, Wahi. Something tells me the history of the Tribes has a lot more to say...

May aswell highlight the fact that we now know the names and locations of all 5 Elder Gods. From knowing almost nothing, only that at least 3 existed... Jas, Ful, Bik, Wen, Mah. We know them and their place. We've interacted with all of them (thanks Raven <3), and we're aware of the danger they pose to Gielinor if not stopped. I sense a monumental story arc in the making here - let's hope it doesn't take as long as Prif or FotG to come to fruition!

The Codex Ultimatus and Avernic Book are a thing - Loarnab, Zaros, Demons. More story filled out and questions answered. Still can't get over the fact Loarnab is canon now - very very few devs would do something as insane as making a joke an actual *God*, yet Jagex have! We've been asking these questions for years, and now they're being answered in the best way possible. More and more paths of exploration are opening up, and I can't emphasise enough how much I love Jagex for making it happen.

While I have to say I didn't much enjoy TMF or OoaK, it is impossible to ignore their significance in the Lore... well maybe not TMF aside from killing Yelps. But we discovered and helped guide the fate of the Illujanka. Hannibus was discovered, and we actually convered with a Dragonk- who am I kidding, Kerapac was Kerapac through and through. That's going down in the historys as one of the best blocks yet seen.

All in all, 2014 has been an incredibly potent year for those of us in the know about Lore, and 2015 is going to have an insanely hard time even just matching it, yet alone surpassing how strong this year has been. Right now, I am very, very happy to be a Lorehound, as the support we're being shown is making those of us who care about the story of the game very welcome indeed.

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2014 Year in Review: Lore