Party of the Year , Official RuneZone Event
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Community Warden

Group: Community Warden
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RS Name: cyprusgirl
Allegiance: Seren

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Finding Theo SummerBeat Community Event Event
I will prolly attend the first hour only, its kinda late for me :/

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Event Finding Theo SummerBeat Community Community
I'm not entirely certain if I will be able to attend this event or not, but hope everyone has fun. :)


Social Media Manager

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Finding Theo
I hope I'll be able to attend! :)

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Content Team Leader

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RS Name: Umbra Lupus
Allegiance: Zaros

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Finding Theo Event SummerBeat Media Assisting Community
If I'm not too busy revising for exams I'm sure you'll spot me around in the shadows ;) Hope everyone will enjoy themselves in the event I don't make it :D

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Group: Donator
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RS Name: Zele

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Im in! Sounds fun! 5:30am wake up for me to be there at 7:30 GMT! Australia has its flaws sometimes :(

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RS Name: Joe Schmo
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Its almost here ! Going to be a lot of fun :)

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Community Team Leader

Group: Community Supervisor
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RS Name: VIP Tom
Allegiance: Zaros

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Finding Theo Cybersmile Donation SummerBeat
Only 1 more day to go! :D

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♛ TOᗩᗪ ᑕᖇEᗯ ♛

Group: Mithril Member
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RS Name: Jimson
Allegiance: Zaros

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So hyped for thisssssss! #PartyPete

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Assistant Head of RuneZone

Group: Senior Leadership
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RS Name: Majinvegito3
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Glad to see you guys are all ready for this! Only a few short hours to wait before it kicks off and it's sure to be a blast!

Bring your friends along for the journey - they won't regret it!

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Rune Member

Group: Rune Member
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RS Name: T U G G Y
Allegiance: Zaros

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Community SummerBeat Donation
I can't make it. Make sure to eat lots of cookies for me. Take a lot of screenshots and stuff too!

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