Spirit of Summer
The ghost of a small girl has appeared at the farm ruins in the Wilderness. There seems to be something she wants, but she is too weak to communicate properly. Can you figure out what needs to be done?


Skill Requirements:
24 19 Summoning
20 26 Farming
6 35 Prayer
23 40 Construction
Quest Requirements:
Restless Ghost, The
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Unfinished bowl, Bucket, 5x Bones, Rake, Seed dibber, 2x Plank, 4x Steel nails, Limpwurt seed, Spirit wolf pouch, Desert wyrm pouch, Spirit scorpion pouch, Hammer

Items Recommended: 3x Spirit wolf pouch, 3x Desert wyrm pouch, 3x Spirit scorpion pouch, Varrock teleport
Reward: Click to reveal


Speak to the spirit by the Wilderness wall in Varrock (north of the chapel on the east side).

The spirit will tell you to come with it, and will teleport you into the ruins in a safe part of the Wilderness. Follow the spirit as it runs around, and once you reach the house the Spirit will teleport you into the Spirit Realm. You will see the spirit of a man stood next to the spirit of the girl who has several rings around her. Try to speak to him and you will discover that you cannot understand him, even with the Amulet of Ghostspeak. You will come to the conclusion that he he is using gestures as a method of communication. He will then do a series of emotes in which you are to respond with a different set of emotes. If you miss what he gestured to you, use the 'think' emote to see it again. There are three possible emotes you can use to respond with, shown in the table below.

Spirit emotes

Spirit's emote Your response
Angry Bow/Cheer/Shrug
Bow No/Shrug/Yes
Cheer Bow/Yes/Wave
No Angry/Cheer/Wave
Shrug Cheer/No/Yes
Wave Angry/Bow/Shrug
Yes Angry/No/Wave

Upon responding with the correct emote, a ring will disappear from the spirit girl. Should you answer wrong, a ring will appear again and you will have to start over. Once you have correctly responded with the right emotes, all the rings will be lifted from the spirit of the girl and she will tell you that you cannot speak here and will teleport you to the farm. She will teleport you, and then will try to talk to you but won't make much sense.

Speak to her once more and ask her to take you back to the real world and you will arrive back in the ruins. Use the empty bucket with the barrel of water, and then find the spirit of the girl and ask her to bring you back into the Spirit Realm. You will see a cutscene of the spirit girl washing her face with the barrel of water that was previously empty before you left. This is because the Spirit Realm is intrinsically linked to the Wilderness, and you can use this link to make certain actions happen; such as the empty barrel in one realm meaning a full barrel in the other. Head west towards the statue and the spirit will tell you that she is hungry. Ask her to take you back to the real world and then pick the mushrooms of a nearby log. Return to the Spirit Realm, and the spirit girl will eat the mushrooms.

Now follow the spirit west and she will hint that she needs new clothes but cannot open the wardrobe. Return to the real world and use the two planks and four steel nails to fix it, and then return to the Spirit Realm. The spirit will change her clothes, and then make her way to the farming patch. Her doll is trapped underneath the dead plant and she wants you to retrieve it. Return to the real world once more, and plant the Limpwurt seed (if you don't have one, there is a seed in a crate nearby. There is also a rake and seed dibber which can be found from searching the ruins if you need it). The Limpwurt plant will take approximately 15 minutes to grow. Once it is fully grown, make your way back to the Spirit Realm and the spirit girl will retrieve her doll and tell you that her name is Summer, and by doing what you have done you have helped to restore her soul. She will tell you that she cannot speak further here, and will take you back to the farm.

Spirit Beast

Speak to Summer and she will tell you that she was murdered a long time ago, and there is a Spirit beast that is slowly sucking the soul out of all that remain. She will ask you to stop it, and to do so you must awaken the disks outside of the farm by feeding the altar.

Pick up a skull that is lying around nearby, and if you need five bones return to the real world and collect them and then come back and follow Summer down the ladder. Use the bones and the skull on the altar to awaken the disks. Climb back up the ladder and make your way north and you will see the Spirit beast, and the first disk. You must summon the familiar corresponding to the disk, and then dismiss the familiar when both the spirit beast and the familiar are touching the disk or tiles. The best strategy to do this is keep calling your familiar until you have positioned it between you and the beast, and then wait for the beast to come over to the disk. Make sure your familiar and the beast are both touching the disk, and then dismiss your familiar. If successful, the beast will be struck by lightning and a new disk will appear. There are three in total, the first being the Spirit Wolf, the second the Desert Wyrm and the third being the Spirit Scorpion. If you are not quick enough, the beast will devour your familiar and you will need to summon a new one, so it is recommended to bring several.

When you have struck the beast with lightning three times, a group of spirit warriors will appear and trap the beast.

However, following a discussion between the spirit warriors and Summer, you realize that you may have only made things worse by strengthening the beast with your energy...

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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