Hunt for Red Raktuber
When we last left Larry, the penguins were hatching a diabolical plot to invade the mainland. Larry is certain the invasion has begun and you two must hurry to sabotage whatever the penguins are up to.

This new adventure will take you back to the Iceberg where you will sing, interrogate and wear odd hats.


Skill Requirements:
18 35 Thieving
23 45 Construction
22 45 Hunter
Quest Requirements:
Cold War
Sea Slug
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Needle, Thread, 8x Silk, 4x Plank

Items Recommended: Ring of duelling (8), Ardougne teleport, Watchtower t'port
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Talk to Larry in Ardougne Zoo.

2. He will ask you to help him because the other Zoo Keepers think he is crazy, and will ask you to go investigate the coast of Witchaven. In the south-east area of Witchaven there will be giant footprints, investigate them and then go back to Larry. You will witness a cutscene and then Larry will tell you need to head to the iceberg and discover what the penguins are up to.

3. If you need to make your clockwork suit again, get 1 Silk, 1 Clockwork and 1 plank and make it at your POH. Now head north of Rellekka and travel on the boat to arrive at the Iceberg. Upon arrival talk to Larry and he will tell what you need to do: how to get on the submarine, how to disable the submarine, and how to find the submarine. When you have been transformed into a penguin, head to the Northwest and investigate the avalanche.

4. Enter the first room on the west and talk to the captured penguin. choose the options which will shake his confidence. Also take note of which hat the penguin is wearing.

5. Once you have succeeded in cracking him, he will tell you the signal to get to the submarine (which is random for every player). Take note of this also and then search the crate nearby to receive a Conch shell, a Puffer, Octopus, Monkfish, and Ray hat. Head to the second room on the east and talk to Ping and Pong and tell them you need to get into the War room. They will tell you to talk to the KGP agent to the north who is operating the Control Panel to find out what makes him sleepy.

6. Now head back and talk to Ping and Pong, and choose the following options: chicklings, squirrels, blue, bears, kiss and sharks. Now head to the KGP agent and tell him you wish to sing him a song. If you are successful, the song will send the KGP agent to sleep. Now operate the control panel and head to the War room and talk to one of the workers. They will ask you to prove that you are spy, accept and you will turn human and talk to them. You will learn that they are dwarves and they designed the submarine. ask if they can help you to disable it and they will agree to help you if you build them penguin suits. Run out of the war room and arrive near Larry. Talk to him and he will tell you that you need 8 silk, 4 planks and a needle and thread.

7. Take these items back to any one of the Dwarves and you will teach them how to make the suits, and then they will teach you how to disable the engine by using the wrench to open wire box, then cutting the green and red wires with the wire cutter. Following that use the spare wire to rewire the green wire to the red wire. Wrap the tape around the raw ends and then pump air into the pipes until it's red. Turn the wheel until gauge is green and finally pull the lever and the submarine will start on new course. Practice on the Engine Panel and then head back to Larry, who will suggest speaking to Noodle to obtain a KPG ID card to infiltrate the KPG more.

8. Head north and talk to Noodle who is near the avalanche, and agree to be in debt to the Mafia. He will give you the location and a ID card. Go back through the avalanche and enter the first room on the east. Now you will have to head to the back of the room without a penguin spotting you. Hide between walls and water coolers and go past when the penguins are facing the other way. Go as far north as you can, and then head as far east. Go south so you''re inbetween the two cubicles, and then run southwest and open the door. Search the sorting table and read the telegram and you will find the last sighting was near Yanille.

9. Retrace your steps back the way you came (note that if you're caught you will have to go and read the telegram again) and exit the room, and then go and talk to Larry. Now make your way to the coast of Yanille, south-east of the bank and speak to Larry. Wear the hat which the captured penguin was wearing, and then do a the emotes that you were given when you interrogated the penguin. Board the submarine and climb the ladder, and then head through the doors until you find the captain. Talk to him and choose to either lie or be honest. You will be captured and taken to the brig. Search the hatstand nearby to replace your tool kit and then open the door. Inspect the engine panel and do the following:

  • Use the Crab Claw to open the wirebox.
  • Use the Shark Tooth to cut the green and red wires.
  • Use the Eel to reconnect the wires.
  • Use the Seaweed on the raw ends.
  • Use the Pufferfish to pump air into the pipes until it's red.
  • Use the Octopus to spin the valve wheel until the gauge is green.
  • Use the Swordfish to make it a lever, and then pull it.

10. You will then be taken to a desert island where you will learn the Red Axe have teamed up with the penguins, and they have fooled you. They will then take Larry and leave you stranded on the island. Head east and talk to Chuck, who is a Polar Bear disguised as a palm tree. After some explanation of what has been going on, you learn that Chuck is working with Larry to help take down the KPG. He will ride you back to Ardougne Zoo. Talk with him some more upon arrival in Ardougne Zoo to finish the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Deathslayer, DaDa, Andy, Ashwin, Tugboat