Wolf Whistle
The venerable druid Pikkupstix is in a bind. He needs someone to help him with a little problem. Well, a large, angry, destructive problem, to be exact! Summon your courage and prepare to learn the deeper mysteries of nature, such as what druids keep in their basements, and how large a rabbit can get before it becomes a little too big...


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Here is a map of the general area and places of interest:

Finding the Assistants

To start the quest, talk to Pikkupstix. Select the second option: "Do you have a quest for me?" He will ask you to go look for his two assistants. His two assistants, Scalectrix and Bowloftrix, can be found near the old dryid up well on the west side in Taverley.

The old well is a bit north of the bank.

When you get to well talk with Scalectrix. She will explain to you that Bowloftrix has been captured by trolls in the well, and that she was waiting for someone to come and help her. She also tells us that you need to make something to keep them at bay. She tried using a Spirit Wolf, but it had no effect.

She tells you to go back to Pikkupstix and ask him for help.

Go back to Pikkupstix and tell him what happened. He suggests that you should try and summon a giant Wolpertinger; something that (according to him) is very hard and dangerous to do.

Making the Giant Wolpertinger

Pikkupstix tells you that to make a giant wolpertinger pouch you need to bring him:

  • His ancient wolf bone amulet
  • White hare meat
  • An embroidered pouch

He will give you a blessed spirit shard and a grey charm (if you ask him for it.) They are "rare Summoning" items.

To get the ancient wolf bone amulet, go to the White Wolf mountain west of Taverley. On the White Wolf mountain there is a highlighted square on the minimap that is where you will find the remains of Stikklebrix.

Search her body and you should get the Ancient wolf bone amulet.

After you obtain the amulet, go back to Taverley and enter the pet shop. Trade him and that will give you two options; pick the first one (which should mention the white hare meat.)

Now go back to the house of Pikkupstix and head upstairs. As he said, it is rather messy. Look through his drawers to find the amulet.

After you have gotten all the items, go back to Pikkupstix. Tell him that you have all the stuff you need for the pouch, and he will put some kind of enchantment on you. He then tells you to infuse them at the obelisk in his house. Make the pouch and then talk with Pikkupstix once again. After you have done that, go back to Scalectrix.

Defeating the Trolls & Saving Bowloftrix

Talk with Scalectrix. Tell her you got the Giant Wolpertinger pouch. Together with Scalectrix, you will go into the well. You will summon the Giant Wolpertinger and the trolls will run off.

After your little chat with Bowloftrix, your quest is complete!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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