Yanille is a small, members' only city, located to the south of Ardougne. It is a wizards' town, and is home to the Wizards' Guild. The best ways to reach Yanille are: Fairy Ring code CIQ, Watchtower teleport (requires level 58 magic and completion of the Watchtower quest), or Home Teleport (if your house is in Yanille or you have the ability to modify Home teleport tablets.) You can also choose to use a Ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars and run east, the Lodestone Network if you have previously unlocked it.

An image of Yanille Map.


Pet Shop

The pet shop is located in the south of Yanille. The shop sells pet dogs for 500 coins, pet food, and has an incubator to hatch eggs. The shop's contents and prices are show below:

Item Main Stock Price
Nuts 10 Coins
Flies 10 Coins
Beetle Bits 10 Coins
Spirit shards 10 Coins
Spirit shard pack 125000 Coins

Note: Players can also buy spirit shards in packs of 5k or up to 65,000 unpacked shards. Players can sell shards back as many shards as they want to the shop owner for 25 gp each.

Frenita's Cookery Shop

Frenita's Cookery Shop is located in the large, central building in Yanille. The shop contains a dairy churn, as well as a range. It sells a few useful bits of cooking equipment, as shown below:

Item Price
Pie Dish 3 Coins
Cooking Apple 36 Coins
Cake Tin 10 Coins
Bowl 4 Coins
Potato 16 Coins
Tinderbox 1 Coin
Jug 1 Coin
Empty Pot 1 Coin
Chocolate Bar 20 Coins
Pot of Flour 14 Coins
Empty Cup 2 Coins

Aleck's Hunter Emporium

Aleck's Hunter Emporium sells hunter supplies, the items and prices are listed below:

Item Price
Butterfly Net 24 Coins
Butterfly Jar 1 Coin
Magic Box 720 Coins
Noose Wand 4 Coins
Bird Snare 6 Coins
Box Trap 38 Coins
Teasing Stick 1 Coin
Unlit Torch 1 Coin
Rabbit Snare 18 Coins
Grenwall spikes 200 Coins

Other Features

The Wizards' Guild

The Wizards' Guild is a building located to the east of the city. Level 66 magic is required to enter. Inside are shops, selling runes and robes, zombies to train magic on, a wizard who will teleport you to the rune essence mine and portals leading to other magical buildings in RuneScape.

Rune Essence

If you have level 66 magic, and have completed Rune Mysteries, then this is the perfect place to mine rune or pure essence. The bank is only one click from the door, and with weight reducing equipment, you should lose little or no run energy. Wizard Distentor, who is located on the ground floor, will teleport you to the essence mine.

The ground floor of the Wizard's Guild, Wizard Distentor can be found here.

Magic Guild Store

The Wizards' Guild hosts two shops, both located on the first floor of the building. They sell the blue Mystic robes, and a selection of runes and staves.

An image of the Main Stock tab in shop one.

An image of the Main Stock tab in shop two.

The Portals

Located on the top floor of the building, are three portals. These lead to different locations, and are one way only.

  • West portal - Thormac the Sorcerer's Tower
  • East portal - Wizards' Tower
  • South portal - Dark Wizards' Tower

View of the top floor of the Wizaard's Guild.

The Basement

The basement of the guild is split into two sections. One section being open, the other caged and full of Zombies. These provide and excellent place to train Ranged or Magic as they cannot retaliate. They are especially useful for cursing (although the Magic dummies in Lumbridge are probably better). There are eight Zombies, all level 42.

An image of the caged Zombies in the Basement.

House Portal

Yanille owns the closest Player-owned House Portal to a bank. Many people choose to move their house to Yanille to train construction or Prayer, as they can easily run to their house from the bank. If a player has an "open altar", it generally means that they have a gilded altar free for use, and they commonly use Yanille as their house location, due to its convenience. A gilded altar with all burners lit will multiply the Prayer experience from bones by four.

An image of the Player-Owned-House (also known as: POH) Portal.

The Bank

Yanile bank is a very useful one. It is excellent for banking pure essence (if you use the Wizards' Guild to mine) and for banking herbs (mainly for those with level 85 Thieving, who can use the tunnel by the bank to reach the Chaos Druids), as well as being one of the closest banks to a Player-owned House portal.

An image of Yanille bank.


There are three anvils located just south of the bank, and are only one click away. They are often used by higher level smiths, and are generally quite quiet.

The Dragon Inn

You can buy three different types of beer in the Dragon Inn. These are:

  • Regular Beer - As is sold throughout RuneScape.
  • Greenman's Ale - Temporarily boosts Herblore by 1 level.
  • Dragon Bittter - Increases Strength by 2, decreases Attack by 3.


  • Hand in the Sand
  • The quest "Hand In The Sand" can be started by speaking to Bert. After completion of the quest, Bert will deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank daily (free of charge), if you speak to him.

  • Watchtower
  • The "Watchtower" quest can be started in the Watchtower, just north of Yanille. The quest start point is on the top floor. This quest is very useful, as completion will unlock the Watchtower Teleport (requiring 58 magic.)

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