Fur 'n' Seek
Now he's got some body, the Odd Old Man wants you to give him some skin.
Not in the high-fiving sense, mind, but in the hide/fur/fluffy animals sense.
One problem, though: the animals aren't so fluffy this time.


Skill Requirements:
19 25 Slayer
Quest Requirements:
Rag and Bone Man
Other Requirements:
Recommended Combat level of 60.
Must be able to defeat numerous monsters (levels 13 - 64).
Items Needed: 9x Logs, Tinderbox, 9x Bag of salt, Mirror shield

Items Recommended: Armour and Weapon, Antipoison
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Talk to the Odd Old Man, who is at the Limestone mine west of Paterdomus.

2. He will tell you that the museum are planning on expanding the Natural History section with stuffed animals, and wants you to help collect the furs.

3. Agree to help, and he will then give you a list the animals you need to collect from, which are the following:

Adult black unicorn, Adult White unicorn, Hobgoblin, Fox, Fenris wolf, adult Grizzly bear, Cockatrice, Cave crawler, and a Rock crab.

4. He will then give you instructions on how to tan them. First, you must scrub the item with a bag of salt, then put logs on the fire pit, stretch the skin on the rack, and finally light the fire and wait for it to tan the hide.

5. Now head to the Fremennik Province and it's surrounding area and locate the animals for either their skins, hides, or furs. Use the following map for an approximate location of the animals.

6. After you have collected a Black Unicorn Hide, Bear Pelt, Fox Pelt, Unicorn Hide, Rock Crab carcass, Cockatrice Skin, Fenris Wolf Pelt, Cave Crawler Skin, use the bags of salt on them and head back to the Limestone mine.

7.Chop 8 logs from the trees outside, and then put a log in the pit, use a fur on the ribs near the pit, light the logs in the pit and wait for it to dry, and then do it for the next seven items.

8. After you have tanned all the items, talk to the Odd Old Man and give them to him.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Dark, Tugboat, Nick D