Ghosts Ahoy
The citizens of Port Phasmatys have unwittingly consigned themselves to an immortal existence, trapped forever in this world as unwilling ghosts. Necrovarus, Lord of the Temple of Phasmatys, holds the key to the door into the next world. Can you convince him to open it and set them free?


Skill Requirements:
8 20 Cooking
17 25 Agility
Quest Requirements:
Priest in Peril
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 32 Lobster
Items Needed: Amulet of ghostspeak, Spade, 5x Thread, Needle, Knife, Gloves, 500x Coins, 9x Bucket, 9x Bones, Yellow dye, Silk, Bucket of milk, Bowl of water, Blue dye, Red dye, 9x Empty pot, Oak shieldbow x1, Tinderbox, Logs

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Head east of Fenkenstrain's castle in Canifis to reach the Ectofuntus temple. Before gaining entrance to the city of Port Phasmatys you must get ecto tokens to pay for the toll. Climb down the trapdoor and head down to the bottom to reach the slime pool. Fill your buckets with slime and then had back to the ground level. Climb upstairs and use the use the grinder machine to fill your buckets with bonemeal. Now head back downstairs and worship the Ectofuntus and talk to the Ghost Disciple to receive ecto-tokens.

Now pay the toll to gain entry to the town. Head east and talk to Velorina, in her house.

Releasing the Town

She will give you a history of the town and how it has come to that state, and will then ask for your help in releasing them from this world.

Now head back to the Ectofuntus temple and talk to Necrovarus. However, it's never that easy and he will threaten you with death. Pay the toll to get back into the city, and then talk to Velorina again.

She will tell you that she remembers of a friend who was once a disciple of Necrovarus and that she rebelled against his ways. Head south to the bank and collect a bowl of water, logs, tinderbox, and gloves.

Now exit through the temple and head west back to Canifis, and just east of the Slayer Master will be some nettles. Pick some and then head north west towards the Slayer tower.

The Old Crone

Talk to the old woman and she will ask for some nettle tea. Use the nettle with your bowl of water, and then light a fire and heat it. Give it to the old woman and she will tell you it's not in her special cup, and will then you give you it. Use the bowl with the cup and then talk to the old woman again, and she will say it's not milky. Use the bucket of milk on the cup, and you will have made a perfect cup of tea for her.

Now that she's had her cup of tea, her memory will come back to her. She will tell you that she can enchant your amulet to give you power over ghosts, and therefore order Necrovarus to release the townspeople from the spell. She will tell you that she needs Necrovarus's mortal robes and a spell book translated.

Ask the old woman if there is anything else you can do for her and she will tell you about her son that ran away to join the pirates and she hasn't seen him since. She will give you a model ship and ask you to give it to him if you see it.

Finding the Son

Now head to Canifis bank and withdraw silk, your dyes, thread, needle, spade, and some armour and a weapon. Head north east along the coastline until you come to a ship. Climb aboard and head up two ladders to reach the mast.

You will see a box at the top of the screen detailing the windspeed. When it is low, search the mast to identify the three colours, and then use the dye on the model ship using these colours.

Head back down the ladder and talk to the Old Man to find out he is the old woman's son, and give him the ship. He will be happy and will then give you a key to a chest in the room nearby. Open it to receive a map piece.

Now head north west of the ship and cross the gangplank, to reach some rocks. Jump over them, eventually reaching a chest. Open it to receive another part of the map.

Now jump back across the rocks (giving 10 agility XP per jump) to the ship, and search the chests to have a Giant Lobster attack you. Kill it, and then search the chest it attacked you from to get the final map piece.

Use the three pieces of map together to join it up into one map.

The Book of Haricanto

Return to Port Phasmatys and go into the bank and withdraw a spade and a oak shieldbow along with 500gp, and then head to the docks, and speak to the Ghost Captain. He will take you to Dragontooth Island for 35 ecto tokens.

Upon arrival, follow the directions given on the map to receive your booty; the Book of Haricanto.

Talk to the captain to take you back to Port Phasmatys. Once you arrive back, talk to the a human called Ak-Hanru who is east of the pub. He will agree to translate your book for you if you get a bow signed by the master bowman, Robin.

Head into the pub and talk to Robin. He will tell you that he doesn't do autographs but offers you to a game of Rune Draw. Accept the round for 25gp. The aim of the game is collect points by drawing runes, and if you draw a death rune then the game is over.

After winning four times, Robin will have run up a debt of 100gp and will agree to sign the bow for you as you threaten to tell the ghosts of his deed. Head back to Ak-Haranu and give him the bow and in return you will get the translation book.

Now go and talk to the Innkeeper at the pub and ask him if he has any jobs. He will give you a bedsheet and will ask you to take it to Robin. However, you won't be taking it to Robin.

Finishing up the Quest

Head out of the town into the Ectofuntus temple and climb down to the slime pool. Dip the bedsheet into there to turn it green, and then head back into the town. Now wear the bedsheet and talk to Gravingas.

Gravingas will give you a petition and will ask you to get 10 signatures. Wearing the bedsheet, talk to the town people and once you have collected the 10 signatures talk to Gravingas again.

Take this petition back to Necrovarus. He will get angry and burn it to ashes, but in doing so he will drop a bone key! Pick it up and head upstairs to the bone grinder room and use it on the door in there. Search the coffin to find Necrovarus's mortal robes.

Take the robes and the translated book back to the old woman and she will enchant your ghostspeak amulet.

Head back to Necrovarus and talk to him once more. With your newly enchanted amulet you will find you have new power over him. For the lulz, you can ask him to act like a chicken and tell a joke, before forcing him to release the townspeople.

Head back and talk to Velorina.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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