Buyers and Cellars
While some find their fortunes in forsaken lands battling dangerous monsters, the opportunistic adventurer knows that there is wealth to be had all around: in guarded vaults, trapped safes and the fattened purses of the rich and careless.

With naught but a capacious cellar, an extensive vocabulary and a dash of derring-do, rakish confidence trickster Darren Lightfinger hopes to establish an official Lumbridge Thieves' Guild where all proponents of his time-honoured profession may pursue their various business interests.

Darren has sent out feelers for assistance, promising rich rewards to the person who helps him bring his plan to fruition. It's never wise to trust a con-man, but this is too good an opportunity for a resourceful rogue to pass up.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Few x Logs, Tinderbox, Bronze hatchet

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


1. Climb down the trapdoor on the north side of the building north of the Lumbridge furnace, and talk to Darren Lightfinger. You can listen to his introduction, or skip it, your choice. If you have 5 theiving, he will ask you to aid in the first heist of the Theiving Guild, and so finance the building of the guild. If not, train on the dummy next to him until you do.

2. After accepting this challenge, travel to the south side of the Lumbridge castle and talk to Robin to learn that the chalice and its owner have moved to the swamp.

3. Go to the hut in the swamp, and talk to Father Urhney, and ask about his chalice. After trying all conversation options, you will make the observation that the priest is too focused to miss the stealing of his chalice.

4. Return and talk to Robin, and he will suggest lighting a fire under a window as a distraction. Go back to the hut and burn some logs under one of the windows.

5. Talk to Father Urhney and ask about the chalice. Quickly mention the fire when the option appears. As the conversation halts, swiftly pickpocket him for a key.

6. Move over to the corner of the room, and open up the chalice case with the key, to recieve the chalice.

7. Return to the cellar and give the chalice to Darren. You will be booted out of the cellar while the building work is underway.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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