Soul Wars


Soul Wars is a team based mini-game, somewhat similar to Castle Wars. There are still healing aids (bandages), barricades to block with and explosive potions to destroy them. However, the team can access the opposition's necessities (bandages, barricades and explosive potions) as well as their own. Players can fight each other safely throughout the battleground, as long as they are on opposing teams. There is no flag to capture like in Castle Wars, instead there is a Level 525 Avatar at each base. You must defeat the opposing Avatar as many times as possible to win.

Soul Wars can be found in a portal near the Edgeville Yew Trees/Bank. This is a safe activity so take your best gear.

The Lobby

Here, you may find a bank to deposit and withdraw items. It is a 'one-click' bank chest (similar to Duel Arena and Castle Wars banks) so you may see skillers fletching or making potions from time to time. Near the bank is an NPC called Nomad and his minion Zimberfizz. It is worth noting that Nomad will not be present if you have reached a certain stage in the Nomad's Requiem quest. However, all of Nomad's previous duties are passed on to Zimberfizz instead. You may go to Nomad for an introduction to the activity; he offers a demonstration or a book of the rules. He also sells rewards for Zeal (explained later).

Other parts of the lobby area include two graveyards, two waiting rooms, and a green portal. The graveyards really serve no practical purpose, other than that is your ending position after a game of Soul Wars. The two waiting rooms are coloured blue and red. This decides which team you will on be. If you want to be on a certain team, you should go through the corresponding barrier to that team (go through the red barrier to go into the red team). The green portal serves a purpose similar to the Guthix Portal at Castle Wars and it puts you on a random team. In the waiting room you will see information in the top-right hand corner of the game-screen that shows the amount of people on each team and the time until each game. There is a delay of three minutes between each game.

In-Game Interface

The interface of the game is just like being anywhere in RuneScape for the most part. However, there is some in-game information at the top-right. There are three panels that will change colour. There are two graveyards and an obelisk. The panel will change colour to the team that is in charge of that place (the obelisk panel will have a red background if the red team are in charge).

Starting Section

One will start out in a rectangular section full of players, this could be portrayed as a permanent graveyard, as the enemy cannot possess it or even get into it. However, it is well out of the way from the enemy base and avatar.

Supply Room

The supply room is very important for the team because it holds bandages, barricades and explosive potions. Bandages are used to heal oneself, barricades are used to block a player from passing through the point at which it is placed, regardless whether they are on your team or not. Explosive potions are used to instantly destroy a barricade, without doing damage to the player themself.


The purpose of graveyards is pretty simple really; they're supposed to act as a respawn point for you when you die. There is one graveyard for each team but one team may take over both graveyards if they wish. To spawn there, your team must be in charge of that graveyard. In order to take charge of any graveyard (or the obelisk for that matter), there must be more members of your team than the amount of members in the opposing team. It is worth noting that some people barrage/burst here for good magic exp (for them) and that it is a good (but expensive) way of capturing a graveyard. From my experience, capturing a graveyard at first is the key to winning the game. The graveyard(s) can also be used to raise the Avatar's level. For every bone (received from killing people) in your graveyard(s). Every bone that is buried has a chance of raising the Avatar's level by 1. However, this can fail and the Avatar's level will stay the same. Burying bones also restores your prayer points.

Slayer Monsters

There are two types of Slayer monsters throughout the battlefield. One of the monsters are Pyrefiends, the other type of monster are Jellies. They require the appropriate Slayer level to kill (level 30 Slayer for Pyrefiends and level 52 Slayer for Jellies) and give Slayer experience if they are your task. They also drop soul fragments that are used in-game. Pyrefiends drop one soul shard each, whereas Jellies drop two soul shards each. It's more common for the Pyrefiends to be crowded than the Jellies.

The Soul Obelisk

This is a huge obelisk that lies in the centre of the battleground. It exists on a small island and is connected by two bridges. The obelisk is used to weaken the level of the opponent's Avatar by using soul fragments on it. The Avatar starts off with the level of 100, which is impossible to achieve in-game (the Slayer skillcape cannot be equipped in-game). To overcome this, one can kill the Slayer creatures around the battlefield for their soul fragments to use on the obelisk. They often use several fragments at a time to allow a large team of people to defeat the avatar. Each fragment used on the obelisk reduces the Avatar's level by 1. If one used 50 fragments at once on a fully-strengthened Avatar (level 100), the Avatar level would drop by 50, down to level 50. This means that anyone with 50 Slayer or above can attack it. Soul fragments can also be taken from the enemy (if they kill the enemy they can pick up their fragments). Bear in mind that in order to use fragments on the obelisk, your team will need to be in control of the obelisk - to exert control over the obelisk, the team must have more of its players present at the obelisk than the opposing team.


Each team has one Avatar each. At the start of the game, they each require 100 Slayer to harm, which is physically impossible because skillcapes and boosts cannot be brought into the game. However, soul fragments decrease this level. The blue team's Avatar is called the Avatar of Creation; whereas the red team's Avatar is called the Avatar of Destruction. Both Avatars are as powerful as each other and are both level 525.

Recommended Equipment


  • Helm: Helm of Neitiznot > Berserker Helm > Barrows helmet of your choice.
  • Necklace: Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory.
  • Chest: Bandos Chestplate > Fighter Torso > Torags platebody > Rune platebody.
  • Weapon: Chaotic weapons > Godsword > Saradomin Sword > Abyssal Whip > Dragon Scimitar.
  • Shield: (none if using a GS/SS) Dragonfire Shield > Rune/Dragon Defender.
  • Legs: Bandos Tassets > Torags Platelegs > Dragon Platelegs > Rune Platelegs.
  • Gloves: Best Recipe for Disaster gloves > Fist of Guthix Gauntlets.
  • Boots: Dragon boots > Rune Boots > Rock Climbing Boots
  • Ring: Berserker ring (i) > Onyx Ring (i) > Berserker ring > Warrior ring > Ring of Recoil.
  • Magic

  • Helm: Ahrim's hood > Mystic hat.
  • Necklace: Best Arcane necklace > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of Magic.
  • Chest: Ahrim's Robe top > Mystic Robe top.
  • Weapon: Staff of Light > Master Wand > Ancient Staff > Elemental Staff
  • Shield: Divine Spirit shield > Elysian Spirit shield > Tome of Frost > God Book.
  • Legs: Ahrim's Robe bottoms > Mystic Robe bottoms.
  • Gloves: Infinity Gloves > Mystic Gloves.
  • Boots: Infinity Boots > Mystic Boots.
  • Ring: Seers Ring > Lunar Ring > Ring of Recoil
  • Range

  • Helm: Armadyl Helmet > Robin Hood Hat > Archer Helm. (If using void, wear the void helm)
  • Necklace: Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory.
  • Chest: Armadyl Chestplate > Void/Black d'hide Top.
  • Weapon: Crystal Bow > Rune Crossbow (broad bolts) > Hand cannon > Magic Shortbow.
  • Shield: Rune Defender > Dragonfire Shield.
  • Legs: Armadyl Plateskirt > Void/Black d'hide Chaps.
  • Gloves: Best Recipe for Disaster gloves > Black d'hide Vambraces.
  • Boots: Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots.
  • Ring: Archer Ring > Explorers Ring 3 > Ring of Recoil.
  • Strategies

  • Fragment Collector

  • The role of a fragment collector is self-explanatory. If you're in a clan, you'll notice that there are only 5-7 fragment collectors per game. They are usually high-levelled and kill the slayer monsters (Pyrefiends and Jellies) to collect shards, with which they power the Obelisk later.

  • Kill 'em all

  • Personally, this is my favourite strategy. One can simply wander the battlefield and kill anyone they wish. I prefer to pick on the low levels and pures. A good technique to try with this role is to try and construct a party of killers and storm enemies.

  • Avatar Offence

  • This is recommended if one has a high Prayer, Slayer, Combat and Defence level. If one wants to attack the avatar, go to the base and stock up on bandages. Once the avatar's required Slayer level is sufficiently low for one to damage him, make your way to him and attempt to slay him. However, there will be Avatar Defenders there too. The Avatar also drains Prayer points and has the ability to hit very hard (Usually 600-700).

  • Avatar Defence

  • Attack all opponents who attempt to bring down your avatar! This technique is rarely used, due to it usually happening to only one side. If one is in a clan, there's almost no reason to defend the Avatar. However, it is very important to the losing side.

  • Bone Burial

  • This is an emergency plan for people and not a mainstream role throughout the game. It consists of a group of team members picking up bones and burying them in their graveyard. They do this because burying bones at a graveyard controlled by one's team has a chance to slightly restore the Slayer level of the team's Avatar, and therefore making it harder for the enemy to deal damage against it.

  • Graveyard Domination

  • This is what every player should be looking to do at the start of every round. Having both graveyards is vital because when you die, you will respawn much closer to the obelisk and the enemy avatar. In a clan, any good in-game leader would conquer both graveyards and then the obelisk.

  • Obelisk Holders

    A group of people that help their team keep control of the obelisk. To do this they will be killing any enemies who dare to venture into the obelisk zone. Keeping the power of the obelisk is very important because it enables the team to lower the slayer level of the enemy avatar.

  • Rewards

    After playing a game of Soul Wars, your team will receive 3 Zeal for victory, 2 Zeal for a draw, or 1 Zeal for defeat. Zeal is the 'currency' of Soul Wars' rewards. As expected, you shall be rewarded greatly for your hard work. You can spend them on a variety rewards including charms, pets, experience in all combat skills (with an exception of summoning) and Slayer. Check the subsections below for further detail regarding each type of reward.


    For one Zeal, you can claim a set amount of Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, Ranged, Prayer or Slayer experience. This set amount depends on your level in that certain skill, determined by a specific internal formula. Spending a chunk of zeal at once will give you a bonus experience multiplier. Spending 100 zeal at a time gives you a 10% bonus. For example, at 99 Prayer one would receive 4,320 exp per zeal. If one spent 100 zeal on that, they would gain 432,000 experience without the multiplier. With the 10% multiplier they would gain 475,200 experience. Use the calculator below to work out how much xp you will get.

    Skill Level Zeal


    Charms can be bought with your Zeal. You'll need more Zeal for higher levelled charms. The amount of charms is supposedly based upon your combat levels; many players consider this a waste of zeal, as they can be collected far more quickly through means of killing conventional creatures, who also offer profit from their spoils.


    Finally, the last few rewards you can buy are various Slayer pets that require the respective head of the creature, as well as the Zeal cost. For example, for an Abyssal Minion an Abyssal Demon Head is required. Additionally, you can choose to 'gamble' using 2 Zeal in exchange for variety of miscellaneous ranging from coins to Wyvern bones to Dagannoth hides; players consider most possible gamble rewards as "junk" and not worth the Zeal. The amount received is completely random.

    Guide Made by: Ashwin
    Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Deathslayer, Marc J, Lord Arma, Dark, CS1, Seroxie, Am Drew, Valerie