Fish Flingers


Fish Flingers (sometimes just called "Flingers" or "FF") is a Fishing based Distraction & Diversion. This D&D offers some of the best Fishing XP you can earn in the game for the time spent. The rewards you can earn include a Fisherman's outfit which will help boost your earned XP while fishing, tackleboxes, and raw fish. The aim is to score as many points as possible in a 10-minute fishing competition, and you will need to find the correct combinations of hooks, baits and weights (known collectively as a "tackle") to effectively catch six distinct species of fish from around the island.

It is helpful to use a table similar to the one presented at the bottom of this guide to aid you in remembering the different species of fish, where they are located, and what tackle combination you need to use in order to achieve the highest rating possible.

Requirements & Access

There are no requirements to play Fish Flingers, although a good knowledge of the game itself will help enormously, as there is no tutorial. At first, it will seem complex and perhaps a bit hectic, but with experience, the game will become easier.

Everything takes place on Isla Anglerine. Competitions begin every 20 minutes, and to get there, you must ask one of the hosting fishermen to teleport you. You can ask the fisherman directly or use a tackle box (a reward) to see when the next competition is scheduled. The waiting area for each competition opens up 5 minutes prior to the start of the competition.

Fishermen are permanently located at the following places:

  • Inside the Fishing Guild, by the fishing store
  • Catherby beach
  • Burthorpe
  • Barbarian Village, by the River Lum fly-fishing spot
  • Piscatoris Fishing Colony
  • Shilo Village, on the north side of the river
  • North-west of Lumbridge
  • South-east of the Lumbridge Swamp
  • South-west of Draynor Village
  • Shores of the Barbarian Outpost
  • Burgh de Rott docks
  • Southern part of the Living Rock Caverns

To gain entry into a competition, you must have at least one Fish Flingers entry ticket. You can be given 2 per day just by talking to the Fisherman, although you have to talk to him in order to get them, as they aren't given to you unless you do so. You can hold up to 10 maximum, unless you happen to find more entry tickets while fishing normally around Gielinor or during the competition itself, as you will sometimes find entry tickets randomly while taking part.

Once you've been teleported into the waiting area, you can then talk to the Fisherman on the western side of the platform. Here you will be able to access the rewards shop and ask for a hint for the upcoming competition. This is where you must wait for up to 5 minutes for the competition to commence. Once time is up, the doors will fly open, and you will be free to explore the rest of the island.


Before the beginning of a competition, right-click the Fisherman located on the western side of the waiting area and choose the option to get a hint. The hint given is a vague detail regarding the tackle of one of the species of fish, as well as its location. Each player only has access to one hint (so asking repeatedly won't give you an additional hint). However different players will receive different hints, so it is a very good idea for all of you to ask for hints if you are with a group of friends or in a friends chat dedicated to the D&D.

Every hint will have 3 main components. Each will contain the species of fish and it's location. The final part of the hint will provide information regarding the type of hook, which bait to use, or how many weights you should use.

For example, the hint shown above mentions Trout, Lake, and can spot metal a mile off. This means, essentially, you will need to use either a Bone or Wooden hook and fish at the lake to catch trout.

Bait Clues

Below is a list of all of the possible bait clues you will encounter in your hints, and what bait each clue refers to.

  • Worm: red wriggling creatures
  • Maggot: brown wriggling creatures
  • Cricket: brown leaping insects
  • Locust: green leaping insects
  • Green Moth: green fluttering creatures
  • Grey Moth: grey fluttering creatures
  • Crayfish: grey shellfish
  • Shrimp: red shellfish

Hook Clues

Below is a list of all of the possible hook clues you will encounter in your hints, and what hook each clue refers to.

  • Standard hook: "a normal hook should catch them just fine"
  • Slim hook: "that species has a small mouth, ...."
  • Double hook: "That species tends to nibble its food, so a double hook will help to catch them"
  • Large Hook: "That species has a wide mouth, ...."
  • Bone/Wood Hook: "They're clever and can spot metal a mile off..."

Distance Clues

Below is a list of all of the possible distance clues you will encounter in your hints, and what weights each clue refers to. It is worth noting here that the following clues only narrow it down to two possible ranges, instead of an exact weight combination to use.

  • Range 1 or 2: "close to shore"
  • Range 3 or 4: "fair distance from shore, but not too far"
  • Range 5 or 6: "far from shore"

Gameplay Interfaces

Fish Flingers has a vast interface that may seem complicated and unfriendly to first-time players. It is worth becoming familiar with it, because no other controls are used, apart from moving your character around the island. It is also worth noting here that the tackle interface will override your main inventory interface, so you will not be able to access any items in your inventory.

This interface will be located just to the left of your minimap, in the upper right-hand section of the screen. This displays virtually how you are doing within your current competition. The Heaviest fish listed is the heaviest fish you've caught so far (199 being the highest weight value possible). The number of total fish you've caught is shown below this. The number in parenthesis next to your total fish is the number of Big fish you have caught during the competition of your own (not those you've assisted other players in catching). The Total weight is, of course, the sum of the weights of all the fish you have currently caught during the competition. Finally, the Total assists is the total number of Big fish assists you've collected (6 being the highest for any one competition).

To the right side of the interface is the Catch History section. By clicking on the "Catch History" button, you can either expand or collapse this as you like. It will display at the top the Last catch, which is the last fish that you have caught, and it constantly updates itself as you catch fish. In addition, it tells you what species of fish it was, it's location, and what tackle you used to catch it. It also shows a Rating in a percentage. This rating is related to how perfect the tackle combination you used to catch a certain fish is, 100% meaning the perfect tackle for that specific fish.

Finally, you will see a countdown timer next to the Ratings button. This shows the remaining time left in the competition. The Ratings button will open up an new interface in the central part of your screen, which will be explained further in a moment. Under this, you'll see a Depletion bar and Depletion level. Once the bar fills itself to 100% (which happens as players continue to catch fish from the habitat), you will notice the Depletion level increase. As this increases, you will start to catch fish from that location a bit more slowly, so you should then consider moving to another location.

When you click on the Ratings button located in the previously explained interface, the Discovered Ratings interface will open up in the center part of your game screen. You will be able to access this interface 5 minutes prior to the start of a competition, so you can see where each fish is located.

This interface is also available throughout the competition and, as you discover the perfect tackle to catch each type of fish, the table will fill itself in.

The weight listed here is related to the species of fish. They will be classified as Lightest, Light, Average, Average, Heavy, and Heaviest. The heaviest species of fish is the only one that will allow you to get a weight of 199, and will help to increase the total weight of the fish you catch, helping to increase your chances of getting onto the Top-5 podium at the end of the competition.

The interface to the right will replace your inventory interface while a competition is underway. This is what you will use to select your tackle combinations to catch fish.

In the top section is the Baits you can choose from. To the lower left, you will see your hook selections, and finally to the lower right, you'll see your weight selections. More information on these can be found below, including strategies on how to find the best combinations of tackle for yourself.

The Cast button will cast your line into the water so that you can catch fish. You can also perform this action by clicking on one of the barrels located at each location. The Clear line button will do just that - clear the bait, hook and weight from your line, allowing you to choose a different combination of tackle.

Gameplay & Strategy

The ideal way to play Fish Flingers strives to achieve both points and medals (more on those later). This is done by using trial and error to attain a 100% efficiency rating on all six species of fish as well as assisting others in catching big fish, and even some of your own.

Rating is scored based upon how close your tackle is to the "perfect" tackle for that fish. Perfect tackles are assigned randomly and will not be same between different competitions, but in a particular competition, every part of a tackle will be unique to that species (e.g. crickets cannot be the perfect bait for both pike and trout). A perfect component to a tackle will add 33% to rating, and a similar component (i.e. similar to the perfect one) will add 16%.

Sometimes you will find extra Fish Flingers entry tickets while taking part in a competition. These are pretty random but do come in handy if you're going for the rewards and/or the experience earned from taking part.

You may sometimes see a notice in your chatbox that someone has hooked a Big fish, and you will see bubbles appear in the water (similar to a normal fishing spot you would encounter on the mainland). Clicking on these bubbles will cause you to start assisting that player in catching their big fish. You'll be rewarded with an assist as well as the weight of the fish too!


There are four locations to catch fish on the island (labelled on the map), but there are six species. Obviously, this means that two of the locations will be inhabited by two species. You can click the Ratings button 5 minutes prior to the start of each game and at any time during the game to see where each species of fish is located. This interface will fill itself in further as you catch each species at a 100% rating.


There are only six possible hooks, making this the simplest component to determine. Since there are also six species with unique tackles, each hook is guaranteed to be used once in a competition. They compare as follows:

  • Standard is similar to Slim (and vice versa)
  • Large is similar to Double (and vice versa)
  • Bone is similar to Wood (and vice versa)

By switching through different "categories" of hooks, the perfect one can quickly be deduced. For example, Standard may be giving a 66% rating, but switching to Double results in 33%. Since there is a 33% difference, Standard is the perfect hook. Alternatively, you could start off using Standard at 66% again, but this time you switch to Wood which gives 50% rating. The difference is 16%, meaning Standard is the similar hook, and Slim must be the perfect hook.


There are eight possible baits - again, only one will be perfect for a certain species, but two will be similar. Similarity for baits is defined by either shape or colour - if crickets were the perfect bait, the similar ones would be locusts (they are also leaping insects) or maggots (they are also brown).

The easiest way to test baits is to compare ones that are completely different from one another, in order to avoid confusion. A general rule is to stick with either the left or right column only - a single column contains baits that have no similarities. For example, you could start from the left column: Worms results in a rating of 33% and Crayfish gives 50% - Crayfish is the "similar" bait; Grey Moth or Shrimp must be perfect. (The inverse, Crayfish being perfect and Worms being similar, cannot be true because they are completely different.)

There is one exception to the above heuristic, where the first two choices are both similar. This is indicated by a 16% rating drop when moving to the third choice, and there will only be one possibility for the perfect bait. Like the last example, you could start with Worms at 33%, and Crayfish would also give 33%. Cricket (the next bait down the column) would give 16%, meaning that both Worms and Crayfish are similar, and the perfect bait must be Shrimp.


Once you have the hook and bait correct, you'll need to choose a weight, which will affect how far you can cast, theoretically. There are 6 possible weight combinations you can choose and each one can only be used once. This selection is pretty straightfoward. The small weight has a value of 1, the medium has a value of 2, and the large has a value of 3. You can also produce a weight of 3 by combining the small and medium weights together. Combining the large and small weights will produce a weight of 4, combining the large and medium weights will produce a weight of 5, and finally all 3 weights added will produce a weight of 6.

Friends & Clans

The perfect tackles for each species of fish in a particular competition will be the same among all participants. Since there are no restrictions to communication (unlike Mobilising Armies for example), you will find it helpful for yourself and fellow participants to share any information you discover about the tackles (as well as the fisherman's hints before the competition).

It is still possible to find all of the tackles by yourself, but it is encouraged to invite friends with a similar interest in Fish Flingers and share information if you can. Several large, organised clans also exist and operate on specific worlds - they aim to provide accurate tackles quickly and can make it more likely that you achieve the highest number of medals and tokens per round, which is near-impossible to get by yourself.

World 89 is currently the official Fish Flingers themed world. You should find plenty of people here to aid you during the competition. The Friends chat "2FlingFish" operates on this world as well and they will provide all 100% combinations for every competition.

Best Methods

It is recommended that you use World 89 and join the Friends chat "2FlingFish" to help aid you with the methods mentioned below. World 89 is the official Fish Flingers themed world and the Fish Flingers clan runs one of the biggest and most organized groups of flingers you can find on this world. You will almost always find a lot of people taking part in this D&D on this world.

Before reading the best methods listed below, it will be helpful to know what the term quick-casting means. Quick-casting is where you immediately recast your line once you catch a fish. This can be done a number of ways. One method to do this is to watch the interface at the top of the screen to see when you catch fish. Once you catch one, click the Cast button again and repeat. Another is to click cast, count to 3 seconds, then click cast again and repeat. This will aid in increasing the number of fish you catch per game, and therefore the amount of Fish tokens you are awarded at the end of each game.

  • Best Method for Tokens:
    Once the game begins, it is suggested that you immediately head to the Docks and start fishing with any combination right away. You can remain here at the docks until this location reaches level 1 depletion. Once this happens, move to the lake. As a location's delpetion level increases to level 1, continue moving to the next location, which would be the River followed by the Beach last. You do not need to worry about your ratings as you are awarded 1 Fish token for every 4 fish that you catch, regardless of what rating you catch them at. It is also recommended to use the quick-casting method mentioned above to speed up the rate at which you catch fish. You can also assist others in catching Big fish as you are awarded 1 Fish token for every 2 assists, meaning you could earn a total of 3 additional tokens for all 6 Big fish assists per game.

  • Best Method for All 4 Medals:
    Once the game begins, it is suggested that you immediately head to the Docks and start fishing with any combination right away. As soon as all 100% combinations are called out for the docks catch at least one of each, and proceed to the Lake. Repeat the same process for the Lake, River and finally the Beach. This will earn you the Junior Angler and Master Angler medals. During the 10 minutes you are in the game, be sure to assist in helping others with at least 6 big fish to earn yourself the Team Player medal. The Whopper medal is the hardest to get, despite how easy it sounds. To earn this medal, you will have to hook and land 3 Big fish of your own with the help of others. In order to do this, the quick-casting method is NOT recommended, as it will unhook any big fish you catch. Once you hook a Big fish, you cannot hook another for at least a minute, and the more people that happen to be in your location, the less likely you are to hook one for yourself, so keep this in mind when using this method to maximize your medals.

  • Best Method for Tokens & Medals Combined:
    Once the game begins, it is suggested that you immediately head to the Docks and start fishing with any combination right away. This will aid in maximizing your Fish tokens rewarded at the end of the competition. Once the 100% combinations are called in the friends chat for the docks switch your tackle and catch each fish that appears at the dock at a 100% rating. Once this is done, head to the Lake and repeat the same process. Follow this same process for the River and the Beach locations and you should not have any trouble with the Junior Angler and Master Angler medals. The third and final medal you will want to earn with this method is the Team Player medal, which means you will need to assist in catching at least 6 Big fish hooked by other players around you. This is usually easiest to accomplish at the Docks (during the beginning stages of each round) and at the Beach (during the final stages of each round). It does not matter how long it takes you to earn all 6 assists, just so long as you complete them within the 10 minute duration of the game. Since you will not be catching any Big fish of your own using this method, it is recommended to use the quick-casting method mentioned above to speed up the rate at which you catch fish.

Ending the Competition

After the 10 minutes expire, you will be shown your score, the components that are summed to make that final score, the scores of the Top 5 participants, and other details. You will also earn a chunk of Fishing XP based on how you performed in the competition. You may also earn Medals and receive recognition for obtaining some of the Best results for the competition, which also contribute to your score.


You will be placed back into the waiting area, however the Top 5 will instead find themselves upon the winners' podium. Attempting to walk anywhere else will prompt you with an option to step off the podium (you cannot step back on).


You will, of course, receive Fishing XP for competing in a competition, but there are other rewards to be earned. At the end of competitions, you are awarded "Fish tokens" which are used to purchase the other rewards from the Fisherman's shop. The Fisherman's outfit and the Raw fish rewards cost only tokens, while the Tackle boxes require you to have a certain number of medals before purchase. Buying a tackle box will not consume medals, but will however consume Fish tokens. The maximum amount of tokens you can store at a time is 2,000. It is advised you spend them on raw fish rather than losing them if you wish to continue playing past 2,000 stored tokens.

Raw Fish

The raw fish you can purchase come in noted form and are related to the players Fishing level. They offer raw lobsters, raw swordfish, and raw sharks in exchange for fishing tokens rewarded.

Fisherman's Outfit

The Fishing Outfit is a 4-piece outfit that you can buy from the Fisherman that runs Fish Flingers competitions. Each piece can be purchased for 140 tokens, meaning the entire set will cost a total of 560 tokens. There are no requirements to wear this outfit. The outfit will boost the Fishing XP you gain when you wear it as shown below.

Image Name Tokens XP Boost
Fishing hat 140 1%
Fishing jacket 140 1%
Fishing waders 140 1%
Fishing boots 140 1%
Full Set Bonus 1%
Total Bonus 6%

Tackle Box

Tackle boxes come in 5 different levels as outlined below. You can store fishing equipment, bait and raw fish within these, as well as check your Fish Flingers statistics and to discover the time until the start of the next competition. You must own the previous tackle box before being able to claim the next one. To buy these, you will need to have the required number of medals and tokens, but you will only spend the tokens.

Image Name Tool Slots Bait Slots
(Bait per slot)
Glove Slots Raw Fish
Token Cost Medal
Beginner's tackle box 1 1 (150) 0 6 110 20
Basic tackle box 2 1 (250) 0 12 230 50
Standard tackle box 3 2 (400) 0 18 470 110
Professional tackle box 4 3 (650) 1 24 900 230
Champion's tackle box 5 3 (1000) 2 30 1860 500

Table Aid

The table below is here to help you keep track of the tackle combinations you encounter during a single game of Fish Flingers. The names of each fish can be clicked to strike through them (if you don't need to pay any more attention to them), and the checkboxes to the right can be used to signify that a species is important in some way. For example, you can use the checkboxes to mark the heaviest species of fish. It is important to note here that the combinations vary each competition, so after a competition ends, you can hit the button at the bottom of the table to reset it for the next competition.

If by chance you accidentally strike through a fish name, you can click on it again to toggle the strike through effect.

species location hook bait weight

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