Nomad's Requiem
The dark underbelly of Soul Wars is visible to anyone who looks hard enough: souls are collected and filtered through a giant obelisk; avatars of both nature and destruction are called into being and then slaughtered; a single man benefits from the exploits of dozens of adventurers. Zimberfizz is aware of this, and has also noted a change in Nomad. He's been spending more and more time in his tent, and Zimberfizz wants you to investigate just what Nomad is up to.


Skill Requirements:
7 75 Magic
6 70 Prayer
15 66 Mining
22 65 Hunter
23 60 Construction
Quest Requirements:
King's Ransom
Other Requirements:
Completed the Soul Wars tutorial and completed one game of Soul Wars.
Good armour and supplies for a fight against a Level 200 boss.
High combat stats (100+) are highly recommended.
Items Needed: Rune pickaxe, Fire wave runes (4 Fire, 4 Air)

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Start off by talking to Zimberfizz at Soul Wars. Inspect nomad's tent located nearby and then climb down to watch a cutscene of Nomad in action. Proceed to talk to Nomad who tells you not to return again.

Return to Zimberfizz and talk to him. He wants you to investigate Nomad's Temple and stop what he is up to. In Nomad's Temple there are a total of four Power Devices that power two Arcane Doorways that must be deactivated in order to reach Nomad.

Suggestions - This room requires a lot of running around with many aggressive Level 70 Spectral Attendants wandering around. It is advised to bring gear with a high prayer bonus such as Proselyte armour, super energy potions or a Spirit Terrorbird with scrolls, some Prayer Potions and some high healing food (sharks or above). It is recommended to pray Protect from Melee to avoid damage and just focus on deactivating the Power Device.

The Water Channel Room

Enter the Temple through Nomad's Tent again. Search the ex-adventurer's bag near the ladder to get a Bronze Pickaxe. Enter the doorway to the South West. You should be in a room with lots of flowers and water channels. The object here is to direct the water flow into the Power Device to destroy it.

First of all, climb the ladder in the South East of the room. On this second floor, pull the two levers then climb the ladder to the North East. On the third floor, push the pillars so that they cover the drains. The water should now be flowing to the south of the room. Climb back down to the second floor. The water should also be flowing to the south in this room. If not pull the levers until it does.

Now go back down to the ground floor with the Power Device. You need to direct the water into all three water channels at the back of the device. The water can be directed by moving the pillars over the drains. The pattern above each pillar indicates the direction it will flow. There are many combinations to get this to work. As long as you remain in the room, the Spectral Attendants will not respawn if you kill them. This is handy to do so you can take the time to work on the puzzle. Once you have the water flowing directly into the three channels at the back of the Power Device, the device will be out of order as indicated by the message in the chatbox.

Suggestions - Bank all of your inventory items here as you will need inventory space.

Go back up the ladder to the second floor in the Water Channel Room. There is a water channel to the East in this room blocked by some rubble. Mine it to remove the blockage and pull the southern lever once to chance the flow of water down that channel.

Climb back down the ladder and exit the Water Channel Room. Enter the other doorway to the South East.

The first Arcane Doorway

In this room is another Power Device and two non-aggressive Spectral Tenders. There should also be a waterfall coming from the roof. Collect as much Elemental Fuel you can from the Fuel Hoppers and place a piece in front of the Power Device. An elemental creature will emerge from the Power Device and moves to eat the Elemental Fuel. Lure the creature towards the waterfall by placing a trail of Elemental Fuel on the ground with the last piece being directly under the waterfall. Do this three times to kill the three Elemental Creatures and destroy the Power Device.

Suggestions - Good range gear such as Black D'Hide or Void Ranger Gear as well as food, a prayer potion and a range potion. Ruby bolts (e) are highly recommended to speed up the fight with the Decaying Avatar and Ava's Accumulator to save your bolts.

Now the first Arcane Doorway is down. Once you enter it, you are in a room with another Arcane Doorway that you must power down like the last one. In this room are aggressive Level 155 Spectral Worshippers but it is best to just run past them.

The Decaying Avatar

Run to the west of the room and enter the doorway there. Move straight down the corridor avoiding the aggressive Spectral Cultivators. You will see the Power Device in an area surrounded by protective roots. Continue down the corridor following the path of the vines on the floor. You will find a total of four roots sticking up from the floor by search the corridors. Destroy them all as you find them.

Once all four roots are destroyed, return to the area with the Power Device. A Level 525 Decaying Avatar is now there. He only uses meele to attack to stand in the corridors and safe spot him using your ruby bolts (e). He has 10,000 life points so the bolts special can do alot of damage in this case. During this long fight, roots appear from the ground when he is at 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 health to heal him back to full health. Destroy the roots before the Decaying Avatar reaches them to prevent him from healing. The roots first appear in the north-west, then in the south-east and finally in the north-east. If you fail to destroy any of the roots you will have to deal a huge 25,000 life points of damage so its worth trying to destroy them.

Suggestions - Runes for Fire Wave Spell (4 fire and 4 air runes) as well as high prayer bonus gear (Proselyte armour) with some prayer potions and decent food.

Return to the room of the second Arcane Doorway and go to the doorway to the east. Speak to the dying knight at the doorway. Before you enter the room, turn on Piety prayer to avoid stat drain and damage.

In this room are several aggressive Corruption Beasts. Avoid them with Protect from Melee or kill them to restore some prayer points. Move around the room and collect the Five Stone Slabs scattered around. Once you have the slabs, place them down across the central pool to build a bridge to the other side. Cross the bridge and cast a Fire Wave Spell on the explosive barrels around the Power Device to destroy it. Now exit the room and prepare for the fight against Nomad.

Once the Decaying Avatar falls, the Power Device will also be destroyed.


The battle against Nomad (Level 200) takes place beyond the second Arcane Doorway. If you die during this battle you respawn at Soul Wars near your grave.

He attacks in a set pattern of special attacks with a normal magic based attack in between. Protection prayers do not avoid damage so it is best to boost yourself with prayers such as Eagle Eye and Steel Skin. His normal magical attack can deal a max of 350 life points of damage so try to keep your health above this.

  • His first special move used once the fight begins is to lay down Flame Vortices around the player that deal 400 damage if stepped on and lower the players run energy to 0. To avoid this just stand where you are and they will disappear after a while.
  • Then next special he uses is a Soul Blast that deals 750 life points of damage. To avoid this attack, stand behind a pillar while he charges it up.
  • Nomad's third special is where he spawns three illusions of himself that constantly deal 50 damage. By attacking the real Nomad causes the illusions to disappear. This attack can be completely avoided by standing behind a pillar for roughly 30 seconds until the illusions disappear.
  • His final Special Attack is Disintegrate. Nomad teleports the player to the centre of the area and freezes them with an Ice Barrage that deals no damage. He then prepares his attack for a few seconds that deals the players Maximum Life Points minus one. So on a player with 99 Constitution, Disintegrate deals 989 damage. Players are advised to drink Saradomin brews to boost above their maximum life points.
  • Between each of these special attacks, Nomad uses his normal attack. After Disintegrate, the cycle of special attacks begins again. When you lower Nomad to 1/4 health, he will heal himself to 1/2 health. This only happens once in the fight. When you get Nomad to 1/4 health for the second time, he goes Berserk and begins hitting the player with a melee attack at the speed of throwing knives. This attack, however, is quite inaccurate and Protect from Melee prayer does help here to reduce damage.

During the fight, if you stand behind the pillars for too long, Nomad will shout "Face Me!" You should immediately engage Nomad in battle at this point so that he can hit you otherwise he will reset the fight back to the start.


  • When the fight begins move to a pillar and range Nomad with ruby bolts (e).
  • Have your prayers Eagle Eye and Steel Skin Activated.
  • Sip your Brews and Restores in a 3:1 ratio, and only sip the Super Restore when your prayer gets low.
  • When Nomad charges up for Soul Blast, hide behind the pillar.
  • After the special hits the pillar, resume combat with Nomad.
  • When Nomad creates the illusions of himself, avoid the attack by standing behind the pillar.
  • Use this time to drop any empty vials and take more brews from your familiar.
  • After the illusions disappear, use your special attacking weapon.

When Nomad freezes you for Disintegrate, brew above you max health and then switch to diamond (e)'s. After he hits you with Disintegrate, brew your health back up, take two sips of a restore and return to the pillar. Switch back to ruby (e)'s and continue the cycle.

When Nomad goes Berserk, run out from the pillar because if he can't hit you with his melee attack, he will reset the fight. Turn on Protect from Melee and use your Diamond (e) bolts. Keep your health high and he will soon drop.

After Nomad has fallen, you will appear outside his tent. Talk to Zimberfizz and enjoy the final cutscene.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
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