Smoking Kills
Pollnivneach has a new inhabitant whose name is not Ali (or any variant of Ali, curiously enough). Who could this mysterious stranger be, and how did her sister end up trapped in a dungeon filled with Slayer monsters?
Do you dare to venture into the depths beneath Pollnivneach, where unknown dangers await amid smoke and screaming? The perils will be great, but, when rescuing a damsel in distress, the act should be reward enough...


Skill Requirements:
13 25 Crafting
19 35 Slayer
Quest Requirements:
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Other Requirements:
130+ Combat Level
Items Needed: Catspeak amulet, Cat or Kitten, Earmuffs, Face mask, Pickaxe, Ghostspeak amulet

Items Recommended: Melee, Range and Mage equipment
Reward: Click to reveal


Speak to Sumona in Pollnivneach. She is located in the house marked with a quest icon. She tells you her sister had been cought by a monster and trapped in the well, under the city. Agree to help her. When you climb down the well, a cat named "Ali Cat" will stop you. Talk to him using the Catspeak amulet to find out you will need to equip earmuffs and a face mask at the same time, in order to be safe in the dungeon. It tells you to find Catolax, a dead slayer master, who will teach you how to wear both of the items together. Catolax is burried at the ruins of Ullek, east of the Agility Pyramid.

Combining Earmuff's and a face mask

Now use a carpet ride to go to Nardah. From there, travel to the swamp south east of Agility Pyramid. Once you enter the swamp, head to the north-western part of it and climb over to pillar. Walk north until you get to the Archaeologists. There is a water source here, so you can fill your waterskins, unless you're using an Enchanted Water tiara. Walk north, and enter the first dungeon to the west (Search the door). Beware of level 115 Skeletons. Once in the dungeon, take a pickaxe west of the enterance if you haven;t taken one with you, and search the "Holey Wall". Drop your kitten for it to work. Once it's done, a door will be opened. Enter the room, and kill the skeletons. The east room has mage skeletons, and the west room has ranger skeletons. After you're done killing the skeletons, use your pickaxe on the broken door. Once you enter this room, you will see 2 zombies and 2 skeletons. Kill them all. Finally, a few moments after you kill them a Mummy Warrior will climb out of the Sarcophagus. Kill him to obtain a Ragned Path key, which unlocks the next room. Once you're in the next room, pull the lever. Go back to the beginning of the maze, and do the same for the second path. Pull the lever at the end of it too. Now choose the middle path, and just walk across the traps as you disabled them by pulling the lever. Talk to Catolax. You will now know how to combine the earmuffs and the face mask.

Mighty Banshee

Go down the well in Pollnivneach and kill a Mighty Banshee (North path). Collect a Banshee Voice it will drop, and use it to open the red Barrier. Once inside, a short cutscene will be seen. Then, the Banshee Mistress attacks you. Fight the Banshee, and around at half HP she will call her minions to help her, which can hit up to 200 with range attacks. It is recommended to use protect from range. The Banshee is rather easy, so do not worry about lots of supplies. When you're done, finish the quest by talking to Sumona.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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