Temple at Senntisten, The
Ali the Wise has been talking to one of his 'old friends' - a certain Dr Nabanik - about your various dealings with the mysterious Mahjarrat. As a result, Dr Nabanik thinks you would be the perfect candidate to aid him in his restoration of the temple beneath the Digsite, but to what end? And who really is the mysterious Dr. Nabanik?


Skill Requirements:
6 50 Prayer
Quest Requirements:
Devious Minds
Curse of Arrav, The
Desert Treasure
Other Requirements:
125 Kudos, ability to kill the 6 Barrows Brothers (Levels 98-115), a Level 177 Ice Demon.
Items Needed: Rope, Air rune, Law rune, Spade, Hammer

Items Recommended: Antifire (4), Anti-dragon shield
Reward: Click to reveal

Starting Your Journey

Start by talking to Ali the Wise in the small north-western building in Nardah. He will tell you about somebody named Dr. Nabanik who has asked of your help. Dr. Nabanik can be found in the courtyard of the Exam center of the Dig Site, south-east of Varrock. Ali will give you a Digsite amulet (5) to help you easily reach Dr. Nabanik.

Once at the Digsite Exam Centre, speak to Dr. Nabanik. He will reveal to you that he is Azzanadra (a Majharrat during Desert Treasure quest). He will tell you that he needs permission from the lead archaeologist to start reconstructing the altar beneath the digsite. You will need to obtain a certificate of authorisation from the lead archaeologist.

Note: Dr. Nabanik will tell you about some qualifications that you will need to note down or remember as you will be asked about these later in the quest

Obtaining Authorisation

Speak to the Archaeologist Expert located inside the Exam Center. He will quiz you on the qualifications that Dr. Nabanik had just told you. If you correctly answer the questions, the Archaeologist Expert will trust Dr. Nabanik and give you a reconstruction certificate. Take this back to Dr. Nabanik and he will take it and tell you to meet him at the alter under the Dig Site.

The altar is located in the Digsite Dungeon and is accessed by using a rope on the north-western winch in the digsite. Dr. Nabanik should have given you a rope during the last conversation. Once in the Dungeon, head to the room directly south of you to find the altar. Speak with Dr. Nabanik who has now been named Azzanadra. He will ask you to obtain two items for him. He needs the Barrows icon which is obtained from killing all six Barrows Brothers and then looting from their chest. He also needs the Frostenhorn and he will give you a ruined backpack containing a letter and a heat orb to help find the Frostenhorn from the Ghorrock Fortress.

An option "I need the runes!" will be provided during the conversation and if chosen, a crate with 40 law runes and 300 air runes will be provided in the Ghorrock dungeon. If you do not choose this, you will need to bring your own telegrab runes.

Barrows Icon

Head to the Barrows, located in the south-east area of Morytania. You will need to kill all 5 normal barrows brothers. Next, enter the underground tunnel of the brother that was not in it's tomb and make your way to the middle of the tunnel system. You can either kill the final barrows brother, although it is not needed for getting the icon. Search the chest in one of the rooms and take the Barrows icon back to Azzanadra near the Dig Site altar.

If you need help with surviving in the Barrows, please check out our Barrows Guide for assistance.


Head to the Frozen Waste Plateau at the far north-west end of the wilderness.

Note: Iron and Steel Dragons are found outside the fortress so an anti-dragon shield or antifire potions are needed. Once inside the courtyard, the player will be attacked by Icefiends with melee and range attacks, waterfiends with magic and magic-based range attacks. Food and armour is recommended.

Once there, head to the south of the castle. Run through the arched entrance and climb up the stairs located in the west. Next, run east to the south-east corner of the castle and climb down the nearby stairs.

From here on, the Dragons will not attack you. Look for the damaged wall and scale up it. Head to the north-west corner, past the pedestal, and climb down the smashed wall. There will be a trapdoor. Enter this and head into the first level of the dungeon.

Ghorrock Fortress Dungeon

The first level of the dungeon is a puzzle area. There is some ice blocking the path to the south-west corner which leads to the upper dungeon level. You will need to melt this ice using some heat globes that you will find on the pedestals inside the fortress.

Go into the room in the east and pick up a heat globe. Place this heat globe in the middle room on the pedestal west of the stairs. Doing so will melt one of the ice blocks. This ice block will turn into a waterfiend. Leave it as it is a waste of time killing it. Pass through the now opened gap where the ice was. Telegrab the heat orb you just placed before. Use this globe on the pedestal in the room you are now in. This will melt the ice covering the trapdoor and spawn another waterfiend. Head down the trapdoor.

Once down, pick up the heat globe found on the floor in the room to the south. In this room, there is a crate that can be looted for a hammer, 40 law runes and 300 air runes. Use the heat globe on the Pedestal in the room you just arrived in, to the north. This will melt various pieces of ice and spawn 2 waterfiends. Next, head to the east until you find another pedestal. Remove the imperfect heat globe from it. Leave the dungeon the way you arrived.

Once outside in the courtyard, scale the wall and head to the north-east corner of the fortress. You will find a destroyed pedestal. Use the imperfect heat globe on the Smashed globe holder on the ground. Once you have added the globe, select the 'push' option. A cut-scene will play showing you pushing the orb down into the hole in the center of the courtyard. Return back to the lower level where you found the imperfect orb. You can do this by clicking on the trapdoor and selecting the "Yes, carry on from where I was" option.

Back in the lower dungeon, head to where you found the imperfect heat globe. To the south will be another heat globe. Head to the south-east corner of the floor and use the globe on the pipe that leads into a small tunnel. You will place it into the pipe where it will get stuck. Use the hammer on it and it will be sent down the pipe to the pedestal in another room. This melts another piece of ice and spawns another icefiend. Head west back to the globe room and follow the path to the east until you find the melted block. Climb the ladder in the nearby room. Be ready for a fight!

Head up the ladder and run to the west to find the Ice demon. You will need to kill it to get the Frostenhorn.

The Ice Demon

Use protect from Magic while facing the Ice Demon as its magical attacks can hit high. It will attack you with both ranged and magic. Armour with high ranged defence bonuses is recommended as you will hardly take any damage if using protect from magic. The Ice Demon has a high defence so the fight will last a while.

Once you have killed the Ice Demon, it will drop the Frostenhorn.

Finishing the Quest

Return to Azzanadra who is located in the Digsite dungeon. He will have restored the altar.

He will ask you to get an item from someone just outside by the winch. Go up to find an Assassin. Talk to him and he will give you a Relic.

Return downstairs and speak with Azzanadra again. A cutscene will play where Azzanadra opens a portal to communicate with Zaros. After the cutscene, speak with Azzanadra to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
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