King of the Dwarves
There has been a growing trend in Keldagrim of anti-Consortium feeling, most vocally from Veldaban, the one-time leader of the Black Guard. Others have taken this to the extreme, calling for a return to the old days - the Age of Kings. Even if there were a surviving heir of the royal bloodline, would the Consortium give up power, how would Hreidmar and the Red Axe view that, and what could a king do about the growing chaos dwarf problem?


Skill Requirements:
15 68 Mining
14 70 Smithing
3 77 Strength
Quest Requirements:
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
Between a Rock...
Fishing Contest
Jungle Potion
My Arm's Big Adventure
Feud, The
Other Requirements:
Done some work in Tao Bwo Wannai Cleanup.
Items Needed: Any Pick, 6x Soft clay, 6x Mithril bar

Items Recommended: 10x Monkfish, Prayer potion (4), Teleport to house, Amulet of glory (4)
Reward: Click to reveal


1. Talk to Lava-flow miner Sven who is east of the Blast Furnace building in Keldagrim to begin the quest.

2. You'll see a cutscene of the glorious Lava-flow mine, until disaster strikes shortly after. You are told to free the miners trapped underneath the rubble.

3. Now you'll have to solve a relatively simple puzzle. You must use your pickaxe to mine the rocks and rescue the miners. Note that only one dwarf can be carried at a time so talk to Foreman Jaak to look after them. In some places it will be too dense to mine, so try to mine around it to find an alternate route.

4. After recovering all miners, head out of the area to find Veldaban with a group of protestors. Veldaban tells you that there was a Chaos Dwarf attack. He discusses the possibility of a revolt with you and how the Consortium is really getting out of hand, shortly after he gets arrested. Head to the top floor of the Consortium to speak with him.

5. You will see 4 of the directors here, you must support them and calm down Veldaban to let Veldaban go. Talk to each of the directors and take the most empathetic option. Once this is done, calm Veldaban down and talk to the Consortium General Secretary. The directors will agree to release him, and Veldaban accepts it. However, a Black guard will enter and report that not only is there a Chaos dwarf army spotted in the Barendir caverns, a crowd has been formed outside the palace's east door around someone called Hreidmar, apparently making a speech about a king. You must now control the crowd.

6. Talk to Hreidmar and you will soon learn that he thinks the Consortium government are both useless and corrupt. He suggests that it is about time to bring back a King of Keldagrim. Go to the inn nearby and talk to Veldaban, tell him to follow you. Talk to any protester and choose the option about Meike. You will learn that she normally stays at the King's Axe inn at the west of Keldagrim. Head there.

7. Once there, you should see a dwarf called Luitger. He will tell you that Meike should have been at the protest. Luitger depressedly asks you to leave him alone. Leave the inn and return to the site of the protest. Keep talking to him till he won't talk to you anymore. Now talk to Veldaban and he will tell you that you should go to the Black Guard HQ.

8. Head towards the Northwest of town, where the Black Guard HQ is. It seems a dwarf by the name of Klaas has been arrested, Lieutenant Brae informs you that they didn't arrest Meike. You soon find out that Klaas had been violently throwing stones at the palace. Veldaban frightens him and Klaas admits that she went to the tower south of the city.

9. Go south to the tower (where you killed the chaos dwarf in the previous quest), go up and say that you could get into the record chambers, and Meike will tell you that the keys to the chamber are kept in West Keldagrim's library. She states that the librarian there will let her borrow the keys, which will grant them an oppurtunity to forge mithril keys out of a mould pressed into them.

10. If not already, visit the bank and withdraw 6 Mithril bars and 6 pieces of soft clay. Go to the library (which is northeast of the summoning obelisk in West Keldagrim). Meike will tell you to talk to librarian, do so and you will receive a key. Open the cabinet using the key. Try to use soft clay on the keys and the librarian will yell at you. Meike tells you to give her the clay and distract the librarian. After doing so, Meike will give you the key moulds.

11. You'll now need a furnace, the nearest one is Edgeville (if you've done the Varrock tasks). Once at a furnace use the bars on it, choose to make duplicates of the keys. You may destroy the moulds if you wish.

12. Go to the Records Chamber which is west of the Black Guard HQ. Talk to Meike and she will tell you to put the keys into the wall. However the order has been muddled up. Put the keys in this order from South to North. 5 1 4 6 3 2 Once done, the door opens and you are praised by Veldaban. Meike thanks you as they both enter. It turns out that Hreidmar is to become King next, which is bad news. You leave Meike to find a loophole to disqualify him. She tells you and Veldaban to leave because she wants to alter the records.

At this point you should prepare for a boss fight against a level 120. He shouldn't be too hard in RS3 but take prayer potions and food, nonetheless.

13. Go to the nearby bank and prepare for a fight.

14. When you are prepared for the fight, talk to Veldaban and ask him to lead you to the Barendir caves if you are not already there. You should have appeared right next to the cave entrance. Enter the cave and travel north-east- all the way to the opposite end and speak to Colonel Grimsson. After a short conversation, Veldaban will provoke Grimsson, who will attack Veldaban. Veldaban will be able to do quite a bit of damage to Colonel Grimsson, but he has relatively low defence, so you must ensure that he does not die. When the Colonel is low on health, he will start attacking you using Ranged and melee attacks. His attacks do not have very good accuracy, but when they do occasionally hit, they will usually deal around 150-200 damage. The Colonel seems to be weak to stab attacks and can be poisoned, so players may wish to make use of that. Should Veldaban die during the fight, you will appear outside of the cave and will need to start the fight over.

15. Talk to Veldaban and suggest allying with trolls, then say that you will talk to them for help, with or without him. He'll return to the Laughing Miner inn (the pub in East Keldagrim). Head south through the tunnel to see a cave in the wall along the eastern side of the tunnel. Go inside and talk to the troll named Pretty Flower. He will think you are not worthy of talking to him because you are too weak. Ask how you can prove yourself to be worthy enough, and he will tell you to lift the big rock by the door. Lift it successfully, then he will interrupt and say he's actually trying to tell you to lift the troll named "Big Rock". Find him then lift him up (by choosing the 'Lift' option). Talk to Pretty Flower again.

16. Ask for the troll's help to defend Keldagrim and choose all of the chat options. He doesn't seem to want to help, so talk to My Arm by the door and ask him for a Pretty flower. Use it on the troll warlord Pretty flower, then say it's a gift from Colonel Grimsson. He appears to be angered by the insulting "gift" and agrees to fight the Chaos dwarves.

17. Head back to Veldaban and Meike, both of whom should be among the protesting crowd by the pub in East Keldagrim. Talk to one of them, then a cutscene will play where the Consortium pronounce that they will step down and become an advisory body to a new king who will rule Keldagrim. As planned by Meike, Veldaban is declared king, and Hreidmar, who is angry that his plan was thrashed, will vanish among the crowd.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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