Nature Spirit
After saving the holy man Drezel, he's seeking some assistance again.

This time he has a special request for any adventurous sorts to search for the Druid 'Filliman Tarlock' and brave the terrors that infest the swamp of Mort Myre.


Skill Requirements:
13 18 Crafting
Quest Requirements:
Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat 3 level 30 Ghasts

Items Needed: Amulet of ghostspeak, Silver sickle

Items Recommended: Food, Weapon, Prayer potion (3)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


After completing the Priest in Peril Quest, talk to Drezel in the underground area leading to Canifis, and ask if there is anything else you can do. He will ask you to find Filliman Tarlock.

When you get to the southern position on the map, attempt to enter the grotto and he will appear. Talk to him and, he will refuse to believe he is a ghost. Pick up the bowl on the table to the east of him, and a mirror will appear. Pick up the mirror too. Use the mirror with Filliman.

Helping Filliman!

Search the grotto to find his journal, and use it with him. He says he will need...

  • Something from Nature
  • Something with Faith
  • Something freely given

Then he gives you a Druidic Spell, which you need to take to Drezel, to have him bless it. On the way back to Filliman, grab some Fungus by casting the spell near a log. Now talk to Filliman, and tell him you know what the Puzzle is. To get ready, do this...

  • Put the used Druid Spell on the Spirit stone - East
  • Put the Fungi on the Nature stone - West
  • You stand on the Faith stone - South

He will do some fancy stuff then invite you inside his grotto. So enter it. He turns into a green spirit, then says he'll help you kill ghasts, and asks you to bring a silver sickle to him. He will bless it, and tell you to shred some ghasts. So head outside.

Shreddin' Ghosts!

Once you're outside, go near some logs and, on your equip screen, operate the sickle. Some fungus will grow.

Get three, then use the druid pouch. Then, you can attack ghasts, so kill three. Go back inside, talk to him

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Mop
Corrections submitted by: Doctor Shemp, Ashwin, Dark, Dx1438, Power of Five