Fairy Tale III - Battle at Orks Rift
The Fairy Queen is back to full health and her resistance movement is gathering momentum, but the Godfather (and his ever-growing ork army) aren't going to give up the throne without a fight. Defeating all those orks is going to be like pulling teeth.


Skill Requirements:
7 59 Magic
20 54 Farming
18 51 Thieving
24 37 Summoning
13 36 Crafting
Quest Requirements:
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen
Wolf Whistle
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Bucket of milk, Dramen or Lunar staff, Secateurs, Hammer, Rune pickaxe

Items Recommended: 3x Prayer potion (4), Food, Weapon, Armour
Reward: Click to reveal

1. To start the quest, grab your Dramen or Lunar staff and go to one of the fairy rings located throughout RuneScape. You can also go through the Lumbridge Swamp shed. You should appear in a small area and Fairy Very Wise will be located there. If you do not appear here, use the Fairy Ring Code B-I-R to get there.

Speak with Fairy Very Wise and she will explain that you are in the Sparce Plane where emergency meetings are held. She will cast an enchantment on you so that you will no longer need to use Nuff's certificate to reach the Fairy Resistance Hideout. You will be informed that the Fairy Queen wants to speak with you and will teleport you to the resistance HQ.

Once at the HQ, speak with the Fairy Queen to start the quest.

2. She will ask you to speak with the Tooth Fairy. After speaking with the Tooth fairy, she will ask you to turn on the nearby projector. You will watch a short briefing about the Fairy Tooth Magic. After the short briefing, speak with the tooth fairy and she will show you another briefing about the Fairy Godfather's plans.

After watching both briefings, the Tooth Fairy will ask you to locate her wand. First however, you will need a tooth extractor. This is located in the north-west of the HQ in the house with hammers and secateurs. Use the hammer on some secateurs to create a tooth extractor. It is also a good idea to take a bucket from here for later use. After doing this, leave the Fairy HQ and return to Zanaris

3. Next, head to the Tooth Fairy's house located north west of the bank. Once here, use the tooth extractor on the door to pick the lock to unlock it.

Upon entering, speak with Gnarly and compliment him on his teeth. He will then ask for some milk. You will need to say the following things:

  • You're a wonderful guard tooth with lovely cusps.
  • Your enamel shimmers like a river of silver in the moonlight.
  • I've never seen such amazing, inspired and dream-like toothiness.

Next, take a bucket to the Dairy cow in the wheat field and get some milk from it. Head back to Gnarly and give him the milk and he will ask you to take him to the tooth fairy. Use the Fairy Ring to get back to the Resistance HQ with the code A-J-S by clicking the entry in your quick list. Once back at the Tooth Fairy, you will have to watch another briefing in which you will learn that the Fairy Tooth Hunter made a tooth from each of the Fairy Queen general's to rot.

4. After watching the briefing, step onto the yellow flowers and use the 'Wave' emote. You will now have a tooth replaced with a Magic tooth so that you can access more Fairy Rings. You will also be given a Fairy Dossier which contains important information about the Generals and the Fairy Godfather. After doing so, leave back to Zanaris through the Fairy Rings.

5. Next you want to speak with the ork named Bre'egth who is located near the windmill near the bank. She will tell you that another ork named K'Chunk has stolen her tooth. Speak with any of the Orks around to learn that you will need to speak with Fairy Fixit to locate K'Chuck. Fairy Fixit is located near the Fairy Ring in Zanaris.

After finding Fairy Fixit, he will tell you to search a remote is;and where K'Chuck was sent to. He will give you the coordinates D-I-P. After reaching the coordinates, speak with K'Chuck near the Magic Wheat. She will tell you that the tooth is hidden on his body. Pickpocket her to steal Bre'egth's tooth.

6. Now you will need to find Gromblod who is located at the Enchanted Valley by using the B-K-Q fairy ring code. Once there, speak with Gromblod who will not tell you anything of importance. Speak to the Wood Dryad located just nearby and it will tell you that they want Gromblod to be removed.

Speak with Gromblod again to learn that he is looking for a mango. Speak again with the Wood Dryad who will tell you that you can find the Mango Tree at Ape Atoll by using the Fairy Ring Code C-L-R. It will also give you an enchantment that will allow you to pick the mango.

After using the Fairy Ring, pick the mango tree located right next to the fairy ring. After obtaining a mango, use the fairy ring code B-K-Q to head back to the Enchanted Valley. Speak with Gromblod and give him the mango. He will try to eat the mango but his tooth will get stuck in it. He will throw the mango away and you need to pick this up with the tool you obtained earlier. You will retrieve Gromblod's tooth.

7. Finally, you will need to speak with Shredflesh who is located in a cave to the west of Gu'Tanoth. You can quickly get there by using the fairy ring code A-L-P. Speak with Shredflesh and ask him if you could help him.

  • Select the first three options to ask him 3 questions
  • Tell him you are a dentist and a mood bar should pop up.

You will now need to select the correct chat options to help ease him so that you can pull his tooth out.

  • What's a bit of pain for a huge ork hero like you?
  • If this tooth isn't pulled, all your teeth will hurt much worse!
  • Let me pull it! What are you, an ork or a goblin?

He will now be relaxed so you can use the tool extractor on him to remove his teeth.

8. After obtaining all three teeth, head back to the Fairy Resistance HQ and speak with the Tooth Fairy. She will now explain the rest of the plan for you through another briefing. She will tell you to go to the Orks Rift by using the Fairy rings by using the codes B-I-R; D-I-P; C-L-R; A-L-P. She will also hand you her fairy wand to heal the statues that are located there.

Head to the Orks Rift and then look into the Fairy Tree to view a cutscene. After this, speak to the Tooth Fairy who will explain that only the ork ivory statues have the ability to disable the godfather's shield. She will also tell you that you have to defeat the generals and about eight orks first.

Gear up for the battle ahead. You will be facing the three Generals (Shredflesh, Bre'egth and Gromblod all level 122), some level 114 orks and the Fairy Godfather with 138 Combat.

NOTES: If you die, your items will be at the main fairy ring in Zanaris. If you lose any of the generals' teeth, you can get them from the tooth fairy in the Orks Rift, along with the wand if it is lost. If you leave the area during the fight, you will have to start over from the beginning.

9. When you are ready for the fight, head through the Fairy tree. Below are the items recommended for the battle.

  • The Three Generals' teeth.
  • Fairy Wand
  • Good food for the fight.
  • Good Armour and a weapon.
  • A few Prayer Potions. 2-4 should be enough
  • A BoB familiar to hold more food and/or potions.

Upon entering, turn on Protect from Magic prayer. Plant each of the three teeth in the patches to the south and then stand there. The three generals will attack you, two using Melee and one with Ranged.

The Godfather uses Magic that can either entangle you or hurt the ivory statues. He will also heal the normal orks by 110 life points and the generals 200 life points once every minute or so. Attack the generals first and kill them all. Watch out for the patches where you planted the teeth as they can become diseased and will need healing with the fairy wand.

The whole time, the Ivory statues will be breaking the shield that the Godfather is using. After his shield is down, you can directly attack him.

10. After killing the Generals and the Godfather, he will be sucked into the Rift.

You will get a briefing from the Fairys. Congratulations! Quest Complete.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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