What Lies Below
A travelling trader has been stranded south of Varrock after his cart was attacked by local outlaws. He needs the help of a hero to recover his lost documents, but that's not all...

The Varrock Palace Secret Guard (VPSG) are on the trail of treacherous dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. Will you be able to help the VPSG and uncover what lies below?


Skill Requirements:
15 42 Mining
21 35 Runecrafting
Quest Requirements:
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 47 and five level 32 enemies.
Items Needed: 1򎛐, 15x Chaos rune, Chaos tiara, Bronze pickaxe, Varrock teleport

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

Getting Started

To start the quest, head to Rat Burgiss who is located on the road between Varrock and Lumbridge. He will tell you about how a bunch of outlaws ransacked his trading cart and stole some important papers off him. He will tell you kill the outlaws and get his papers back. He will also give you an empty folder.

Head to the outlaws camp which is located between Edgeville and the Grand Exchange. Kill five of the outlaws to get the five papers Rat needs. Use these papers on the folder and then take the folder back to Rat.


Rat will take the folder and ask you to deliver a letter to the Surok Magic in the Varrock Library. Head there and speak with Surok. He will destroy the letter and tell you how he has learned to transform clay into gold bars. He will need a few items before he tells you how to do this. You will need a bowl and an infused wand. He will give you a wand.

In the north east corner of the library, search a bookcase to find a book called "Dagon'hai history'". Take this as you need it.

The Chaos Altar

Head to the Chaos altar. You will need a chaos talisman or tiara to get into the alter. You will also need to bring the 15 chaos runes with you. The easiest way to get to the chaos alter is to head through the Chaos Alter entrance located in level 9 wilderness, just north of Edgeville.

You will need to pass through a maze to get to the alter. This can take a while but is easy. Once at the alter, use your wand on the alter to infuse your wand. Take this back to the Varrock Library and Surok will give you a letter to deliver back to Rat.

The Beacon Ring

Head back to Rat and give him the letter. Rat will then tell you that he is actually a commander of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard. He will tell you how Surok plans to take over the kingdom by using a mind-control spell on King Roald. He will tell you to speak with Zaff to try and find a spell to counter the effects of the Surrok spell.

Return to Varrock and speak with Zaff. Zaff explains to you his plan and gives you a Beacon Ring.

Foiling Surok's Plan

Head to the Surok Magis and talk to him. A short cutscene will play where Surok casts the spell on King Roald. You will now need to fight the level 47 King Roald until you get a message in your chatbox saying "Now would be a good time to summon Zaff!".

Summon Zaff and he will arrive in a cutscene, saving King Roald and blocking Surok from teleporting.

Head back to Rat Burgiss and speak with him to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
Corrections submitted by: Majinvegito3