Ancient Effigies


Ancient effigies are random monster drops in members-only servers. They can be restored, providing that you have the appropriate level in a certain skill, giving you a hearty amount of experience and eventually a dragonkin lamp. The higher the level the monster is, the more likely it is that an effigy will be dropped. You can investigate the effigy to find out what two skills correspond with it. As of the 5th of February 2012, you can now only have up to 5 Effigies at once, and if you want to gather any more, you will have to use up some of your current ones.

Effigy Types

An ancient effigy can be grown to take four different forms. In order to grow it into the next stage, you will need to advance it using one of the two skills that it requires. To begin with, a monster will drop a starved effigy. It will require for you to open it with one of two level 91 skills, one of which can be assisted. You can use a temporary skill boost to reach level 91 in one of the skills, or you can use the assist system and have someone open it for you. After the gorged effigy is fed, it will crumble into dust and you will receive a dragonkin lamp.

  • Starved ancient effigy
    Level 91 in one of the two skills it requires

  • Nourished ancient effigy
    Level 93 in one of the two skills it requires

  • Sated ancient effigy
    Level 95 in one of the two skills it requires

  • Gorged ancient effigy
    Level 97 in one of the two skills it requires


An effigy will need to be provided with knowledge in one of two different skills. You can pick whichever one you want, but the one that you choose will be the skill that you receive experience in. It will only ever be a non-combat skill (with the exception of summoning). After the effigy is fulfilled with one skill, it will unlock the next stage of the effigy. A new pair of skills will be chosen at random, but the level requirement will increase. The skills that are paired together will always be the same no matter what effigy, however; so crafting and agility will always be paired together.

Skill can be assisted Skill cannot be assisted


















  • Starved ancient effigy: 15k experience in the skill you fed it in.
  • Nourished ancient effigy: 20k experience in the skill you fed it in.
  • Sated ancient effigy: 25k experience in the skill you fed it in.
  • Gorged ancient effigy: 30k experience in the skill you fed it in, as well as a dragonkin lamp which will give you further experience in a skill of your choice.

The dragonkin lamp provides you with experience based upon the level of the skill you spend it on. You can use the calculator below to work out how much experience you will get for the level you are:


There are several Friends chats in RuneScape that support people giving and receiving effigy assistance, including Fast Effigy and Effigieschat.

The unofficial place to give and receive effigy assistance in RuneScape is World 117 Daemonheim, or World 84 Living Rock Caverns bank.

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