Slug Menace, The
Something dark is stirring in the village of Witchaven. This once prosperous fishing village has an ancient secret sleeping beneath it, one that could spell a dark fate for the inhabitants of RuneScape. Why are the villagers behaving so oddly? What has happened to Mayor Hobb to make him look so strange? Why has Col. O'Niall retired from the Temple Knights to such a forlorn place? Will Ezekial Lovecraft ever find a friend?

All these questions and more must be answered before the lurking menace escapes to doom all of the world!


Skill Requirements:
13 30 Crafting
18 30 Thieving
19 30 Slayer
21 30 Runecrafting
Quest Requirements:
Sea Slug
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Chisel, Swamp paste, 30x Pure essence, CommOrb

Items Recommended: Earth talisman, Water talisman, Mind talisman, Air talisman, Fire talisman, Extra pure essence, Ardougne & Falador teleports
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

Getting Started

To begin this quest, talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien who can be found sitting on the bench in Falador Park.

He will brief you on your next mission in Ardougne, you are to report to Colonel Jack O'Neil. Sir Tiffy will update your Commorb then give you the Temple Knight's phrase to inform the Colonel you're their for the mission.

Meanwhile In Witchaven

Make your way to Witchaven, head to the North-East corner of the village and you will find Col.O'Neill on the dock sitting by himself. Go through all the possible conversations with him and he will recommend you speak to the three people; Mayor Hobbs, Brother Maledict, and Holgart. Enter the chapel in the middle of the and speak to Brother Maledict. Go through all the conversations and then find Mayor Hobbs who is just North-West of the chapel. Tell him that you have come to Witchaven to relax, and then follow through the rest of the conversation with him. Finally, make your way north to speak to Holgart and then return back to Col.O'Neil with your report.

He will then suggest you go and investigate what Brother Maledict mentioned about the shrine further. Now head West to the ruined area (Dungeon marker on minimap). Once inside, investigate the East wall, and you'll discover an area in which you can push open. Be sure your CommOrb V2 is present or you won't let yourself go inside.

Investigating the Tunnels

Going down the tunnels you'll be greeted by a few large lobsters which are aggressive, ignore them. Continue on, use the agility shortcut to make things quicker. You will now see a set of large doors, as well as a dead slug on the ground, pick it up (Savant will sense the slug and ask if you're ok, you tell her it's dead). Do not try and open the doors or you'll be hit by a magical force.

Savant will ask you to scan the doors, stand directly in front of them, and select "Scan" on your CommOrb. Savant will notice some runes and will send a transcript of the runes to the CommOrb and inform you of a man named Jorral who would be able to translate the runes found on the door.

Visiting Jorral

Jorral is rather remote, the quickest way to reach him would be teleporting to Mobilishing Armies and using the Spirit Tree to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold then run south to his outpost.

Speak to Jorral and ask him to translate the transcript of runes. Jorral will tell you about the history of a powerful monster named Mother Mallium. Savant will then contact you and suggest you return to Witchaven and search for clues.

Head back to Witchaven and speak to Col.O'Neill who will instruct you to speak to Brother Maledict again. Make your way towards the chapel and you will see a cutscene which shows the Mayor is leaving the chapel saying "Welcome to the family." to Brother Maledict. Speak to the Brother and you will notice that he is now being controlled by Sea Slugs. Brother Maledict will tell you that he has lost 3 Saradomin pages and will ask you to track them down.

Search Mayor Hobbs' desk to find the first page, then make your way to the fishing shop and speak to Ezekial Lovecraft to receive the second page, finally, speak to Col.O'Neil to obtain the third page, however you will need to fix it as it is torn. Attempt to use your Swamp Paste to repair the pages, but Savant will stop you for the paste will only ruin the pages. Instead make a paste out of the dead slug you picked up, Savant will tell you to speak to someone on the Fishing Platform who has more experience. Ask Jeb to take you to the Fishing Platform and then go speak to Bailey. He will tell you that cooking a dead sea slug makes a sea slug glue. Use the glue on one of the torn pieces and a puzzle in which you will have to solve to put the page back together.

Now with all the pages, you will notice there is an option to shape 'mind, air, earth, fire or water'. This requires several pieces pure essence, simply choose the option to shape the rune and make several of each as you can fail to shape the rune or fail to enchant it after. Once you have created the shapes, you will now have to go to the respective altar and enchant it. The quickest method is using the teleports on your Wicked Hood which will take you directly to the altar.

The Fight

After you have shaped and enchanted the five runes, return to the ruins in Witchaven and go through the wall to get back to the imposing doors. Use each enchanted rune on the door and then you will see a cutscene in which Mayor Hobbs will kindly inform you that you have been duped into releasing the enchantment on the door.

After being made fun of by slug possessed freaks, you will go head to head against the Slug Prince (Level 62). The Slug Prince can only be killed using melee so, be sure to have a melee weapon of some sort with you.

After defeating the Slug Prince, you will come face to face with Mother Mallium.

She will attempt to take over your brain but Savant will save you just in time and teleport you to Falador park.

Now simply report all of these events back to Sir Tiffy.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Riley, Power of Five