Kennith's Concerns
As ever, there are strange occurrences afoot in the slug-riddled town of Witchaven. Kennith, the odd little boy with a (justified) aversion to sea slugs, is convinced that the townsfolk are up to no good in the caverns beneath the town and he is looking for a brave adventurer with a talent for Mining to investigate.


Skill Requirements:
15 46 Mining
Quest Requirements:
Slug Menace, The
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Pickaxe (The higher the better)

Items Recommended: 2x Ardougne teleport
Reward: Click to reveal

1. Talk to Kennith who can be found in a house on the west side of Witchaven.

2. Kennith will tell you that strange things are happening regarding the shrine and will ask you to investigate further. Head to the ruins and push through the wall to follow the corridor around, using agility shortcuts if possible. Climb over the rocks at the end and speak to the villagers guarding the entrance. The villagers however will not let you inside the entrance, responding that it 'the work is a surprise for the outsiders'. Climb back over the rocks and report back to Kennith. This time however he will seem completely uninterested in what you have to say, and will focus the conversation about his parents, eventually asking you to speak to them.

3. Kennith's parents can be found nearby the chapel. Speak to Kent who will be very abrupt in conversation and shortly disappear, handing you a note.

4. Read the note to learn that Kent wishes to meet you outside the Legend's Guild where it it safe to speak. Head there and converse with Kent, and you will learn that Kennith is very demanding. Kent will also ask you to up on a little girl called Kimberly back in Witchaven to make sure she is safe.

5. Return to Witchaven and make your way to the most northern house to speak to Kimberly. She will tell you that she is very frightened and doesn't know where her parents are. Villagers will suddenly appear around Kimberly's house, calling her name. Kimberly will ask you to lure the villagers into the chapel before she will leave the house. Circle around all of the villagers to get them following you and lead them into the chapel, closing the door so they cannot get out.

6. Speak to Kimberly again and she will feel brave enough to leave the house, wanting to speak to Kennith. Follow her to Kennith's house and Kimberly will ask the location of her parents. The villagers will surround Kennith's house this time, and you will offer to lure them away again. Circle around them and lure them back into the chapel, reporting back to Kimberly when you are done, and she will then lead you to Ezekial Lovecraft's fishing shop. Speak to him about the strange occurrences that have been happening and he will offer to help get you access into the cave entrance.

7. Head back to the ruins, push through the wall and go through the tunnel, climbing over the rocks to reach the villagers and Ezekial again. Speak to the villagers once more and this time they will grant you entry. Speak to Ezekial inside the room who will give you advice on how to proceed through the tunnel and open the door for him. The main objective throughout the next three rooms is to get through unseen by the workers and find a way to let Ezekial in. He will suggest using the walls to hide from the worker, and prospecting and mining a weaker spot of the wall to let him through. Should you be seen by one of the workers you will have to teleported back to Ezekial and will have to try again.

  1. Wait until the three workers have reached the centre and aren't facing you, run south and hide behind the wall at the bottom.
  2. Once the workers have turned their backs, run to one of the crevices and hide there.
  3. Wait for the coast to be clear, and then quickly prospect and mine the wall, before climbing through.

8. Now follow this corridor to the end, pull the lever and open the door to let Ezekial through. This second room is slightly more trickier; and Ezekial will suggest mining rubium and placing it into the steam vents for a reaction to occur and make the workers collapse.

  1. Wait until the four workers have turned to face the centre, and then run to the mine cart nearby and crouch behind it.
  2. Now quickly run to the furthest red patch on the wall and mine it to receive rubium. Mine the next two ores, hiding behind the wall and cart if necessary. Wait for the coast to be clear, and then use one rubium with the east ore stream.
  3. Return back and crouch behind the north mine cart, put some ore in the northwestern ore stream and then hide behind the mine cart below that.
  4. Place the next rubium into the western ore stream, and then hide behind the southern cart. Place the rubium into the last ore stream vent, and go through the door.

9. Speak to Ezekial again who will tell you that this room is similar to the last, use the rubium to overheat the room and collapse the workers.

  1. Wait for the two workers to face south, and then run into the middle and break the rocks and move in slightly for the safespot.
  2. Once the worker at the north and the guard near the door are both facing away, mine the four rubium and quickly hide behind the wall in the middle again.
  3. Wait for the coast to clear, place one in the ore stream to the southeastern side, and then hide in the middle wall section.
  4. After the two workers are facing the south, quickly use the rubium with the two ore streams before hiding in the middle.
  5. Finally, wait for the workers to face north before using the rubium with the last ore stream, causing the workers to collapse.

10. Go through the door and you will find Kimberly's imprisoned parents mining at a rock. Speak to them and they will say they are worried about Kimberly's safety and that you should check on her. Ezekial also suggests checking on Kennith. Go back through the rooms and at the entrance you will meet Kennith, who will say he is the cause for the imprisonment because Kimberly lost his toy train, and will then cast a spell trapping Kimberly and himself.

11. Speak to Kimberly to learn where she thinks the toy train is. The location could include being on the southern coast by the water behind the house with a clay oven, behind Ezekial's house, or near the Mayor's house (it's random for each player). Head to the location Kimberly specifies, and pick up the toy train.

12. Return the toy train to Kennith, and after some dialogue Kennith's parents will appear and tell you that they are returning to the Fishing Platform, but not before Kennith says 'the Slug Queen is coming for you'. Ezekial will also tell you that if you ever come across rubium he will buy it off of you.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Runis Altair, Tugboat