Chat Effects


While talking in RuneScape, whether it be in a clan chat, private chat, or in public, you have the ability to manipulate the font colour or the way the text is displayed.

Private Chat

To change the colour of Private Chat, click on the Social tab in the Options bar, shown below.

This will open up the below window, where you can change your colour customizations for the various in-game chats.

You can also select whether your private chat shows up in your chatbox or in the actual game screen above through the Interface Settings option for Split Private Chat.

Clan Chat

Unlike private chat, RuneScape currently restricts your chat to appear in the chatbox under the clan tab. There is an array of colours that you can choose from, some appearing better than others, which is illustrated in the sample text box below the list of colours.

Public Chat

Public chat has many more options than private and clan chats in decorating the way the text appears. Note that the effects and colours only show up on the game screen, not in the actual chatbox (the actual chatbox will always show it as blue).

Hint: All the colour names must be typed in lowercase, otherwise they will not work. Type the colour name and then a colon after, followed by the message you want to say.

The default text colour is yellow.

cyan: makes your text cyan.

green: makes your text green.

purple: makes your text purple.

red: makes your text red.

white: makes your text white.

flash1: text rapidly alters between yellow and red

flash2: text rapidly alters between cyan blue and dark blue

flash3: text rapidly alters between light green and dark green

glow1: text smoothly changes from red to orange to yellow to green to cyan

glow2: text smoothly changes from red to pink to purple to blue to purple to red

glow3: text smoothly changes from white to light green to dark green to light green to white to cyan

scroll: text scrolls across screen from right to left

shake: text moves like a wave, and gradually gets smaller until it stops

slide: text slides down from the top, stops in the middle, then slides down and disappears

wave: text moves up and down like a wave

wave2: text moves in a wave left to right like a flag in the wind

Disabling public chat effects

Public chat effects can be turned off if they are causing trouble or hindering a player's gameplay experience. To toggle the public chat effects on or off, go to the Settings (spanner) tab in-game and click the image that looks like a chat bubble. When the bubble is orange public chat effects will appear, when it is blue public chat effects will not appear. This can be toggled at any time.

You can also combine two or more effects at a time - but it has to be one colour followed by one effect. For example, cyan:wave:Colourful text! would create the following effect:

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