Summer's End
The Spirit Beast is threatening to tear its way into RuneScape, so Summer and her family need your help to stop it once and for all. You must once more venture into the Spirit Beast's Realm and, together with the elders, take on the Beast to save them (and possibly all of RuneScape).


Skill Requirements:
24 23 Summoning
9 23 Woodcutting
22 35 Hunter
15 45 Mining
12 47 Firemaking
6 55 Prayer
Quest Requirements:
Spirit of Summer
Other Requirements:
High constitution, prayer, and woodcutting levels are recommended, as you must evade attacks of a level 785 monster
Items Needed: Blue charm pouch (any kind), Good food (monkfish or better), Jennica's ring

Items Recommended: 3x Super energy (4), Spottier cape, Boots of lightness, Penance gloves, Games necklace (8)
Reward: Click to reveal


Go to the ruins north of the graveyard of shadows. As you approach them, the ground will begin to shake. Make sure you have your Ghostspeak amulet, blue charm pouch, and Jennica's ring with you before talking to Summer Bonde. She will insist that you travel with her to the veil between the spirit world and the real world.

When you arrive there you will meet four spirits: Erik, Meranek, Jallek, and Summer. They will explain to you that the link between the spirit world and the real world is weakening and a powerful beast is trying to get through to the real world. Erik wants you to help them defeat the monster, so he will inform you about a cave to the north where they plan to attack.

Head back to the real world and go into the cave in level 33 wilderness. Look around for a corpse and loot it for a bronze pickaxe, a mithril hatchet, a tinderbox, and a spade. Leave the cave, then collapse the entrance in order to unblock it in the spirit world.

Cursed logs

Enter the spirit world and run north towards the beast. Summon a creature from your blue charm pouch and use it to lure the beast towards the cave entrance. When it is close to the cave entrance, enter the cave and it will follow you inside.

A cutscene will ensue. Afterward, speak to Meranek to discover how you can harm the beast. Make your way to a bank and withdraw food and energy potions now. Armor and weapons will not be useful, so do not take any with you.

Hint: If you die while trying to cut the cursed willow logs, your grave will appear outside the entrance to the spirit world.

Go back to the cave in the spirit world. You must now cut 15 cursed willow logs from the roots around the edges of the cave. Use the logs in three of the five empty fire pits around the room, each one requiring five logs at a time, and then proceed to light them all with a tinderbox. While this is all happening, the beast will be attacking you with constant attacks which can deal up to 250 damage each. When you hear an attack coming, run under it to the other side of the room to avoid them (don't worry - it cannot attack you with melee). Feel free to leave the cave and restock on food and energy potions at the bank at any time, as once each fire pit has been lit progress will be saved.

Dark Core

Go to the next section of the cave. Jallek will tell you through a cut scene that the elders have successfully broke through the shield that protects the beast's chest. Within that shield, a monster called the "Dark Core" has came to life. Your objective is to trap it in the holes scattering the floor.

Move closer toward the beast to lure the Dark Core out of the beast's chest. Once it has escaped, stand beside a hole and dig it out with your spade. Make sure the hole is empty by the time the Dark Core is near you, as the holes refill rather quickly. Jallek will appear and damage the beast every time the Dark Core gets trapped in a hole, so it is imperative that you do this quickly. After the Dark Core has been trapped three times, the beast will move deeper into the cave.

It might be a good idea to restock on materials at a bank before proceeding to the next part of the cave. You will take a lot of damage in the next part.

Final Battle

Once you have entered the next part of the cave, the Elders will be there to instruct you on what to do. When you are ready to begin the final confrontation, they will each turn into a different colour and fly off to a grave. Make note of at least two of the colours and what grave they fly to. The beast will start charging up an attack that will match the colour of one of the elders. Run towards the grave with the same colour and bless it before the beast attacks. If you are successful, the attack with recoil and damage the beast. The spirits may change in the middle of the fight also, so ensure that you bless the correct grave.

Hint: Whenever necessary, recharge your prayer on the altar in the middle.

In order to kill the beast once and for all, you will need at least one recoil attack from each spirit. Once it has been killed, Summer will meet you by the altar; speak to her and then the other elders at the cave entrance. They will thank you and ask you to meet them outside of the cave. Leave the cave and speak with the elders to receive your rewards.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Yolk
Corrections submitted by: Yolk, Dark, Power of Five