Enakhra's Lament
Lazim the sculptor has a sad tale to tell - his days of making art are over, and now all he can do is carp at adventurers as they make a statue for him in the desert. Although, isn't just south of the Bandit Camp an odd place to be putting up a statue?

Help Lazim out with his artistic endeavours, and learn more as this quest goes deeper into the history of RuneScape than you might expect.


Skill Requirements:
13 50 Crafting
7 39 Magic
6 43 Prayer
12 45 Firemaking
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Any pickaxe, Chisel, Tinderbox, Candle, Logs, Oak logs, Willow logs, Maple logs, Coal, Soft clay, Waterskin (4), Knife, Runes to cast a fire bolt (or better fire) spell, Runes to cast a wind bolt (or better wind) spell, Bread, Fire battlestaff

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Start the quest by talking to Lazim. He is located just outside the desert quarry, which is south of the Bandit Camp.

Lazim will tell you he wants to sculpt, but he needs help to do so. He will ask you to mine 32 kg of sandstone for him. You may use a chisel to break the sandstones you get, and make them smaller. Notice Lazim will not take more than 32 kg. When you're done, speak to Lazim again and he will combine the blocks into one. He will give it to you, so you will make it into a sandstone base. Use a chisel to do so.

The same process will now be repeated, in order to make the body of the sculpture. Mine another 20 kg of sandstone, and hand it to Lazim. Once again, he makes one block out of it and lets you craft it. Use your chisel on the sandstone body, and then attach it to the bottom. After that, use your chisel on the sculpture.

The last part of the sculpture is the head. Mine 5 kg of granite and chisel it into a head. You will have a few options for the head types:

  • Lazim
  • Ichtlarin
  • Akthanakos
  • Zamorak
  • Camel

You will also receive an option to make it look like your own head, but Lazim will not allow it. Notice you will need another 5 kg of granite for later, so mine it now.

Attach the head to the statue. The result of it will cause the ground under you to collapse under the weight, and you will find yourself and Lazim inside an ancient temple, with the statue shattered inside. Speak to Lazim again.


Take the M sigil off the pedestal, a few steps south from you, and use the chisel on the broken statue. Take all of the statue's parts, as they will be your keys, to open the temple's doors. Go around the rooms in a circle. Every time you open a door, you will see a cutscene. Be sure to collect all the four sigils; Z, M, R, K.

When you've collected all the sigils, make your way back to Lazim, and ask him for the head. Now return to the middle of the temple with the head in your inventory, and climb up the ladder (you can unlock the doors with the sigils). Once you're up, use the head on the pedestal. It appears it's too small. Use your soft clay on the pedestal to make a mould, and then use the chisel on the granite rock you have to make another camel head. Place the granite head into the pedestal.

Lazim will now appear next to you. He will tell you the next floor is protected with barriers, that can be deactivated by solving puzzles in the room. First go to the north-west corridor, and talk to the Pentyn. He will think you're the one who tortured him. After a short conversation, give him the bread. He will tell you about the three other rooms. Head to the west corridor, and cast firebolt or higher on the frozen fountain.

Head to the east corridor, and investigate each brazier to find out what should be put in it. Fill them all with the right ingrediants.

Walk to the north-east corridor, and use wind bolt or better on the furnace to clear the smoke.

Akthanakos and Enakhra

After all puzzles are complete, walk through the barrier and climb up the ladder. You will meet Boneguard. Talk to it to disable it. Climb through the bones, and then down the ladder.

You will now see another boneguard. Talk to it, and it will attack you. Turn protect from melee on to prove him you're not an easy target. He will give up, and ask you to release him from Enakhra's control. Agree to help him, and take 3 sandstones from the pile of rocks. Use them on the wall, trimming each block after you put it in the wall.

Once the wall is complete, Enakhra will speak. To finish the quest and move to the final cutscene, talk to the boneguard, who will reveal himself to be Akthanakos.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Dan
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