Crafting Guild
This a free area. Those players with a Crafting level of 40 and a Brown Apron/Crafting Skillcape may enter the guild.


The Crafting Guild is a "reward" area for those top crafters who have achieved level 40 Crafting. The guild has lots of the traditional crafting facilities that players use to train the skill and can be a great place to train Crafting, especially for free players. To enter the Crafting Guild, players must have level 40 Crafting and then either a Brown Apron, a Crafting Skillcape or have completed the hard set of Falador Tasks. At the time the Crafting Guild was released it was members only but was opened to free users as well a few months later.

Getting There & Map

Getting to the Crafting Guild can be done in many ways, but the three fastest are by using a Clan Vexillum and teleporting to the portal inside the clan camp, then heading East to the guild, another way is by Rimmington house teleport and heading North to the guild. The third and fastest way to reach the guild, is by using a Skills Necklace which will teleport the player directly to the guild.

Map showing the location of the Crafting Guild and nearby places of interest

Ground Floor

Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheels can be found in the north east corner of the Guild. Pottery Wheels are used to turn clay into unfired items before they can be used in a Pottery Oven to make finished items. You can use a Pottery Wheel to make unfired bowls, unfired pots and even make Skilling Urns.

The Pottery Wheels in the Crafting Guild

Pottery Oven

The Pottery Oven is located in the north west corner of the Guild itself. The oven is used to turn unfired clay objects into their finished items such as turning an unfired pot into an empty pot. This process is known as "firing" and all clay items including bowls, pots and urns must all be created using a Pottery Oven.

The Pottery Oven in the Crafting Guild

Mining Area

Inside the Crafting Guild there is a mining area where players can mine some of the most common materials used in Crafting. The table below shows the ores that can be mined and the Mining level requirements needed to mine the rocks.

Rock Type: Clay Rock Silver Rock Gold Rock
1 20 40

Cows & Dairy Cow

Next to the Crafting Guild there is a fenced off area where several Cows and a Dairy Cow can be found. The Diary Cow can be used with a bucket to obtain Milk and the normal Cows can be killed to obtain Cowhide for crafting or can just be killed as a way of training combat skills.

Cows in the area next to Crafting Guild


Conveniently there is also a sink on the ground Floor of the Crafting Guild which players can use with a bucket or jug to obtain a bucket or jug of water which can then be used on clay ore to get soft clay which can then be used to make pots and other clay items. Assuming a player brings a bucket and a pickaxe with them to the Crafting Guild and drops anything they make, they could stand here for ages using this system to train up Crafting.

The sink in the Crafting Guild

First Floor

Spinning Wheel

On the first floor of the Crafting Guild players can find a Spinning Wheel which can be used to spin items such as sheep wool into balls of string or turn flax into bowstring. Just north of the Crafting Guild near the Makeover Mage a herd of sheep can be found and on the first floor of the Crafting Guild a item spawn for Shears can be found. Players could also use this area as a nice way to train up Crafting without having to travel long distance for resources and materials.

The Spinning Wheel in the Crafting Guild


On the first floor of the crafting guild players can also find a tanner who will happily tan your various hides for you for either free (cowhide only) or for a small price. The table below shows all the hides that the tanner will tan for you, the price he charges per hide and the Crafting level required in order for him to tan them for you.

Type Tanning Cost Level Requirement

Free 1

Hard Leather
3gp 2

Snakeskin *
15gp 2

Snakeskin (Temple Trekking) *
20gp 2

Green Dragon Leather *
20gp 2

Blue Dragon Leather *
20gp 2

Red Dragon Leather *
20gp 2

Black Dragon Leather *
20gp 2

Royal Dragon Leather *
20gp 2
Note: * represents Members only options

Master Crafter

The Master Crafter lives in the Crafting Guild and those players who are interested in 99 Crafting or have obtained 99 Crafting will be interested in this particular NPC. The Master Crafter is where those who have achieved 99 Crafting can buy the Crafting Skillcape from him for 99,000 coins (99k). He can be found in the ground floor of the Crafting Guild wandering around inside, normally by the Pottery Wheel or Oven.

The Master Crafter in the Crafting Guild

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