Hunter is a members-only skill that was released on 21st November 2006. The skill enables you to catch a variety of beasts and creatures using your survivalist skills. (Normally) when you catch something you gain items that are specific to your prey which can be used in a variety of activities & skills within RuneScape. In this skill you will learn the correct hunting techniques to catch a variety of prey that highly influences other skills such as Crafting and Herblore.


Within Hunter there are many types of equipment used to actually be able to catch certain types of prey. There are also pieces of clothing that can be wielded to improve the catch rates in the corresponding area that the clothing relates to, and therefore it is recommended that you wear it whilst hunting.


Hunting tools are pieces of equipment used to catch prey. They can be bought from fairly-limited people:

  • Yanille's Aleck
  • Nardah's Artimeus
  • Taverley's Ayleth Beaststalker

*Impling jars are bought from Elnock Inquisitor in Puro-Puro.
*Marasamaw plants can be bought from the Herblore Habitat.

Hunting Tools

Equipment Level Costs Uses

Noose wand
1 4 gp Tracking

Bird Snare
1 6 gp Bird Snaring

Butterfly net
15 900 gp Butterfly Netting

Butterfly jar
15 1 gp Butterfly Netting

Impling jar
17 10 hp Barehanded Catching

Box trap
27 38 gp Box Trapping

Rabbit snare
27 18 gp Rabbit Snaring

Teasing stick
31 1 gp Pitfall Trapping

39 4 gp Smoking Traps

Magic box
71 788 gp Magic Imp Hunting


Hunter-specific clothing can be worn to help improve catch rates. However, to increase the catch rates you need to use the appropriate clothing in the corresponding area of hunting. To obtain the clothing, you can either create it at the Fancy Shop in East-Varrock by providing the appropriate furs/hides and paying an additional fee, or you can trade with other players/buy it off of the Grand Exchange for (normally) a higher price. Listed below are the different types of clothing equipment:

The Fancy Dress Shop fur store interface

Hunter Clothing

Area of Effectiveness Clothing Item Level Requirement Materials Required
Polar camo top
1 2 Polar kebbit furs and 20 coins

Polar camo legs
1 2 Polar kebbit furs and 20 coins
Wood camo top
1 2 Common kebbit furs and 20 coins

Wood camo legs
1 2 Common kebbit furs and 20 coins
Jungle camo top
4 2 Feldip weasel furs and 20 coins

Jungle camo legs
4 2 Feldip weasel furs and 20 coins
Desert camo top
10 2 Desert devil furs and 20 coins

Desert camo legs
10 2 Desert devil furs and 20 coins

Larupia hat
28 1 good Larupia fur and 500 coins

Larupia top
28 any 1 Larupia fur and 100 coins

Larupia legs
28 any 1 Larupia fur and 100 coins
Graahk hat
38 1 good Graahk fur and 750 coins

Graahk top
38 any 1 Graahk fur and 150 coins

Graahk legs
38 any 1 Graahk fur and 150 coins
Kyatt hat
52 1 good Kyatt fur and 1000 coins

Kyatt top
52 any 1 Kyatt fur and 200 coins

Kyatt legs
52 any 1 Kyatt fur and 200 coins
Gloves of silence
54 2 Dark kebbit furs and 600 coins
Spotted cape
40 2 Spotted kebbit furs and 400 coins
Spottier cape
66 2 Dashing kebbit furs and 200 coins

Hunting Areas

Hunting areas are places in which you can hunt specific and sometimes a variety of prey using the hunter skill. Each area has a different environment and even thought it's not needed, you should consider your clothing to increase the catch-chance in that area. Almost every hunting area has a Fairy ring close to it, making it more accessible to players.

Note: After you have completed the Eagles' Peak quest, you will be able to fly from Eagles' Peak to Jungle, Desert and Polar areas.

Type of Area Level Location Fairy Ring Code
Jungle 1 Feldip Hunter Area AKS
Snow 1 Rellekka Hunter Area DKS
Woodland 3 Piscatoris Hunter Area AKQ
Desert 5 Uzer Hunter Area DLQ
Swamp 29 Swamp Lizard Area CKS
Karamja 41 Horned Graahk Area CKR
Falconer 43 Falconry Area AKQ
Altar 59 Red Salamander Area N/A
Lava 67 Black Salamander Area N/A

Hunting Techniques

There are a range of methods that Hunters can use to catch their prey. These range from simple Tracking to Setting up Magical Boxes to catch imps. The types of Hunting are explained in more detail below.

Method Level Method Level
Tracking 1 Rabbit Snaring 27
Bird Snaring 1 Net Trapping 29
Butterfly Netting 15 Pitfall Trapping 31
Impling Netting 17 Falconry 43
Deadfall Trapping 23 Magical Imp Boxes 71
Box Trapping 27 Barehanded Butterflies 80

It is possible to set more than one bird snare, rabbit snare, magic box, box trap, net trap or pit-fall trap depending on the level you are in the Hunter skill.

Number of Traps Hunter Level
1 1
2 20
3 40
4 60
5 80

Tracking - Level 1+

Tracking in the Hunter skill is used for hunting Kebbits that live in burrows. Tracking Kebbits requires a Noosing Wand.

To hunt Kebbits, you first need to search their burrows to find some tracks that will lead you away from their burrow. Search nearby bushes, logs, tunnels and various other places until you discover another set of tracks. Tracks can extend for four to five searches. Once you reach the end of the track, you will receive a message in your chatbox telling you that there is a Kebbit inside the object you are searching. Right click on the object while wielding a noosing wand and select the "Attack" option to catch the Kebbit. You will receive loot and some experience.

Catching Kebbits gives the player Bones, Raw Meat and Kebbit Fur. The fur can be used for creating pieces of camouflage armour that can be used in Hunting and Polar Kebbit fur can be used in the Summoning Skill.

Creature Level Location Experience Drops

Polar Kebbit
1 Snow 30 Polar Kebbit Fur

Common Kebbit
3 Woodland 36 Common Kebbit Fur

Feldip Weasel
7 Jungle 48 Feldip Weasel Fur

Desert Devil
13 Desert 66 Desert Devil Fur

45 Snow 250 Normal or KGP Penguin

Razor-backed Kebbit
49 Woodland 348 Long Kebbit Spike

* - KGP Penguins can be handed to Jim the polar bear for 2 Hunter Experience each.

Bird Snaring - Level 1+

At level 1 Hunter, you can use Bird Snares to set traps and catch birds. To do so, you first set a Bird Snare in one of the Bird Hunting areas, and then wait. After a few seconds, a bird should fly over and attempt to perch on top of your trap. The trap will then either go off and catch the bird, or the bird will fly off and you will need to reset the trap by right clicking the trap and selecting "Lay bird snare". Catching birds with the Hunter skill gives bones, raw bird meat and some coloured feathers, along with experience.

At level 39 Hunter, you gain the ability to smoke a trap to remove your scent, increasing the chance of snaring a bird. Torches can be bought from Hunter stores or over the Grand Exchange and can be lit with a Tinderbox. Smoking a trap is not generally used as it does not provide much of a bonus.

Creature Level Location Experience Drops

Crimson Swift
1 Jungle 34 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Red Feathers

Golden Warbler
5 Desert 48 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Yellow Feathers

Copper Longtail
9 Woodland 61 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Orange Feathers

Cerulean Twitch
11 Snow 64 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Blue Feathers

Tropical Wagtail
19 Jungle 95.2 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Striped Feathers

Wimpy Bird
39 Oo'glog 167 Bones
Raw Bird Meat
Wimpy Feathers

Butterfly Netting - Level 15+

At level 15 Hunter, you can start to catch butterflies. To catch a butterfly, you need to be wielding a butterfly net and be carrying some butterfly jars. Clicking on a butterfly will result in the player running after the butterfly, and then swinging at it with your net. If you miss the first swing, your player will continue to swing at the butterfly until you catch it. Once caught, it will be placed into one of the butterfly jars, where you can release it straight away.

A less known feature of Butterflies is that they can be released while in combat against another player to enhance your Attack, Strength, Defence or Constitution levels.

Creature Level Location Experience Release Effect

Ruby Harvest
15 Woodland 24 Raises Attack

Sapphire Glacialis
25 Snow 34 Raises Defence

Snowy Knight
35 Snow 44 Restores Life points

Black Warlock
45 Jungle 54 Raises Strength

Impling Netting - Level 17+

Imp Netting involves tracking the impling, and catching it. This can either be done in their home world of Puro-Puro or by searching for them throughout RuneScape. To hunt implings, you need impling jars and a normal butterfly net.

Caught implings are placed within a jar, which can be opened for a range of rewards. Imps can also be barehand caught, as long as you have the required hunter level to catch them normally with a net. Catching the imps barehanded rewards the player instantly.

After speaking with Daffd in the Amlodd section of Prifddinas (requires the completion of Plague's End), he will give you a checklist and send you off to catch one of each type of impling. After catching one of each type, return to Daffd and he will reward you with:

  • Some Thinker robes and Thinker trousers
  • 50,000 Hunter experience
  • A choice of either 3x Hunter experience when catching implings, or 2x loot from barehanded impling catching

The final reward may be swapped with each other at anytime by speaking with Daffyd again.

Below is a table of the 16 different types of impling:

Creature Level Experience in Puro-Puro Experience in RuneScape

Baby impling
17 20 25

Young impling
22 48 65

Gourmet impling
28 82 113

Earth impling
36 126 177

Essence impling
42 160 255

Eclectic impling
50 205 289

Spirit impling
54 227 321

Nature impling
58 250 353

Magpie impling
65 289 409

Ninja impling
74 339 481

Pirate impling
76 350 497

Divine impling
79 375 520

Dragon impling
83 390 553

Zombie impling
87 412 585

Kingly impling
91 434 617

Crystal impling
95 525 820

Deadfall Trapping - Level 23+

At level 23, you gain the ability to deadfall trap. Some Kebbits can not be tracked, but instead need to be trapped using a deadfall trap. To make a deadfall trap, you will need a knife and any type of log to set a trap in one of the specified hunting locations. Bringing along a hatchet is highly recommended as it allows you to cut down more logs to use for setting the traps. Bait can also be used to increase the chance of catching the kebbit.

Along with bones, each kebbit has a unique drop that can be used to make Spiky vambraces, harpoons, crossbow bolts, hats and even potions.

Creature Level Location Experience Bait Drops

Wild Kebbit
23 Woodland 128 Raw meat Kebbit Claws

Barb-tailed Kebbit
33 Jungle 168 Raw Rainbow Fish Barb-tail Harpoon

Prickly Kebbit
37 Woodland 204 Barley Kebbit Spike

Diseased Kebbit
44 Oo'glog 200 Fever Grass Diseased Kebbit Fur

Sabre-toothed Kebbit
51 Snow 200 Raw meat Kebbit Teeth

51 Snow 210 Raw cod Normal or KGP Penguin

* - KGP Penguins can be handed to Jim the polar bear for 2 Hunter Experience each.

Box Trapping - Level 27+

At level 27 Hunter, you gain the ability to box trap. This involves setting up a box trap on the ground, waiting for your prey to go into the trap, and then opening the box trap for your rewards. These box traps can be baited or smoked, both increasing the rate of success for catching the creature, although this is not commonly used as it does not provide much of a bonus for players wishing to power train.

Creature Level Location Experience Reward

27 Woodland 115 Ferret

Cobalt Skillchompa**
27 North of Grand Tree 95 Cobalt Skillchompa

27 Shipyard 100 Gecko

27 Gunnarsgrunn 100 Raccoon

27 Shilo Village 100 Monkey

Viridian Skillchompa**
46 South of Port Phasmatys 140 Viridian Skillchompa

48 South of Oo'glog N/A Platypus

53 Woodland 198 Chinchompa

56 Snow 150 Penguin

Carnivorous Chinchompa****
63 Jungle 265 Red Chinchompa

66 Isafdar 400 Raw Pawya Meat

Azure Skillchompa**
68 West of Trollweiss Mountain 210 Azure Skillchompa

77 Isafdar 1100 Grenwall Spikes

Crimson Skillchompa**
89 North-west of Menaphos 450 Crimson Skillchompa

* - Trapped ferrets will appear in your inventory and can be used while rabbit snaring. Left clicking on the ferrets in your inventory will release them.

** - Skillchompas are stackable when caught, and are used to give boosts for Divination, Woodcutting, Mining and Fishing when equipped. Warning, if you die with skillchompas on your person, they will be lost on death.

*** - Gecko's require 27 hunter along with 10 Summoning, Raccoons require 27 Hunter along with 80 Summoning, Monkeys require 27 Hunter along with 95 Summoning and Platypus' require 48 Hunter along with 10 Summoning to catch. All four of these can be used as Summonig pets.

**** - Chinchompas and Red Chinchompas are stackable when caught, and are used as a multi-target ranged training weapon. They are also hunted by a lot of players as you can make a fair amount of money catching them.

***** - KGP Penguins can be handed to Jim the polar bear for 2 Hunter Experience each.

Rabbit Snaring - Level 27+

Rabbit Snaring requires level 27 Hunter. To hunt rabbits, the completion of Eagle's Peak quest. Rabbits are hunted by placing a Rabbit snare in front of a rabbit hole, then left clicking "Flush" on the hole to chace the rabbit out with a caught ferret. Catching a rabbit gives bones, raw rabbit meat and a rabbit foot. The rabbit food can be used with a string to make a strung rabbit foot, also giving 4 crafting experience. The strung rabbits foot can be used to increase the chance of getting a Bird's nest while worn while woodcutting. Rabbits can be found in the south of the Woodland hunter area. There are six rabbit holes in total that are arranged in a circular pattern. The ferrets used to chace the rabbits out of their holes can be found just a bit more to the south.

Creature Level Location Experience

White Rabbit
27 Woodland 144

Net Trapping - Level 29+

At level 29 Hunter, you gain the ability to use net trapping to catch lizards, salamanders, and baby squirrels. Net trapping requires a rope and a small fishing net. These are then used by clicking on a young tree in one of the hunting locations to set up a trap. When the creature passes the trap, it will set off the trap and either get caught in the trap or escape. If caught, the net will fall around the creature and you can "Check" the trap to get your rewards. If the creature is not caught, your net and rope will be placed on the ground for you to pick up again.

Bait can be used to increase the chance of catching a creature, but this is not commonly used by Hunters as it slows down the experience rate. Catching each of the creatures will reward you with the creature in your inventory that can either be dropped, sold, or in the case of a squirrel kept as a pet (with 60 Summoning).

Creature Level Location Experience Bait

Swamp Lizard
29 Swamp 152 Guam Tar

Baby squirrel
25 East of Gunnarsgrunn 152 Nuts

Orange Salamander
47 Desert 224 Marrentill Tar

50 Snow 250 Cod

Red Salamander
59 Outisde the Ourania Cave 272 Tarromin Tar

Black Salamander
67 Wilderness Lava 304 Harralander Tar

Salamanders can be turned into a 2-handed ranging weapon that can be loaded with 15 lots of herb tar.

Pitfall Trapping - Level 31+

At level 31 Hunter, you can make a pitfall trap to catch Spined Larupias, Horned Graahks and Sabre-toothed Kyatts. Making a Pitfall trap involbes building trap over a pit using some logs and a knife. After building the trap, a teasing stick is used to tease a nearby animal. This will cause the animal to chace after you, and you will then need to lure the animal over to the trap you have set. Clicking on the trap will allow you to jump over the pit, leaving the animal behind you to walk over the pit and get caught in the trap. Sometimes, the creature will jump over the pit and continue to attack you.

Unlike some of the other Hunter creatures, these ones will damage you, and food is reccommended for lower levels. After successfully trapping one of the animals, you can search the trap to get some animal fur that can be used to create hunter gear depending on what fur you get. The fur you get will either be tattered or perfect. Tattered furs can be used to make the body and legs of the hunter outfit, but perfect furs are required to make the hat piece. Furs can also be sold on the Grand Exchange for a good price to people that require it for Summoning.

Creature Level Location Experience Fur Outfit Type

Spined Larupia
31 Jungle 180 Larupia Fur Larupia Hunter Gear

Horned Graahk
41 Carin Island 240 Graahk Fur Graahk Hunter Gear

Sabre-toothed Kyatt
55 Snow 300 Kyatt Fur Kyatt Hunter Gear

Falconry - Level 43+

At level 43 Hunter, you gain access to the Falconer area. Here, you can borrow a Gyr Falcon and a Falconer's glove from the falcon expert Matthias for 500 coins. You must not have any weapon, shield or gloves on to wear the falcon glove.

While wielding the falcon glove, you can catch Spotted, Dark and Dashing kebbits by clicking on the kebbit. The falcon will then take flight after the kebbit, and will either land on the kebbit or will miss and fly back to you. If your falcon catches a kebbit, a flashing yellow arrow will appear above the kebbit and you can then retrieve both the falcon and the kebbit. Bones and Kebbit fur are obtained for a successful catch of a kebbit.

Creature Level Experience Fur

Spotted Kebbit
43 104 Spotted Kebbit Fur

Dark Kebbit
57 132 Dark Kebbit Fur

Dashing Kebbit
69 156 Dashing Kebbit Fur

Because of the relatively fast respawn of the kebbits, this gives great training speeds. A good method of catching kebbits is to focus on a single kebbit. By doing this, you can identify the spawn point of the kebbit and stand one square away from it in any direction. Once the kebbit spawns, you can instantly click to catch the kebbit before it tries to run away from you. This can result in 35-60k experience per hour, depending on your hunter level.

Magical Imp Boxes - Level 71+

At level 71 Hunter, you can set up a magic box to trap imps. Imps can be found at the following places;

  • South and West Falador
  • Around Lumbridge
  • Around Varrock
  • South of Edgeville
  • Around Yanille
  • Draynor Village
  • The Soul Wars Lobby Area
  • Karamja and the Karamja Resource Dungeon
Creature Level Experience Bait

71 450 Magical Beads*

*Magical beads, obtained from killing imps, can be used as bait to catch the Magical imps, although this is not recommended. Releasing Trapped imps will allow you to take two items from your inventory to the bank, as long as you are not past level 30 Wilderness.

Barehanded Butterfly Catching - Level 80+

With high Hunter and Agility levels, players can catch a butterfly without a jar or net. Catching butterflies with your barehand rewards you with significantly more Hunter experience along with some agility experience. The downside is that the butterfly is automatically released and not kept.

Barehand butterfly training is one of the fastest training methods for Hunter while gaining no profit. Catching Ruby Harvests gives up to 70-100k Hunter experience per hour and Snowy Knights give between 110-135k experience per hour in Hunter. Both give about 15k Agility experience per hour.

Creature Hunter Level Agility Level Location Hunter Experience Agility Experience

Ruby Harvest
80 75 Woodland 300 50

Sapphire Glacialis
85 80 Snow 400 70

Snowy Knight
90 85 Snow 500 100

Black Warlock
95 90 Jungle 650 125


Hunter has many other uses within RuneScape which can benefit or/and aid players in other skills.


  • Red and (normal) chinchompas are commonly used in the Range skill as a multi-target, stackable ranged weapon. As they are multi-target weapons, they can kill more than one enemy simultaneously, and therefore gaining more experience.
  • Larupia fur is used for creating Spirit Larupia pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Kyatt fur is used for creating Spirit Kyatt pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Graahk fur is used for creating Spirit Graahk pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Kyatt fur is used for creating Spirit Kyatt pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Polar kebitt fur is used for creating Arctic Bear pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Ruby Harvest fur is used for creating Forge Regent pouches which can then be summoned as a familiar.
  • Grenwall spikes are used for creating Extreme Ranging potions.
  • Dark kebbit fur is used for creating Gloves of silence which are used in Thieving.


Hunter boosts are used to temporarily increase your Hunter level which can allow you to access higher-leveled content. Where most boosts are visible, some such as Familiar boosts are invisible.

Visible Boosts

Method Boost Description

Hunter potion
+3 Hunter potions can be made at 53 Herblore by using the ingredients Avantoe & Kebitt teeth dust on a vial of water.
Yellow spicy stew -6 to +6 Obtainable after completing the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in the Recipe For Disaster quest. This stew isn't Guaranteed to always boost your Hunter level and it may in fact sap your level.

Mud Bath
+7 to +9 To use the Mud Bath you are required to have completed the quest As A First Resort. You will receive a +7 boost when using the baths. At level 50 you will receive a +8 boost, and at 80+ a +9 boost.

Invisible Boosts

Method Boost Description

Spirit Larupia
+5 Summoning this familiar will provide an invisible boost of +5. It requires level 57 Summoning.

Spirit Graahk

Spirit Kyatt

+5 Summoning this familiar will provide an invisible boost of +5. It requires level 92 Summoning.

Arctic Bear
+7 Summoning this familiar will provide an invisible boost of +7. It requires level 71 Summoning.

Dwarven Army Axe

When catching Polar kebbits or Crimson swifts, the axe will grant an additional 3XP on top of the base experience. The axe must be wielded or in your inventory in order to gain the experience.

Big Chinchompa

The Big Chinchompa is a Hunter-based minigame which requires you to use your Hunter skills and experience in order to play. The concept of the game is to collect as many of the roaming moths into your Moth jar (can hold up to 15 moths) and feed it to the Big Chinchompa before the time runs out. Holding a Protea flower will help to attract near-by moths.

Nyriki has five private hunting habitats accessed by portals. Each habitat provides spawns for five hunting creatures, one per habitat. Tickets corresponding to these five creatures are required when catching them and one ticket is consumed per catch. For example, three Swamp Lizard ticket is required to catch three swamp lizards in the private hunting habitat.

Creature Level Experience Bait

Swamp Lizard
29 152 Guam Tar

Carnivorous Chinchompa*
63 265 None

66 400 Papaya Fruit

Polar Kebbit
70 253 None

77 1100 None

* - Red Chinchompas are stackable when caught, and are used as a multi-target ranged training weapon. They are also hunted by a lot of players as you can make a fair amount of money catching them.

Herblore Habitat

Herblore Habitat is a Farming, Hunter and Herblore based activity which requires level 54, 70 and 54 respectively. The concept of the activity is that you plant special seeds into farming patches to attract these Jadinko creatures to the nearby areas which can then be hunted for exp and their resources which are used to make Juju potions.

Hunter in Daemonheim

Setting traps

In Daemonheim there are several tiers of traps. These traps require a certain hunter level to be set. Higher traps are better at catching Bovimastyx.

Trap Level Required

Tangle gum trap

Seeping elm trap

Blood spindle trap

Utuku trap

Spinebeam trap

Bovistrangler trap

Thigat trap

Corpsethorn trap

Entgallow trap

Gravecreeper trap

Skinning Bovimastyx

After the player has managed to catch a Bovimastyx in their trap they can skin it to obtain several hides. For this there is also a certain hunter level needed for each tier creature. These hides are used in creating Ranged armour.

Creature Level Required XP Gained Produce

1 55
Protomastyx hide

10 94.5
Submastyx hide

20 164
Paramastyx hide

30 247
Archaemastyx hide

40 330
Dromomastyx hide

50 435.5
Spinomastyx hide

60 519
Gallimastyx hide

70 599.5
Stegomastyx hide

80 673
Megamastyx hide

90 745.5
Tyrannomastyx hide

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in Hunter, you can then travel to the Feldip Hills hunter area and purchase the Hunter Skillcape from the Hunting Expert for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Hunter level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Hunter Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only however free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Hunter is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Hunter Cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Hunter cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically. The only way to keep a copy of the untrimmed cape is to use a keepsake box from Solomons General Store.

Hunter cape Hunter cape (t) Hunter master cape

Guide Made by: Simon
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