Rocking Out
What do zombies, pirates, monks and evil plots have in common? Well, if you want to find out, it's time to start digging! Rabid Jack is back...but who is he? It's time to prove your pirate credentials and win the trust of the motleyest crew in RuneScape. The dark secrets behind This Albatross, Rum Deal and the Great Brain Robbery are yours to discover...if you dare!


Skill Requirements:
17 60 Agility
18 63 Thieving
13 66 Crafting
14 69 Smithing
Quest Requirements:
Great Brain Robbery, The
Other Requirements:
Kill 2 Customs officers (level 54) without any equipment or food.
Items Needed: Stripy pirate shirt, Pirate bandana, Pirate leggings, Book o' Piracy, Fishbowl Helmet, Unfinished bowl, 2x Bronze wire, Hammer, Charcoal, 20000 Recommendedx Coins, Diving apparatus

Items Recommended: Ectophial, Ring of charos (a), Explorer's ring (3)
Reward: Click to reveal



Start the quest by speaking to Bill Teach in the inn at Mos Le'Harmless. Ask him about Rabid Jack, but you will get no answer as he resists to give you information due to an oath. He will send you to Young Ralph, who's in prison. Go to Rimmington, and speak to the custom sergeant. You must wear at least 3 pirate costume parts. Convince him you're a pirate by choosing the right options to talk (different for each player). When the custom sergeant is convinced, he will send you to prison. First however, you need to bank all of your items (a locker next to the sergeant acts like a deposit box).


When you arrive at the prison, shout through the barred window. Harry, the prison warden, will inform you Ralph is deaf. Take the cup from the floor, and use it on the jail door 3 times. Harry will throw a stew at your shirt, creating a sticky stain. Next, tap the pipe below the window until it breaks, and you'll have it in your inventory. Shout through the door, and ask Harry to write a confession. He'll give you a quill, ink bottle, and a piece of paper. Do not use it to write a note to Ralph.

Go outside the cell, and search the rubble. You will find an accordion. Use your bottle of ink on the paper, and use the empty bottle on a sharp rock nearby. With the smashed bottle, use it on the accordion to create a hole in it. Use the pipe on the accordion, and finally use the sticky inked paper on the accordion to create a vacuum pump. Use your stained shirt on a perch rock nearby. It will attract a seagull; use your vacuum pump on it to trap it.

The Captains

Now, use the Vacuum pump and gull on Young Ralph's barred window. He will hear it and turn around. You will start a conversation with him, and due to his ability to read lips it will flow clearly. Harry will interrupt your conversation, causing you to whisper. You will ask Ralph about Rabid Jack, but he will only tell you what he knows if you get him the marks of 5 captains:

  • Captain Braindeath - on Braindeath Island
  • Captain Bill Teach - in Port Phasmatys
  • Captain Brass Hand Harry - on Mos Le'Harmless
  • Cap'n Izzy No-Beard - outside the Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Captain One-Eyed Hector

Leave the area by diving on the east side of the island, or home teleport. Head to Port Phasmatys, and speak to Pirate Pete in the north-east corner to sail to Braindeath island. Once there, speak to Captain Braindeath. He wants you to convince the Bartender of the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim to stock his 'rum', and will give you a set of 5 disguises to wear.

Go to the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim, and talk to the Bartender. He'll say the demand of 'rum' is too low to order any of it; and only if more than 5 people will want it, he'll make an order. Talk to him again and offer him a drink. Repeat this process 5 times until he's drunk, and then go outside the inn and put any costume part on. Talk to the Bartender and ask about the 'rum' again. As he's drunk, he will not recognise you and will think you're a different person. Repeat this process with all your costume parts until he agrees to make an order. You will be given an order for 'rum'. To save some time, talk to Redbeard Frank's to start his task south of the inn. Go to Captain Braindeath again, and give him the order to receive your first mark.

Go to Bill Teach in Mos Le'Harmless, and he'll give you an introduction letter. He'll tell you he wants 50 Ships Mufassuh's idol of many heads. Go to the other inn in Mos Le'Harmless, and go to the second floor. Talk to him, and you'll have to join his crew in order to know where the idol is. The idol is in a shipwreck off the shore of Dragontooth Island.

Get your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet and a ghostspeak amulet. Go to Port Phasmatys, and talk to the ghost sailor on the southern part of the docks. Sail to Dragontooth island, and go to the north-eastern part of it to find the diving spot. You'll have to find a Karamthulhu inside the water, in order to get the key that opens the chest in the ship. When received the key, go inside the ship and climb up the ladder (aggressive level 100 giant lobsters are found here, but they can't harm you much). Get to the highest spot in the ship, and use the key on the chest to receive a crowbar. Go to the lowest part of the ship, and use the crowbar on the mess a few times until you find the idol. Go back to Bill Teach to receive your mark.

Talk to Captain Brass Hand Harry on the first/second floor of the northern pub on Mos Le'Harmless - the same room as 50 Ships Mufassah. Show him the introduction letter Bill Teach gave you; he'll tell you that for his mark, he'll need a brass hand, and he doesn't want to get his current one dirty. He'll give you 5 hands pieces, and you'll need to create one complete hand with 2 bronze wires and a hammer. Use the arrows to move the parts, and rotate them (if you sure you completed the puzzle, and the interface doesn't close, try rotating some parts of the hand. They might be upside down!). When finished the puzzle, talk to Harry. He'll give you an ink pad and a piece of paper. Use the hand on the ink, and then the inky hand on the paper. Confirm the authenticity of the mark by talking to Harry again.

Go to Redbeard Frank, and talk to him about his Mark. He will not believe that Rabid Jack is really back, and will ask for a proof. Travel to Mos Le'Harmless and speak to Brother Tranquility, around the docks, to receive a letter. Bring the letter to Redbeard Frank, but it will not satisfy him. Travel to Braindeath island, and speak to Captain Donnie. He is located south of the brewery. He'll give you some plans, and claim that he rubbed the rest of them on 50% Luke by accident. Go north-west, and use the plans on 50% Luke. This will result in getting a charcoal rubbing. Return to Redbeard Frank to receive his mark.

Travel to Brimhaven, and go to the Brimhaven Agility Arena, located south-east of the docks. Cap'n Izzy No-Beard can be found inside a small hut, the entrance to the arena. He will ask you to go back to prison, and get a brooch from his friend who died there. Go to Rimmington and get arrested again (you don't need pirate's clothing now). Search the bed for a lockpic, and open the door. Fight an officer, possibly two, and pick up the custom outfit and wear it. Same goes for the Mithril scimitar.

Go up the stairs twice, and go inside the storage room. Search the cabinets until you find a file about Wanda the Fish. Speak to the locker officer to receive the brooch. Finally, head back to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, and give him to brooch to receive his mark, which is the final mark you need.

Go to the Custom Sergeant, and ask him to write a confession. He'll give you an empty file. Put your marks inside it, and hand it to him. Once back in jail, use the same method from before to get outside and into the storage room. Ask the storage room keeper for your file, and then go all the way downstairs to Ralph's cabinet. A short cutscene will occur.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Dan
Corrections submitted by: Max, Quackyz, Power of Five, Umbra