Path of Glouphrie, The
King Bolren has a new pet. Unfortunately, it's another watcher, like the ones unmasked in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Has Glouphrie been watching the Tree Gnome Village, too?

If you investigate further you'll find out more about Glouphrie, the history of the gnomes (and their unusual monarchy) and maybe you'll get within a hair's breadth of the lost city of Arposandra...


Skill Requirements:
1 45 Attack
5 47 Ranged
19 56 Slayer
18 56 Thieving
3 60 Strength
Quest Requirements:
Eyes of Glouphrie, The
Waterfall Quest
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Sextant, Watch, Chart, Crossbow, Crystal weapon seed, Mith grapple

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Make your way to the Tree Gnome Village and speak to King Bolren.

During your conversation with him, you will not be able to convince him that his pet is evil and thus he will ask you to locate the anti-illusion device before he will be convinced. He will recommend talking to a gnome who lives underground who may be able to help you. Squeeze through the railing to the southwest and then climb down the ladder nearby.

Head east until you come to some crates and search them to find a key. Now go back towards the west and you will come across a jail door. Use the key to open it and speak to Glorie.

The Anti-Illusion Device

Inform Glorie of your quest to locate the anti-illusion device and he will tell you of his grandfather's love for collecting elven artifacts, which he has kept as souvenirs in the storeroom towards the east. Head in a eastwardly direction back towards the crates, and crawl through the tunnel. Push the monolith and then open the nearby chest to receive some coloured shapes.

Now, push the monolith on the left to the north, and then push the monolith above it towards the east.

Search both the chests to obtain a key to a chest, Yewnock's notes and some more coloured shapes. Now push the small monolith south, and then push the big monolith on the left west. Use the key to a chest on the mahogany chest and you will get a strongroom key. Towards the southeast you will see a singing bowl, use your crystal seed (or revert the crystal saw back into a seed) on the bowl and make crystal chimes.

Towards the south there will be a monolith, push it towards the west and then use the strongroom key on the gate. You have now discovered Yewnock's Anti-Illusion device, however you will need to unlock it before it can be functional. Read the lectern in the corner for some information on the gnome kingdom.

This machine operates similarly to Oaknock's machine; the coloured shapes are given a value and you will have to match the value of shapes shown on the machine. The shapes value is the number of sides on the shape multiplied the colour value according to the chart on the machine. You may exchange lower valued shapes for higher, or you can search the crates to get more shapes.

When you have unlocked the machine, return to King Bolren and the illusion will be lifted. King Bolren will admit that you were right about his pet, and ask you to kill it.

Finding Longramble

Talk to King Boiren again and he will tell you that one his citizens, Longramble, went looking for the lost city of Arposandra and hasn't returned. He will then ask you to go see Aluft Gianne Jr. in the Tree Gnome Stronghold for more information. Use the nearby spirit tree to travel to the Stronghold, and then speak to Aluft Gianne Jr., who can be found on the second floor of the Grand Tree.

Speak to Aluft about Longramble and he will tell you he has a long standing order for him and all the gnomes he has sent after him have not returned. He will give you the co-ordinates: 2 degrees, 7 minutes south; 3 degrees, 7 minutes west.

Note: Fight ahead (Level 143 Warped Terrorbird) Good melee armour, ring of recoil and prayer potions for protect from ranged recommended.

Head to the swamp just south of Castle Wars, and head west until you reach a tree with the grapple option.

Speak to Longramble who will inform you that he has found a waste outlet leading from Arposandra. However, it is being patrolled by a creature which suggests gnomish involvement and the entrance is blocked by roots. Head to the north and you will discover a spirit tree that is dying. Speak to it and you will learn that is spiritually poisoned. At this point, Hazelmere will contact you and tell you that you must preform an elven chant in order to cleanse the tree. Ring the chime to cleanse the tree, which will remove the roots from the entrance and also grant you access of teleports from that spirit tree.

The Sewer

The entrance to the sewer can be found towards the west. It is advised to turn protect from range when going through the dungeon. Go through and climb up the northern ladder. Go east through metal doors until you reach another ladder. Climb down it and then climb up a ladder to the north. Head west until you go through another pair of metal doors, and then climb down the northwestern ladder. Look for the northeastern ladder and climb up, continuing north until you come to an intersection.

Take the eastern path. Make sure protect from range is turned on, (turning auto retaliate off can prevent switching terrorbirds) and use the crystal chime on the terrorbirds to make them vunerable to your attack. The effects of the chime only last for 30 seconds, so you will have to repeatedly use the chime to make them susceptible to your attacks. The warped terrorbirds use both melee and range, however range is their stronger attack.

When you have defeated the terrorbirds, peak through the gate and you will be saved by Hazelmere who will teleport you to his house.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Power of Five, Umbra