Map of Falador


Falador is the second largest city in the kingdom of Asgarnia. It is known among most as the city of the White Knights, as it is home to their impressive headquarters, as well as numerous personalities. It is also home to a vast number of other features, with major attractions involving around Mining and Smithing.

Map of Falador

This map shows the locations of all of Falador's main attractions.

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1. The Gamers' Grotto

The Gamers' Grotto plays host to the minigames Clan Wars and Stealing Creation, as well as a portal to Fist of Guthix. It can be reached by running north of Falador or by using a Games necklace teleport.

2. The General Store

The General Store will sell you basic, useful items for a cheap price.

3. The Mace Shop

You can buy all maces from Bronze to Adamant here.

4. The Hairdresser

You can change your hair colour and style here free of charge.

5. The Rising Sun Inn

This is Falador's only pub, and is known for selling the Wizard's Mind Bomb, as well as regular Beer.

6. The West Bank

This is one of two banks in Falador, and can be used to access your Runescape bank account.

7. The Shield Shop

You can buy all kite and square shields from Wooden to Mithril here, with the exception of the Mithril kiteshield.

8. The Park

Falador Park has a few different features. It is host to the Giant Mole's lair, a tree farming patch and Wyson the Gardener, who will exchange mole hides and claws from the Giant Mole for Birds' Nests.

9. Sir Tiffy Cashien

Sir Tiffy Cashien can be found sitting on a bench at one of the entrances to Falador Park. He plays a role in the White Knight and Void quest series, and will sell Initiate and Proselyte armour to those who have completed the quests to wear them, Recruitment Drive and Sea Slug respectively.

10. The Furnace

The furnace can be used to smelt ores into bars, and also to forge jewellery.

11. The Estate Agent

The Estate Agent can move your house to a desired location for a sum of coins, and will also sell the Construction Skillcape to expert builders who have 99 Construction.

12. A Range

The house adjacent to the Housing Agent plays host to one of Falador's many cooking ranges. This is one of the closest furnaces to a bank in free-to-play worlds.

13. The East Bank

Much like the West Bank, Falador's East Bank can be used to access your Runescape bank account.

14. The Party Room

The Party Room plays host to drop parties, which can be activated by depositing items into the chest.

15. The Dwarven Mine Enterance

This staircase tucked away in the corner of the city can be descended to enter the Dwarven Mine.

16. Falador Square

Falador square has a fountain which acts as a water source, as well as a few surrounding buildings containing cooking ranges.

17. The Mining Guild

The Mining Guild can be accessed with 60 Mining, and contains 37 Coal rocks and 5 Mithril rocks. The resource dungeon inside it contains 8 Mithril rocks, 4 Adamantite rocks and 3 Runite rocks. Players with level 99 Mining can purchase a Skillcape of Mining from one of the Dwarves on the surface.

18. The Artisan Workshop

The Artisan Workshop is a facility in the south eastern corner of the city which can be used to train Smithing.

19. White Knights' Castle

The White Knights' Castle is the central landmark of Falador. It plays host to many senior White Knights, as well as Sir Renitee, who will determine your family crest and offer to change it. You can also start a quest here, Black Knights Fortress.

20. The Gem Shop

Here you can buy Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds either cut or uncut. However, seeing as the shop's stock does not increase, players must sell gems to the shop first.

21. The Chainmail Shop

Here you can buy chainbodies from Bronze through to Adamant.

22. The Spinning Wheel

There is a spinning wheel in the house next to the chainmail shop, which can be used to spin crafting materials. Note: There is a well next to the house, and this is a potential hiding place for the polar bear after the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest.

23. The Underwall Shortcut

This shortcut can be used to pass Falador's south wall. 26 Agility is required for this.

24. The Crumbling Wall

This shortcut can be used to pass Falador's west wall. 5 Agility is required for this.

25. The Mine

Just east of Falador is a mine containing various rocks.

26. The Wall Grapple Shortcut

This shortcut can be used to pass Falador's north wall. 37 Strength, 19 Ranged and 11 Agility are required for this.

27. The Farm

Just south of the city is a farming complex. On the farm you will find various appliances, including one of Gielinor's two looms.

28. The Farming Patches

No farm would be a farm without Farming patches! At Falador's farm, there are two allotments, a flower patch and a herb patch. There is also a compost bin for you to rot weeds.

29. The Clan Camp

The Clan Camp is situated just south of Falador, and is the main hub of Runescape clans. Click here for more information concerning the Clan Camp.

30. The Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild can be accessed with 40 Crafting and a brown apron. It contains various crafting appliances, and also a few gold and clay rocks. More information about the guild can be found by clicking here.

31.The Makeover Mage

The Makeover Mage can change your Runescape character's gender and skin tone for free. The Mage also sells Yin-Yang amulets for 100 coins.

32. The Photo Booth

The Photo Booth can be used to create an image to represent your Runescape character on the Runescape official forums and Adventurer's Log.

33. The Dark Wizards' Tower

The Dark Wizards' Tower plays a small part in the White Knight quest series, and contains numerous Dark Wizards.

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